Monday, August 29, 2005

This Is All I got To Say About It

Daddy was elected in November 1068 and took office as "High Sherf" in Jan. 69. Uncle Mervin was the jailer and he had a bad habit of sneakin into the liquor cabinet and "samplin" the confiscated contents.. Daddy caught on perty quick, and Uncle Mervin and Aunt Gladys were sent packin, so me and Mama got to be the NEW JAILERS in Red River County.. Mind ya, this was when we still had a "white side" and a "colored side" to the jail, along with two "solitaries" in between of the others.. Along about this time, the Nam Vets were coming back home in bigger numbers, and some of em didnt "conform" to the communities standards of conduct.. Most of em we dealt with at the jail had been put in there for drug offenses, and some were pretty weird, but, most of em were in for petty bullshit like public intox or fightin.. One day a Vet was on his way home on the bus, and at the bus stop he decided to get out a minute and stretch his legs, and some local that was there to check out the girls that were on the bus tried to give Don a bad time.. The local happened to be one the city councilmens sons or somethin, and when Don bitch-slapped him for fuggin with him, he got about 60 days in the local jail.. Even tho Don got locked up that wadnt enough for the guy that was givin him shit at the bus stop, and he came to the jail and tauntin Don from downstairs.. I didnt like the city officials son anyway, and when he came by and fucked with Don, who I did kinda like, it didnt set well with me.. We had a big chinaberry tree out front of the jail, so I picked two sacks of berries and cut two pieces of old garden hose about a foot and a half long.. I gave one to Don and took the other to the next cell beside his and when the dickhead came back, me and Don unloaded with those chinaberries on the guy and his friend that came with with his ass..
Back then a deposit on a soda bottle was 5 cents, and I could gather up 10 bottles in no time around the old hotel a block away and the courthouse also a block away.. I'd take the bottles and sell em and buy Don a burger and fries at the corner cafe for 50 cents, and he'd have a BIG supper.. We usually just had cold sandwiches or cornbread and milk for the prisoners for supper, but not my buddy Don..
When Don got home he wrote Daddy's office and said he appreciated the way he was treated while he was here and complimented Mama's cookin.. He stopped by on his way back to Nam and spent the night at the jail.. We did that too.. Let people come and check in for the night.. Don said he didnt think he could go back to Nam without comin by and havin another one of Mrs. Maimy's burgers to hold him over till he got back.. I helped Don tote his bags to the bus stop the next day, and have never heard from him since..
I have never forgiven the dickhead that caused Don to go to jail and then harrassed him back then.. I think he finally figgered it out and still avoids me like the plague.. Damn good thang !!
I guess you all know that Cindy Sheehan is what I'm gettin at.. I know she lost a son, but she needs to quit making him into some kind of mass murderering and evil demon.. Casey Sheehan was a dedicated, courageous, noble, lover of freedom that his mother knows nothing about.. She obviously knows nothing about her own son.. She wouldnt be doing what she is doing if she did.. To dishonor her son as she is doing, is beyond all contempt. If I was alive and my mother tried to dishonor me as she is her son, then I would do all I could to distance myself from her and denounce all she is proclaiming.. Casey doesnt have that option tho.. She is taking advantage of her son's absense and taking advantage of the American peoples feelings, and not to mention the MSM's handouts of free media to blast her anti American views and Communist propaganda at the nation..
IT'S BULLSHIT !! And a real shitty way for the anti war bunch to capitalize on the anti Bush meme..
Only a very selfish person could be against someone doing what they could to make this a better world we live in.. God love Casey Sheehan for being a giver, and not a taker like his mother..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Harvest Time

Time to start thinkin bout the fruits comin to the roadsides now.. Gonna be time to pull out some of Mama's old recipes and make the neighbors jealous.. The fruity smell comin from a kitchen with a big pot of steaming pears or blackberries is enuff to make people crazy.. If you start a big loaf of homemade bread or rolls baking too, well, your just asking for company !!
I remember as a kid, while Mama was cooking and stirring the preserves or jelly on the stove, I would sit and rock a gallon jar of clabber milk on my lap to make buttermilk and butter, and have a long talk with her.. Mama had some good stories to tell too.. I never got to meet Elvis, Ray Price, Bob Wills, LBJ, Wahoo McDaniels, or Jack Ruby, but Mama did, and I got to hear about em from her.. Mama aint one to glaze-over stuff either.. She would give lots of details with her stories.. I sure do miss those stories.. I think she misses tellin em too..

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Gateway To Texas

Thats the name of the book I have decided to read.. Its mostly a history of the county I live in here in N.E. Texas.. Amazing how so many names still ring-a-bell after more than 200 years.... The last names of many of those early settlers are still to be regularly seen in the latest local paper.. What got me interested in this book, is because this spot where my house sits, is the exaxct spot where the very first house was located in this town.. I call it a house, but was actually a small log cabin, lived in by a woman that this town was named after her husband.. She had a large garden and there was supposed to have been a treaty signed in her garden by, I think, the French and Spanish.. It was called "The Treaty of the Garden".. I wanna see if I can find the info on this treaty and history of the land I live on.. So, dont be surprised if I dont post some cool stuff about this county and this town and this property in the near future..