Friday, September 29, 2006

No Boudt Adout It !!

Tough To Spin Detainee 'No' Vote

Ibd Thu Sep 28, 7:00 PM ET

Detainee Rights: When the president asked the House to give him and our armed forces the tools to fight the war on terror, it should have been a slam-dunk. But 168 lawmakers said "no" -- nearly all of them Democrats.

It's hard to know what moral calculus the average congressman uses these days. Safe to say, however, that with President Bush's approval ratings still in the low 40s, and with polls showing tight races even for many GOP incumbents, Democrats are feeling pretty good about their chances in the midterm elections.

That's the only possible explanation for why 160 of them -- along with seven Republicans and one Independent -- voted "no" on the detainee bill, which thankfully passed with 253 votes (including, by the way, 34 Democrats).

Obviously, the Democrats think they're playing to their base -- the and Netroots hard left that opposes America defending itself against terrorist predators.

But beyond that, what could they be thinking?

Given that the Supreme Court struck down the military tribunals Bush had set up to try al-Qaida terrorist suspects, this bill was badly needed. The president and his House backers worked hard to cut a deal that would ensure terrorists get a fair legal hearing and set clear limits for what the CIA can do during interrogations.

But that, apparently, wasn't good enough for the Democrats.

We wonder -- what would they do? Hand out tickets to terrorists? Hold civilian trials, in which terrorists guilty of mass murder might go free on technicalities?

As they hit the campaign trail, the 168 might be able to spin some pretty good reasons for their "no" votes. But we know this: Had they prevailed, America would be a lot less safe.

Democrats don't see it that way. Ex-President Jimmy Carter, the worst commander in chief in over a century and the man arguably most to blame for today's terrorist mess, said "we're in much more danger now" from terrorism than if we hadn't gone into Iraq.

Which is nonsense, if you think about it. There have been many major terrorist attacks since 9/11 and the Iraq War, but none in the U.S. Then again, who needs logic and facts when you can, like Carter, make sweepingly false assertions that will be gobbled up and regurgitated whole by the supposedly unbiased major media?

Democrats, insofar as they believe in a war on terrorism at all, see it as a compartmentalized conflict restricted mostly to Afghanistan. The rest of it, they think, is a matter for the criminal court system.

That was reflected in comments by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland. The detainee bill, he said, "is really more about who we are as a people than it is about those who seek to harm us."

No, this bill was all about "those who seek to harm us" -- the terrorists who follow none of the rules set by the Geneva Accords and who commit the most horrific of atrocities -- and who then expect while incarcerated to be given prayer mats, Halal meals, copies of the Quran and access to free lawyers.

Remember, this bill is a compromise. For Democrats, it keeps military commissions from using testimony coerced by "cruel, unusual or inhumane treatment or punishment." For Republicans, it restricts habeas corpus rights for terrorists, which, if granted, would set terror suspects loose in our civilian courts, creating legal chaos and endangering our security.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (news, bio, voting record), D-Vt., called the habeas corpus provision "un-American." Rep. Jerrold Nadler (news, bio, voting record), D-N.Y., said, "This is how a nation loses its moral compass, its identity, its values and eventually its freedom."

Sorry, but a surer way is to lose a war to terrorists bent on destroying your way of life, who would deny your freedoms to speak and worship, and who find your very existence an affront to their fundamentalist beliefs. If we can't be aggressive in extracting information from such enemies, we might as well quit the war on terror.

The New York Times on Thursday observed that Democrats have "unexpected opportunities" in this year's elections. Maybe so. But Americans will soon start to look at the two parties' stances on national security and ask, "Which one will better protect me, my family and my property?" And when the answer comes back, things could get really interesting.


I thank that the "NO" voters on this bill had the idea that as long as the bill PASSED, they would be safe, and I'm sure they did their own little poll to ensure that it was.. But to still vote against the safety and security of our Country is a disgrace !!

