Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Countin Down The Hours

I didnt know for sure I'd still be able to post tonite but SURPRISE !!

This ol puter is almost 10 years old and tryin to save and remove stuff is a helluva task to undertake.. Lotsa pics and letters from my Mama and a library of recipes and memories of friends long past..

The seperation of me from my puter is not your regular crash and burn of a hard drive or system.. You see, me and my puter have been together since right before I lost my leg and it helped me get thru the hard times.. REAL hard times !!

I'm just gonna leave a lot out of this part in between, but I'll just say that losin my puter is gonna be a lot like my ex takin my daughter and leavin me after 17 years.. Took me almost 4 years to get over that and it wadnt a very pretty 4 years either..

But I've managed to outlive and outlast a bunch of those sunzabitches that were my enemies 10 years ago.. Without them tryin to have their foot on my neck all the time its gonna be a different story this time and if they aint got the hint that if they dont like what Wild bill does then they can just suck ol Buck, then we can just go thru it all again.. I got news for em this time tho.. Wild Bill aint gonna be so fuggin nice about it !! It aint just fun and games no more..

I got some serious biddness to take care of and be sure that I'll try to get back here as often as possible to let ya'll know how its goin..

I wrote this while under the vast influence of Sour Mash .. Just so you would know..


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