Friday, August 31, 2007

Cast Iron Cookin

Cowboy Venison Swiss Steak recipe

1 1/2 pounds venison steak
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
3 tablespoons butter
3 onions
1 stalk celery, diced
1 cup tomato sauce or beef bouillon
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Trim fat from meat and cut into serving size pieces.

Mix flour, salt, pepper, garlic salt and pound into steak.

Melt butter and brown meat. Add remaining ingredients, cover and simmer or bake at 325 degrees F for 2 hours, or until tender.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Harvest Time

I've talked a lot about food here and now I seem to be gettin a LOT of recipe and food searches that lead folks here..

But its harvest time and time for the County Fairs to kick off and people are gettin in the mood to do some cookin and join in the festivities that are takin place everywhere and the weather is coolin off some, in places, and that tends to increase the appetite too..

I'm also spendin more time outside and at the farm myself and dont have time to keep a close eye on all the news, and most of it seems to be BULLSHIT anyway, so, I plan to do a little recipe postin and talk a little more bout my favorite bad habit.. FOOD !!

I plan on postin recipes and talkin bout food that most of us can, and do, cook.. And I know that several of you that visit here have weekend getaways and gatherins in your back yards too, just like I do.. So I plan to have some stuff that you can fix ahead of time and pack in a cooler and take with you so you can enjoy your time relaxin or doin what you usually do when you get to that "slice of heaven" instead of cookin and washin and cleanin..

I'm a firm believer in aluminum foil in my cookin !! Specially when at the farm or deer camp.. I wrap enuff stuff in each pouch for 1 person to make a meal on and freeze it(saves on ice in the cooler) and then by Day-3 I dont even need to thaw it to be ready to cook it..

I dont know bout ya'll, but I have the damndest time with people just showin up at meal time and wantin somethin to eat.. Sure is nice to just reach in the cooler and take out more of those foil pouches and puttin em on the fire with the rest of em..

Life dont have to be complicated.. Sometimes we just make it that way..

The writin on the wall tells me that our GOOD DAYS may be numbered, so why dont we try and enjoy em while they last.. And the best way I know to have a good time starts with somethin good to eat..

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dammit, ENUFF !!

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I have heard about Michael Vick till I'm bout to PUKE !!

He has admitted his guilt and is supposed to be sentenced today, but do ya'll realize that the man is most likely gonna get a sentence harsher than a lot of people do that have been convicted of rape, robbery, and sometimes even murder ??

The man is involved in a brutal and violent sport FOR A LIVIN, and has been made an idol and star from bein on the Grid Iron where 300+ pound men run at each other and see how hard they can hit each other..

Millions of people glue themselves to the TV each week of football season to watch this stuff too.. Its SPORT.. SO IS DOG FIGHTIN !!

I dont care for Sports much.. I used to like Women's Beach Volleyball, but I didnt like it for the sport so much as I did just lookin at the players.. But I dont really have a problem with other people gettin caught up in the rivalry.. The fanatics and the Sports Junkies irritate the shit outta me tho.. They disgust me cause they know every fuggin stastic of all the players yet dont know shit bout their job or their kid's school or teachers or even their wife and kid's shoe sizes or when the registration is due on the vehicle they drive every day !!

And I dont mind dog fightin either, but I dont like the Michael Vick version of it.. Dogs that are used for fightin are vicious animals and thats what they do.. THEY FIGHT !! I dont like the torture and killin of the dogs when they are losers tho..

But people are goin apeshit over Vick tho.. What really chaps my ass bout it, is that a bunch of the people that thank Vick should HANG for his actions, are the same stupid assholes that wanna pull out of Iraq and let the MASS MUDER begin of 100's-of-thousands of PEOPLE !! HUMANS !!

THAT just aint right, Folks !!

That makes bout as much sense as these dumbasses that join the Military, in the middle of War Time, to get a $25,000 to $35,000 enlistment bonus and then wanna commit suicide when they get orders to go to Iraq or The Stan !! Total mindless morons that should have all possibilty of Procreatin, Drivin Priviledges, and Votin Rights removed.. But, unfortunately, this is the same kinda people that are in charge of runnin our Gubmint and makin and enforcin our Laws !!