Just in case ya'll aint noticed, that WHOLE BUNCH up in D.C. aint been the best of protectors lately.. OF ANYBODY, but themselves.. But it still beats bendin over and stickin my ass up in the air and makin sure my head is pointed toward Mecca, FIVE TIMES A DAY !!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

nother Reason Why I Aint A Liberal

There Can Be No Compromise
With White House Lawlessness
by Nancy Spannaus

Upon news of the "compromise" between leading military-connected Senators and the White House on legislation which would regulate the interrogation and trial of so-called terrorists, Lyndon LaRouche insisted that there shouldn't be a bill on this issue at all. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Bush Administration has to abide by the Geneva Conventions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, LaRouche said, and that spells out what is required in clear language. The only reason Cheney and Bush want a bill is in order to try to again sanction torture and get immunity for their past crimes. There should be no bill at all.

While there is no agreed-upon compromise text as a result of negotiations among Senators John Warner, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, there is every indication that the Senators were compromising on the torture issue, against which they had made such correct, and eloquent, arguments only days before. On Sept. 21, the Republican Senate leadership was holed up in the Senate office of Vice President Cheney, the leading advocate for torture, from morning until about 2:00 in the afternoon. Informed sources consulted by EIR agreed that the "compromise," which was announced after that torture session, involved the White House giving up its demand that secret evidence be used in trials, and that the adherence to the Geneva Conventions be upheld, but holding on to its right to torture.

Add to this the fact that the law proposed by McCain, Warner, and Graham additionally denies prisoners the right to habeas corpus, and it's clear that the Constitution is best protected by no law whatsoever. New York Congressman Jerold Nadler hit the nail on the head, in fact, when he said during his opening statement for the Democrats to the House Judiciary Committee on Sept. 20, that the reason the administration wants a law is because they are worried they will be found liable under the War Crimes Act. They want to change the law, "so that the President doesn't have to issue pardons to himself and half of the administration," Nadler said. "That's what this debate is really about."

Clear and Present Danger
The panic of the administration to protect itself from being brought to justice, especially if the November mid-term elections are won by the Democrats, is more than matched by its insanity in the strategic arena, specifically its determination to launch a military confrontation against Iran in the run-up to the November election. Over the period of Sept. 19-22, a number of high-level military experts in Washington have spoken out and expressed tremendous alarm about this danger.

Lyndon LaRouche has consistently warned about this threat. He argues that, if it is not prevented by decisive political action, the Bush Administration will move against Iran "without warning," without going to Congress, or the United States, or its "allies." The most likely scenario is that Bush gives an order for strikes against Iran from Offutt Airforce Base in Nebraska.

A lengthy article in the Sept. 21 issue of The Nation, called "War Signals," reports that the Bush Administration and the Pentagon have issued orders for a major 'strike group' of ships ... to head for the Persian Gulf, just off Iran's Western coast." The strike group includes the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, as well as a submarine escort. The Nation quotes retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner and a number of other military and intelligence officials, saying "This is very serious."

Gardiner has also written a 25-page report, called "The End of the 'Summer of Diplomacy,' " for The Century Foundation, which contains similar warnings. Gardiner says that some in the Bush Administration are undeterred by the concerns of active duty military leaders, who have drawn the lessons of the utter disaster in Iraq, and are pushing forward for air strikes, not only against Iran's nuclear program, but also against the government itself, to "decapitate" the regime.

The American Conservative, which issued a warning in the summer of 2005 about Cheney's push for war against Iran, has also featured another article by former CIA official Phil Giraldi, in which he quotes a number of active military and policy sources as warning that the White House is pushing hard for war against Iran.

The official line of the Bush Administration, of course, has been that it is currently pursuing "diplomacy" with Iran. There is clearly no prospect for pushing through sanctions, much less military action, through the United Nations Security Council. The opposition to launching military action comes not only from Russia and China, but from Europe, and even from Israel. EIR has access to sources within the U.S. military that it has also weighed in unequivocally against expanding the war by hitting Iran.

