Monday, November 26, 2007

Time Warp

We are havin really shitty weather here and I have resorted to diggin out the old 8mm home movies from the 50's and 60's and watchin em..

Its a hoot I tell you !!

Not really much of anythang new goin on here with me.. I've been hangin out in the house stayin warm and eattin and havin a coldbeer or two and havin a snort of Sour Mash every now and then..

Miss Minnie Pearl has been a BAD DOG and kept shittin on the livinroom carpet and has been banished to her house again till it gets real cold..

Judgin by listenin to the news lately thangs in the world are swirlin round the toilet bowl faster and faster.. Its just gettin too damn crazy out there to keep lastin the way its goin.. I just dont understand the way people are on a suicidal trip to hell in the Fast Lane !! Nobody has any second thoughts bout the future and how they are gonna deal with it.. Its all about TODAY..

I did get some news from my daughter, thru my Mama tho.. She got washed out of the Navy on a Medical Discharge.. She didnt listen to dear ol Daddy when I tried to tell her that she had too many busted up places to make it thru Navy Dive Trainin.. At least she tried..

The Mrs. is havin trouble with her car now and looks like I'll be here on a regular or semi-regular basis to keep her wheels runnin now and should be able to post sometimes..

See ya'll again soon..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, yea this Kansas weather is no fun either. I've never seen so many accidents even before the snow hit. Never ocurred to me that people quit work early jsut to get home before the bad weather hits. In Cali they would go bust from the tickets.

Where ya at now? Been outta the loop myself? Hope a doin well.
I am here to stay but miss the beauty of Cali. (not the politics)

7:39 AM, December 07, 2007  

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