So, whenever people start trashin the cut-and-run-from-Iraq crowd, is when I'll start trashin Michael Vick ..Till then I just want these stupid sunzabitches to Shut The Fuck Up !!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

For The Last Time

I hope this will be the last post bout the peecan tree.. It aint a peecan tree no more !! Its now officially a fuggin LOG..

It burnt off at the ground and I pushed it over yesterday and I've got it burnin at both ends and there is a chunk bout 5 feet long and 3 feet around now thats left..

I know ya'll are tired of hearin bout the damn thang and I'm tired of the thang out there burnin for the last 2 months(almost).. I've been burnin on that thang since June 5th when the top fell out of it and have had a fire goin on it since then, minus just a few days.. I just wonder how many call the fire dept. has gotten bout somebody smellin smoke ??

Me and the Mrs. and the Kid took a ride on some backroads today.. Looks like the hunters are startin to move in and set up their camps.. I've been seein a lot go by on the street lately.. Must have been a good year for em cause the Class of campers and trailers has improved.. Not as many blue tarps this year.. I've seen a little bit better Class of 4 wheeler this year too..

With the rain we had this year the deer should be grass fat and not grain-fed like the past few years.. The cattlemen havent had to feed bought feed like the drought years.. The deer do a lot of feedin from the cattle feeders too.. But grass-fat is good for me too..

I'm seriously thankin bout bustin up a spot to put a patch of wheat or rye in the back corner of the farm close to the bus.. But I thank I would rather just sour some grain when I get ready to get me a hog.. If they get used to comin up regular they will only hang around and root-up the pasture too.. If I just sour some grain and put it back there when I wanna kill one, they can smell it for a long distance and will come to it anyway.. The deer run all over the place all year anyway and if I mow a path thru they will follow it and I can mow it thru up closer to the bard and just sit in camp and hunt deer while sippin my coffee and eatin and cookin..

They get used to the smoke and smells of me and the camp and I've had em come up to within 30 feet of my camp while I was sittin and sippin my mornin coffee and warmin by the fire.. But I've been out squirrel huntin and the wind come up and I took a nap to wait and see if the wind would lay and woke up with a 6 point buck smellin of my boots. And I've had em sneak up right behind me while I was payin attention to my favorite squirrel nest and the sunzabitch would snort and scare the shit outta me..

So, I guess the peecan tree is gonna be history now and huntin and campin is gonna take its place here in these pages.. Hope you aint dissappointed.. snicker snicker

Friday, August 24, 2007

America Goin Redneck !!

I know that some of you have your reservations bout vigilantism. but I aint thru talkin bout it yet.. And it seems that the subject is gettin a lot of attention around the .net and the Talk Radio circles too lately and since I talked about it here..

Since I talk about stuff and then I hear or see it in other more popular places, it makes me wonder if there aint somebody monitorin this blog for ideas cause I've noticed this happenin a bunch of times in the past coupla years, or maybe, I'm just ahead of the "curve" !!

Today I tuned my radio to the channel that I usually listen to Rush on and I had forgotten that Rush is takin a day off and he had Walter Williams fillin in for him.. Guess what Walter was talkin bout today ?? Yep, vigilantism !!

Seems that Walter is IN FAVOR of vigilantism too !! He thanks that people policin their own neighborhoods would be a GOOD THANG, just like I do.. But if you thank he is just advocatin a Crime Watch or Citizens On Patrol kinda deal you would be wrong.. His idea is that a bunch of vigilanties approach the gangs on the street corners and to tell em to get out or they will be whooped OR shot.. NO SHIT, he said that !!

Kim du Toit(blogroll) also had somethin bout this subject too the other day, as has a bunch of others.. Altho, I havent seen anybody else propose a Hangin Post on every corner, but Kim did have a sweet pic on his post and I hope he dont mind that I include it here.. It brought a big smile to my face, imagine that..

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But just like me, Walter thanks that its the Gubmint's Number 1 job to PROTECT its citizens, and when it dont the citizens are bound to do it themselves..

