Saturday, October 29, 2005

What A Mess

ALL involving women !! Plame.. Miers .. Caint live with em. Caint just kill em !! HEY HEY I'm kiddin !! Dont disfigger that new pair of Ms. Victoria's Finest over THAT !! DAMN.. That was a close one !! I almost had Cindy Sheehan handcuffing herself to my carport and Hilary siccing the FBI and the IRS on me ..
The contrast between these two women couldnt be any more stark.. The problem with Plame is what we now know, and the problem with Miers, is what we dont now know..
These past few WEEKS of public attention have been highlighted by the actions or inactions of these women, who I feel have had WAY too much spotlite.. If I didnt know better, I'd think that the passing of Rosa Parks had interrupted the media's schedule-of-events, culminating in the slow-roasting of George Bush on an open spit !! I guess the Democrats will be calling this "Rosa's Curse" from now on..
I dont know about Mr. Fitzgerald, but I still have a lot of unanswered questions..
Mz. Miers situation is a display of reason that must have gotten lost-in-the-shuffle.. I, myself, see Harriet Miers as the perfect person to fill the position she was selected for.. You do remember who she was supposed to replace, dont you ??
Judge O'Connor made decisions that impacted my life in a negative way, and I think she ruled that way due to not thinking for herself, but voting the way she was "supposed" to vote.. Being PC Correct is not one of my best traits, and evidently wasnt one of Harriet Miers best traits either.. I'm diggin a huge hole here for myself, so before I caint see daylight anymore, I better shut up now..

Friday, October 21, 2005

Old Folks

I can remember all my life helping the old folks around me.. Most lived on small SSI checks and had no savings, so their money was real tight.. Of course, they were all too eager to get me a piece of pie or share some candy they had, for my troubles.. I dont think kids do that much anymore, and it makes me wonder how the old folks get by today.. It costs a pretty penny for them to pay for the work I used to do.. To get a lawn mowed or a fence painted today, you have to hire somebody to do it.. Most of em dont come cheap either.. Leads me to believe that kids today dont get the education or pride from civic duty that kids did back in my time.. They still volunteer, but for projects that might get their picture in the news paper or some award from the Mayor.. They dont get to feel that pressure of pride in their chest that I got when I finished cleaning and planting a new flowerbed for some little old lady, and saw that beaming SMILE she had and hear the OOOHs and AHHHHs from her when she saw it.. PRICELESS !!
But, where do the old folks get the money from today to get all their stuff done ?? What do they do without to be able to afford paying to have their yardwork done ?? Their car repairs ?? The new steps for their porch ??
If you know a young person, be sure to tell them for me, that when they get older that they too can have memories like mine of helping an old person, and that I wouldnt take any amount of money for those memories.. And to all you assholes that say "fuggem", I say that you can kiss my one-legged redneck ass !!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I Lied

Well, not really.. I did say that I was gonna take a breather from working on MY yard.. I didnt say anything about my yard NEXT DOOR, or working inside the house, so I have still been at it lately, and The Mrs. has too.. We both have sore backs and legs now, but it has taken on a new appearance around here now..
You would think that we would have lost some weight, but with the hard work comes a new appreciation for food, and we have indulged in food as much as we have work.. Maybe more !! It didnt help any when I smoked a ham last week.. We have been having all kinds of stuff with it cooked in it .. A Mexican omelete is superb with smoked ham added.. I took the knee and smoked the shit out of it with pecan wood, then cooked a POT of white beans with it.. I've got a head of cabbage to steam up with a big chunk of smoked ham now, and that will leave a big hamsteak for breakfast one day..
Anyway, as I was talkin bout yard work.. It amazes me that some neighbors can be so damn sorry as to throw trash over the fence into my yard.. NASTY BASTARDS !! I can handle the drink cans and bottles, but I draw the line at their watermellon rinds, bannana peels, shitty baby diapers and used oil filters and drained oil from their car.. I've got it all in a pile now, and when the wind gets just right, I'm gonna set the pile on fire and they can get to breathe and smell all their fuggin trash burnin.. FUGGEM !! I can play their silly-assed games..
On top of all their trash they thro over my fence, they try to be nice and speak to me now. I dont have much to say to them anymore, and especially anything nice is out of the question..
I'm constantly picking up some of my neighbors trash.. Almost all my neighbors let trash blow in my yard, or like those above, just thro it in my yard.. I have an auto body shop directly across the street and they let sandpaper and parts packaging and paper blow in my yard.. I also have a GM dealership across the street and they have streamers up on the poles around their car lot, that come apart in the wind and blow in my yard.. I'm just tired of picking up other peoples trash.. My yard stays messed-up with trash that gets tossed out.. What ever happened to "DONT MESS WITH TEXAS" ??

Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm Pitiful

For the last several weeks I've been on a mission to clean up my yard and get it prepared for winter.. I now officially dont have enough energy left to strain and make a half-way-decent fart !! I'm completely exhausted..
If you ever want company, just go out in the yard and act like your busy doing something.. EVERYBODY you know will stop and want to talk.. Thats why it took me SEVERAL WEEKS to get the job done, not counting a bunch of days that were over 100 degrees.. I didnt even drink any coldbeer either, but I bet the amount of iced tea I drank would be impressive..
In my last post I was saying that I had been trying new cigars.. Well, I found one that I really like.. It is a peach flavored White Owl, and is the best cigar I have had in several years.. This cigar is so good that the Mrs. doesnt even mind me smoking it in the house.. The aroma is that good too.. I havent tested it with sour mash yet, but it is excellent with a strong cup of Folgers..
I'm gonna try to rest-up for a few days, so dont be surprised if I post a few extra entries .. I've made a few observations that I would like to pass on to ya'll..