Friday, November 02, 2007

No New Scars

I made my appointment at the VA Hospital in Shreveport today and after all the Pecker Checkers rubbed their chins red they decided that since its been so long that I have suffered with my gall bladder that it has gotten scarred and inflamed the tissue around it to where it would be better to plan on doin a Full-Cut Removal and thats gonna cause me to spend close to a week as an In-patient and they gave me time to prepare for it..

December 12th is the new target date to get it out now..

I've already gone and got another load of firewood and aint nothin else pressin so I may load the trailer and make a trip to the farm and do a little piddlin tomoro.. Gonna be some fine weather for it and too warm to be curin a hog or hangin a deer, and besides, I've got a fresh half-gallon of Evan Williams Sour Mash and I caint thank of a better time or reason than now to go and enjoy a few swiggs and some beautiful countryside and a campfire.. Aint the colors out there somethin right now ??


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Damn, WB. Hate hearing the news.

Enjoy the booze and the time in the country. God knows you deserve it.

6:32 AM, November 03, 2007  
Blogger Joe Citizen said...

Take a few sips of that good stuff for me, WB.

Have a good time out at the farm, too.

Did ya'll get everything off'n that truck you wanted to?

Colors are done, here. Waitin' on the cold white, now.

11:44 AM, November 03, 2007  
Blogger Greg said...

Pecker Checkers? Hahaha !! Style, WB.

Soon be time for me to be gettin a toe fire goin and enjoyin a few drinks in God's fresh air.

8:45 AM, November 04, 2007  
Blogger Greg said...

Sounds like you're lookin forward to the cold white, Joe?

8:56 AM, November 04, 2007  
Blogger Almtnman said...

I hope that the VA docs can get you back up to good condition. Meanwhile during the time for that you might as well enjoy some of this Fall weather and colors. The leaves are just turning over this way, but I don't think they will be as colorful as usual due to the drought here. Those trees have to have a lot of rain to get peaked out with good colors.

WB if you could shoot one of them wild hogs and roast it over that campfire, it sure would be tasty.

3:51 PM, November 04, 2007  
Blogger nanc said...

the colors here in north arkansas are just about to peak and it's like living in a kaleidoscope!

go with God!

4:47 PM, November 04, 2007  
Blogger Wild Bill said...

I put in a good 5 straight hours on the mower yesterday and was just too damn tired to post bout it last nite..

I was out there till almost sunset so I got a good look at the sundown colors too.. The willow was a bright store-bought egg yolk yellow and the white oaks were a deep gold.. There was red and blood-red and there was burnt orange and brown.. The pine are gettin a sweet green to em too..

I got my Kill Zone down by the bus mowed and cleaned so that next week durin the time that the high is supposed to be just up in the 60's I may talk myself into gettin one of those bigger hogs and hangin and curin it.. If not then I'll just get one of the smaller ones and smoke it..

I may scratch up a little ground in my Kill Zone and plant some green stuff too..

I know a coupla friends that have lost their huntin places this year and if I let em come out and claim a hog or deer they will put on a helluva feast and I'm sure I will be invited to much free coldbeer and food.. They are really good folks and the company and the party is wonderful even if I dont eat or drank anythang.. Just wonderful folks and great friends I like to be around..

But the camp at the farm(Redneck Central-South) is ready for company and I did a buncha fireproofin yesterday.. Got the campfire spot cleaned and ready to light.. Everythang is ready for me and Miss Minnie Pearl to do a trail run and see how it does !!

OH, and I did a workover on the generator the other day too.. Took the carb off and fuel lines and cleaned it all and put a new plug in it..

But the damn skeeters are still pretty thick and it aint quite the time I enjoy most out there.. Wont be long tho..

5:31 PM, November 04, 2007  
Blogger Wild Bill said...

Looks like Joe is gonna get some snow this weekend !!

5:31 PM, November 04, 2007  

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