I got a piece of news the other day that makes me uneasy.. A fella I know was up in the less policed sections of town here and got stopped on the street by a group of kids wearin blue hankies(read Crypts here) round their heads that tried to rob him and when he resisted they hit him in the face with a pistol.. Jim tends to be on the Redneck side himself and when they hit him with the pistol he spun his truck around and went after em and scattered em to the shadows !!

Several times in the last 10 years the gangs have tried to move in here and each time they got run out.. But not by the cops but by the people.. Each time they have come back they have been bigger and stronger and more violent.. Its gotten ugly gettin rid of em before, but I thank its gonna get really ugly this time..

But these gangs dont just show up, they are usually associated with somebody local that sponsors em.. I know people and have friends that will tell me what I need to know and I'll soon have a better idea of whats goin on..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still Burnin: The Peecan Tree Saga Continues

Thats right, the damn thang is still burnin.. Has been burnin for over a month now.. It'll have been burnin for 2 months before long..

I now have most of the top part burnt that fell not long ago and it has since been burnib around the bottom of the trunk down next to the ground.. It still has a fairly big part of the trunk left that is about 10 feet high but has burnt in a tapered shape that gets bigger toward the top.. If it was turned upside-down it would look like a missle..

I thought about climbin up and cleanin the ash out of the top and settin it on fire again but decided to just let it burn thru the bottom and fall over and then set the whole piece on fire on top of the rest of the stump to finish it burnin all the way down to or below ground level..

But after the peecan tree my pyro activity aint over with yet.. I've decided to go ahead and take down the cedar tree next to the peecan tree too.. The cedar was badly mangled and disfigured in the same ice storm that started the demise of the peecan tree..

But unlike the peecan tree I thank I'll just cut the cedar down.. Shouldnt take but 2 cuts to have it all the way down to the ground..

This old cedar is about 18 inches thru the center at the bottom part and I'm thankin bout takin about 12 feet of the bottom part to my cousins saw mill and havin him cut me some planks out of it.. I might wanna make somethin out of em..

But I thought ya'll might get a little kick out of knowin that that damn tree is still burnin after all this time.. But its bout to kill me smellin that thang burn all the time.. It makes me hungry when the wind blows a puff of the smoke my way.. I smelt it in the middle of the nite the other nite and I had to get up and eat a bowl of cereal before I could ever go back to sleep..

Some women opened a little Tex-Mex cafe downtown not long ago and I got the Mrs. to go down and get us a little samplin of some of the stuff they had.. It really is good too !! Not like the big restaurant a coupla blocks from here.. The big place serves "old folks" food, if you know what I mean, and the cafe has stuff with some kick to it and they leave a little of the grease in their meat dishes.. The Mrs. got a big styro servin tray of beef/chicken fajitas w/beans and rice and chips that took both of us to eat it and cost $6.95.. Best fajitas I've had in 20 years !! And I got a coupla soft tacos that couldnt be beat.. I thank I'll see if the Mrs. is up to us havin somethin else from there for dinner tomoro..

I hope that damn tree gets finished burnin before I gain back all the weight I've lost..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chigger Bites

I spent the afternnon and evenin out at the farm yesterday.. Got a lot of mowin done and sone garden work too.. But the main goal yesterday was to start gettin a huntin camp cleaned up and set up..

I got the trail mowed in all the way to the back where the bus is and around the well and the garden and the area in front of the barn and my cookin spot in front of the barn.. Looks real good now.. Next is gonna be cleanin out the barn.. AGAIN.. That is gonna be the hard part.. I got LOTS of shit that I have put in there, like windows and doors and benches and tires and lumber and fence posts and electrical wire.. Aint none of it much worth a shit, but its in there anyway.. I'll probably just use the lumber for the camp fire to keep warm.. Beats huntin up a bunch of limbs and its handy where it is..

I'm still gettin a bunch of tamaters but they are startin to get kinda small, but the taste is gettin even better now.. I took about a dozen that were golf ball to tennis ball size and put em in the tub that I use for waterin the garden and then put a buncha cold well water in there and got em chilly and had a feast on em..

For the first time this year I got a coupla chigger bites too.. Just above my ankle and the thangs sure are itchin.. Best cure that I've found for em, after they bite, is to take the cherry of a cigarette and put it close to the skin over the bite and hold it there for a coupla seconds till it stings real good.. It deadens the spot a little and makes a water blister that drowns the little bastard.. When the blister busts take some Neosporin and put on it and it'll be gone before you know it..

But if you know you are goin into Chigger Country, dust your boots and the botton part of your pants with Sulphur and you wont have em bite you in the first place !! I'll know the next time I go out there..

Bout another month and it will start coolin off in the evenins every now and then and I plan to try and talk Billy into goin out and cookin on some of those cool evenins.. He likes to go out and have a steak and taters around the camp fire too and it'll do him good to get to do it again.. Its been a while since he has done it and it'll give me some company too.. Do us BOTH good..

The Fall is my favorite time of year and it looks like I'm gonna get to spend some time out at the farm this year and that makes it even better.. Gonna do some huntin and cookin and drank a little coldbeer and enjoy a slice of life.. Wish ya'll could come join me..

Job Security: Be A Minority


MOSTLY CAJUN has a post on teachers that bears some lookin into..

But when you step back and look at it, this just highlights the fact that the problem goes way past teachers and touches a lot more professions than education..

Quotas are forced on just about ALL employers.. They are also a big part in College Admissions too.. But, like Cajun shows, even if an applicant (whether in the Public Workforce or Higher Education) doesnt meet requirements, then the requirements need to be changed(LOWERED) to ACCOMODATE those with lowered knowledge and skills and work ethics..

DI-VER-SI-TY, yanno !!

What we wind up with is a workforce and schools(both student and teacher) that dont do any more than they HAVE TO !!

But how is our society supposed to survive, let alone make any advancements, when its more advantagous to hire a minority and then tell em to stay at home that they will get paid anyway, and then hire a non-minority to do the work that needs done ??

And what happens when blacks and mescans are not the minority somewhere ?? They just change the wordin in laws and regulations that deal with it so as to keep the blacks and mescans with an advantage..

Our society is not gonna be able to survive this, so the only question is, os how long its gonna take to completely destroy us ..

Monday, August 20, 2007

A New Military Parent

I got a phone call from my daughter out in Phoenix bout 10 PM last night.. I thought, "OH SHIT" !! She knows to call me late when she has somethin to tell me that she dont wanna get a big fuss about.. She knows I'll have a full belly(either food or coldbeer) and will be unwillin to get all excited bout somethin before bedtime..

A lot of you may remember that back several months ago my daughter, Angela, signed up with the U.S. Navy as a Diver and was to leave on my birthday, September 25th.. She called last nite to tell me that she had gotten anxious and had requested a quicker date to begin Boot Camp and that she had got it and was leavin at daylight this mornin for Chicago..

I thank she was slow bout callin because of the fact I had some reservations bout her joinin back when she told me she had looked into it but didnt have anythang chiseled in stone yet.. But we talked a while and finally I told her that the job(Marines) she was wantin to go in for left me with a bunch of doubts about, whatever the job was, but if that is what she wanted to do I would support her in it..

She went and tested and was offered a bunch of different jobs and I thank she had listened to old Pop and did a little more research on the job she was thankin bout and had changed her mind and chose to go for the Navy as a Diver.. She LOVES water and swimmin and is stout as a linebacker and I thank she will EVENTUALLY like bein a Navy Diver..

Altho I have my doubts bout what Angela's motives behind this are, I'm still sure the desired outcome is the same point of destination: bein on her own and gettin away from her mama, and financial and benefit security.. But at no time has she expressed any feelins of Patriotism(to my dismay) about it, but I thank thats because of peer pressure and the fact that her mama is a stone-cold liberal..

But, she does have some physical limitations from some wrecks she has had.. She wiped-out 2 cars and a donorcycle(motorcycle) and has back problems and a wrist that aint at full potential.. Therapy and excercise has gotten most of it under control but she is still gonna be put to the test and may get washed-out and put into some shitty job that she aint gonna like, or given a Medical Discharge.. And THIS is what we had most of our talks of it over.. If this does happen, it aint gonna be a big surprise to her tho..

She is smart and seems very determined about what she is doin, so, if the Navy builds some confidence in her they will have a definite assett to their mission..

So ya'll join me in givin her a proud send-off and wish her well in her endeavor a New Navy Recruit..

Then watch this:

Are We Communicatin With D.C. ??

What We Dont Know Wont Hurt Us

Many Gubmint-Run Programs have been designed and implemented for America's security.. A bunch of em are SECRET Programs.. But they aint all that secret..

There are Boards and Committees that oversee these programs that have (R)s and (D)s on the membership list and these programs just rock along just fine till the NYT or other media decide to disclose em and then the (D)s decide that these programs infringe on Civil Liberties or are unconstitutional..

Funny how these programs can function for years without any waves but then when they are made public they suddenly are cast as an enemy of every person in the U.S. ..

Tho funny, it aint a mystery why tho.. Political Gain is behind it and the (D)s are the MASTERS of that trick.. SHAMEFUL !!

Many of the programs used today were designed and put to work by Administrations BEFORE Prez. Bush took office, but have been disclosed and come under fire SINCE G.W. took office and the WTC attacks..

Secret programs that were used and abused by Slick and The Hildebeast suddenly became dangerous and needed to be outlawed when an (R) got elected to the White House, and after 9-11, when we needed em most to help save our counrty from disaster..

After the disclosure of the FISA Program by the Media, there was wailin and knashin of teeth about it, till, the (D)s found out that was a losin proposition for them.. For all the (D)s attempts to pose FISA as a way for the Gubmint to listen in on their conversations to Granma back in the Old Country, people didnt care !! People let D.C. know that what they DID care about was that we needed our country safe, and FISA was a big part of that..

The Leadership found out just how much we cared about security when Immigration came up before em.. People let em know In-NO-Uncertain-Terms that security mattered to em and securin the Border was TOPS on the list..

So, after all the propaganda bout the FISA Program, Congress came back and gave even MORE power and secrecy to the same FISA Program that the (D)s had such a problem with before.. But even after they got THE WORD that we wanted security and fixed FISA, they still are draggin their feet on securin the Border..

But its Election Season and there is Political Gain out there to be had and that Gain is supposed to come from the immigrants.. I have a feelin we are gonna be seein a lot about immigrants in the news in the near future and that the (D)s are gonna be out there panderin to em, and whether they like it or not, the immigrants and our security are joined together at the hip !!

Illegal Immigrants are a big problem for us, and so is our security.. The more illegal immigrants we have the less security we have.. But as long as the (D)s
can pander to and exploit the illegals vote the less secure we are gonna be.. Until we secure our Border and secure the Vote, this is what we are gonna have.. When we get our Vote secure and our Border secure, then we will return to a Leadership responsible to the American People.. Until then, we will share our control over our Gubmint with any other country that can sneak as many votes, I mean people, into our country as possible..

Whether the illegals here are castin votes, or castin bombs, they are still just as dangerous to us.. Until Congress gets off its ass and does somethin bout both, we are still not safe, and they dont seem to be in any hurry to do anythang about em..

TIME is runnin out for us, Folks !!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just Leaves Me Wonderin

Since I made that last post about vigilante committees I've been to a lotta blogs and news sites where vigilantes have been mentioned and some not just in passin thoughts..

While I aint seen none of em callin for hangin posts on every corner like me, there have been a bunch that have expressed that they would have a blind-eye to any violence that befell the dirtbags in their area.. But I figger most of em already have practice at it from not wantin to get involved and just turnin their heads at other violence they have seen..

It aint much, but its a start !!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Have YOU Had Enuff Yet ??

I love old Westerns !!

You know the kind I'm talkin bout.. Audie Murphy and Gabbie Hayes, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Roy and Dale, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Lee Van Cleaf(sp), Richard Boone(Paladin), Bonanza, Gun Smoke, Wagon Train, Rawhide, and all those that dealt with dirtbags with a Heavy Hand, and more or less, tamed a lawless frontier..

A lot of what those old movies and TV Shows depicted had a lot of truth in it and showed us how thangs were done back then..

Those old shows showed us that somebody with a badge was scarce and that when somebody showed up at your door they were usually met with a gun in their face till their motives were discovered..

Back then when a dirtbag went on a rampage he didnt have many choices.. His choices were mostly limited to gettin the hell out of Dodge cause he was either gonna have Matt Dillon on his ass or a posse was gonna be makin tracks to catch em and put em in jail or a vigilante committee was gonna be comin after em with a rope and a bullet..

Even if the Badge or the posse managed to get to the dirtbag first and get em back to jail, alive, there was a lot of times that the vigilante committee would show up at the jail with torches and pitchforks and demand that their brand of Justice be administered to the dirtbags..

I'm just gonna come out right now and admit that I thank its time for the vigilante committees to come back !!

The dirtbags are winnin folks !!

We have cities and even states in this country that are designated SANCTUARY for the dirtbags.. The old movies had The Badlands where the dirtbags would run to to hide and be safe from justice, now they can pick between OVER 30 major cities in this country where they can hide and not have any worry bout facin a badge or a judge, and even if they do get caught and see a judge, they will just be let go.. Do any of you call that JUSTICE ?? I damn sure dont..

We've got dirtbags runnin our streets day and night rapin and robbin and killin and stealin and sellin dope to the kids, and the Gubmint's solution is to put a fuggin camera on every corner.. How bout we put a gotdam HANGIN POST on every corner ?? It would be a helluva lot cheaper and have a helluva lot better results..

In case you are wonderin what brought this on, its the story bout the 4 kids that got shot in New Jersey and 3 of em killed, execution style, and the dirtbags that did it and their history in the JUSTICE SYSTEM !!

This story is just the icin on the cake tho, there are plenty more that have got me to this point..

The best(or worst, dependin on how you look at it) was the story of the illegal that raped and beat a 9 year old girl a coupla years ago in Ohio.. Seems there was a small community within the city that had a safe house for new illegals and one of its inhabitants drug this little girl in the house and repeatedly beat and raped her.. Seems that a vigilante committee soon after came in the middle of the night and set the house on fire and left a message on the outside walls for everybody to see.. Seems that they had a MASS EXODUS of illegals soon after and the local shop owners were reportin that business was WAY DOWN !! And, NO, the badge didnt catch the dirtbag and neither did the vigilante committee.. But if you thank I would feel bad if they had found the dirtbag swangin from a near-by tree with his dick stuffed in his mouth, you would be badly mistaken !!

So just keep in mind the story of Ohio and the vigilante committee the next time you hear a badge tellin us "there was nothin more we could do" !!


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Am I A Hero ??

My friend, Marnie, thanks so and sent me a notice that I have had my name added to list bein looked over for HERO OF THE MONTH at The Veterans Voice magazine..

Of course there is a list as long as my arm of folks I'd rather see there, but, I really dont have any choice in the matter..

I'll let ya'll know if I hear any more about this..

Thanks, Marnie..

We've Got The Food BLAHS !!

Its that time of year for us again.. You know, you are hungry but nothin you can thank of is what you WANNA eat..

Me and the Mrs. have been strainin our brain to come up with somethin we are actually hongry for.. Not just somethin to eat for the sake of eatin, but somethin our taste buds are callin out for..

She says she wants somethin sweet, and I've been tryin to get her talked into us havin homemade peach, apricot, or bannana ice cream.. I could almost live on ice cream durin the hottest part of the summer, but she is afraid she will put the pounds back on that she has shed so far..

A good steak is also one of my favorites for the summertime too.. Mrs. du Toit(in the blogroll) has a post about her version of a good steak, tho hers and my opinion on steak cookin technique are vastly different.. Yet, we both agree that smotherin a good steak with all kinds of sauces and salt is a Crime Against Nature !!

Steak is one of the foods that RECHARGE the body's system AFTER you have stressed it or had it under a heavy workload, while pasta dishes serve you well BERFORE you put your body thru hard labor.. But what the hell do you eat when you look at these foods and just say "NAH, not hungry" ??

Well, the best I can come up with, for today at least, is to thro some hamburger in the skillet with some taco seasonin and dice some onion and lettuce and heat a bowl of refried beans and make burritos with queso melted on top.. Add a generous drizzle of my salsa and that is what we are gonna pig out on, that is if I can ever get myself talked into goin in the kitchen and gettin my ass to work on it.. And maybe have a big bowl of cold peaches with a glob of manez(thats mayonaise for you city folk) on top..

I'd still rather have a big bowl of my homemade ice cream, but, oh well..

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've Had A Helluva Day Here

Little nitnoid bad shit has been happenin to me all day.. Hadnt none of it been enuff to totally ruin my whole day, but after a while and after repeated failures of shit that turns small projects into major repairs to even get back to the small projects, then its enuff to really get on your fuggin nerves !!

Before I even finished my first cup of coffee this mornin the Mrs. started harpin bout goin to the garden today and kept at it every 5 or 10 minutes till I gave in, even tho I knew it was supposed to be over 100 degrees today..

So I started gettin ready to go and the battery on the mower died on me and I had to put another battery on it then a swith on my scooter went out and I had to re-wire that damn thang till I get another switch for it and then when we got to the farm this other battery went out on the mower so I had to take a battery off the scooter to put on the mower and that left me usin my crutches to get around and do anythang I had to do out there in the, did I mention that is was over 100 degrees today, heat.. The Kid is PMSin and the Mrs. is Menapausin and that was a pleasure in itself..

And then a little bit ago after we got home and I got cooled off and got online I found an article bout the Dixie Chicks at The Abilene(Texas) Reporter News and had a good super-snarky BWAHAHAHA type post all written about it and we had a fuggin power surge that knocked my puter off and blew a fuse in it and I had to tear the damn puter apart and replace the fuse, AND I lost the post bout the Dixie Chicks I had worked for about 30 minutes on..

NOW, the link to the Dixie Chicks is gone and instead I'm sittin here tellin ya'll bout how bad shit has been happenin to me today.. Did I mention that it was over 100 degrees today ?? Hell, now I'm losin my damn memory too !!

I'm gonna keep on tryin to post somethin to make it worth stoppin by here for.. Hell, I kept on wonderin if today was the 13th but that aint for a coupla more days.. Dont know if I'll make it past then or not !!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gina Sends Her Love

I got an update from Gina Elise, who is the Star Attraction at Pinupsforvets(in my blogroll), and she says she is ready to kick-off the '08 Calendar Season and is makin plans for the visits to the many places that wounded Military and Vets get grouped at..

I heard WONDERFUL reviews from her campaign last year and I expect this year to eclipse last year by a factor of X.. That makes me happier than hell too, cause I know that will help her get to see more of the wounded Military and Vets ..

Considerin that this is a homegrown project, you can just imagine the time, effort, and energy that this demands, and since last year was such a hit, you can tell that demands wadnt just met, they were exceeded !!

Gina, we send our hopes and wishes for another successful year this year, and I send my heartfelt appreciation for all you do..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Little Iraq

The folks out in southern California had their furniture and dishes re-arranged again.. The eggsperts have been sayin there was another BIG ONE on the way, and this wadnt it..

They are sayin that there is an 8.1 just waitin for the right time to unleash complete devastation on that whole area and up to 350 miles away.. That sure is gonna leave a bunch of folks in some serious conditions..

I let my imagination wander for a few minutes and tried to get a picture in my mind of what it would be like out there, and each time I came up with the idea that it would be worse than I had imagined, and then I realized that I just caint fathom how really bad it would be..

Just the number of deaths due to the heat would be staggerin.. With no electricity for fans or air conditionin or home respirators it would cause an enormous death toll..

Raods would be impassable and people might have to walk for miles to get to a place clear enuff in the debris field for a chopper to land and take on passengers..

Yet, people are still crowdin in as fast as they build em a place to live..

A Pleasant Surprise

I aint ever had pre-mixed Margaritas, straight out of the bottle, taste as good as those did.. We had a machine for em down in South Texas when I worked on the ranch down there and it didnt even make em as good as those the other day was..

I usually get the Jose Brand but it was $20 bucks a half-gallon and I wadnt sure I was THAT margarita hungry, so I got a cheaper bottle at $13 bucks and my buddy at the liqour store said he sold a lot of it and it was some good stuff..

After we got a good taste of it and seen how good it was and how good they were goin down we circled back by and got another bottle of it.. It has been on the verge of 100 degrees here this week and after fightin that damn tree I was suckin down some margaritas.. It just HIT THE SPOT !!

I did suffer the after-effects for a coupla hours yesterday mornin but it wadnt too bad and didnt last long.. But I did have a HELLUVA appetite yesterday tho.. We ALL did and ate like we aint done since it started turnin summer here a few weeks ago..

I took 3 pounds of hamburger and made patties and grilled em on the cooker outside and we almost ate the whole damn bunch yesterday.. After eatin all that meat yesterday I plan on us havin a huge chef's sallad for supper tonite.. With pepperoni and onions and fresh tamaters we picked this mornin and cheddar cheese grated in it and whatever else I find I wanna thro in it..

It finally got dry enuff that I had to water the garden again this mornin and it soaked it all up in a hurry.. Everythang still seems to be doin good out there.. The tamaters are still bloomin and the white beans I planted are comin right on up and the okry is startin to put out a little and the peppers are makin good too..

I sure do need to get some mowin done out at the farm but I still aint got the floor replaced on the trailer yet and I caint load the mower on it to take it out there and I need to get that row of pintos planted before it gets too late.. I may try to get that trailer useable again this afternoon, if the heat will let me.. I aint gonna push it tho cause I've done had a bunch of those Heat Strokes before and it gets easier to have one the more you have.. I may just do a little today and a little tomoro cause it aint worth makin myself sick over..

But if ya'll like a good margarita look for the stuff I got.. Its called "SALVADORE" and like I said, its a lot cheaper that Jose..

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Takillya Does Strange Thangs To Me

For one thang, I caint type very well.. I'm havin a Margaritaville Moment here and its just 5 o'clock and the Mrs. is done gone to bed and I'm still ready to party .. Somebody PLEASE put some Brooks and Dunn on REAL LOUD and start takin some clothes off !!

LET ME RE-PHRASE THAT !! Only the Redneck Gals under size 11 Need apply !~!

WELL, dependin on REDNECKNESS, I could go up to a 13, but you really gotta love some Gary Stewart !!

Cheers !!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wild Bill WINS !!

That big-bad-bitch is ON THE GROUND and burnin its little heart out..

Youd thank that it was a big to-do around here judgin by all the traffic that has come by here since I got it down.. It has been one Parade after another and they all are drivin slow and got that neck strained as far as they can get it out the window.. Some even stopped in the middle of the street to watch me pullin on it.. Excitin place around here, huh ??

That tree fell zactly where I wanted it to, just like I wanted it to, and couldnt have been placed any better if I had used a chain saw.. When it broke it fell like it was on a hinge with the rest of the tree and fell right back to the bottom half.. Now as it burns it will just slide down the bottom part and keep burnin, unless we have another good rain and puts it out..

Now if I can rest good tonite without that damn tree on my mind I can do a days mowin at the farm and give my garden some attention, then I'll be ready to "cut a fat hog in the ass" and get back to chewin some liberal ass !! But just by glancin it looks like G.W. has been keepin the fire hot under their ass while I was busy.. How bout that new surveilance bill that went thru ?? Its got them liberals sqwallin like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers !!

And they caught the two "students"(dirtbags) in S.C. near the Naval Weapons Base with "firecrackers"(pipe bombs).. GET A ROPE !!

They killed another Top Al Q in Iraq too..

All I need to hear now is that the Border Fence is AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, and I'll be a happy camper..

Right now I have a bottle of hooch that has "the tree is down" writen on it and its callin my name.. Cheers !!