"There is no military option against Iran" is the uniform argument of competent military personnel, ranging from retired Gen. Barry MacCaffrey to a multitude of others.

Cheney on the Warpath
But, just as the Bush Administration pushed through the Iraq war over the objections of competent military opposition, so Vice President Cheney, in particular, on behalf of his Synarchist controllers, is determined to do so again. As shown once again by his recent performance on "Face the Nation," Cheney cares neither for the facts or the law. In that vintage lying performance, Cheney dispensed with the torture question by simply saying that he "disagreed" with the Supreme Court. On the matter of the false intelligence, and the disastrous results of the strategy in Iraq, Cheney simply insisted that the current course had to be maintained, no matter how bloody the "progress" might appear.

While Cheney just doesn't care about the hideous reality his policies are creating, his puppet G.W. Bush doesn't really appear to notice. The President's lunacy has been increasingly flagrant recently, in both press conferences and speeches. Exemplary was a press interview he gave a couple weeks ago in which he burbled on about how he "felt" the world was in the midst of a new "Great Awakening," as shown by the fact that people want to pray for him. "I can feel it," he repeated. Nor was he any saner at his United Nations presentation on Sept. 19, where he took the occasion to lecture every nation in Southwest Asia on how they should move toward "democracy."

Cheney's performance is more calculating, but telling. For example, speaking Sept. 19 to the National Auto Dealers Association in WAshington, D.C., Cheney closed by comparing the current situation to the Cold War. He said he had the "honor" of being the Secretary of Defense at the time the Cold War ended. "I worked for or with a nubmer of Cold War Presidents," he said, "and I am a great admirer of the man who lived in the White House when that struggle began, Harry Truman." Cheney then cited Truman's calling the "Cold War" a "war of nerves," and said that he thought that an apt description of the Bush Administration's own "war on terror."

Where Are the Democrats?
The institutional stumbling blocks to Cheney and Bush going ahead with their full program—war and dictatorship—have, up until this point, been primarily members of what Lyndon LaRouche has called the institution of the Presidency, including the uniformed military, current and retired intelligence and diplomatic personnel, former Presidents, and the Supreme Court itself. Recently, former President Bill Clinton appears to have joined the fray, with straightforward and outspoken attacks on Bush Administration policy, including on torture, and the threatened war against Iran.

It is no exaggeration to say that this institutional fight has depended crucially, upon the input of Lyndon LaRouche and his political movement, particularly the LaRouche Youth Movement. It is also no exaggeration to say that the actions taken so far are woefully insufficient. Without the weighing-in of a U.S. electorate, energized to force the Democratic Party back into the principled policy commitment of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and toward getting rid of both Bush and Cheney immediately, there is little doubt that the worst will happen.

Despite crucial exceptions, one can say that the silence of the Democratic Party leadership on the crucial issues is almost deafening. Where is the mobilization to condemn a Cheney-Bush duo openly embracing the torture tactics of Stalin and Hitler against prisoners? Where is the mobilization to defend the machine-tool capacity of the United States, and the hundreds of thousands of skilled industrial workers, centered in the auto industry, who are losing their jobs through "downsizing?" True, there has been increased sharpness among Democrats on the gross failure, and obscene crimes, committed through the war in Iraq—but all too often, this hard-hitting message is corrupted by a sophistic appeal to go after the "real enemy," Iran.

What needs to be said is what Lyndon LaRouche has said: The President is nuts and his sociopathic controller is worse. Every informed person in the world knows that, and by looking at Iraq, has an idea of the horrors which will result by letting the United States continue to be ruled by such a creature. If political leaders have the guts to tell the truth, and to fight for a return to FDR's policies on the fundamental issues of economic and foreign policy, Bush and Cheney and their henchmen can be smashed. No "compromise" with this evil is acceptable.

I dont know about ya'll, but I also read a lot of the "enemies" material, like this one .. I call em the enemy cause they obviously aint read and seen what the REAL story is of the current World Situation.. That worries me, but if, in fact they HAVE read and seen the situation, that worries me even more.. And I'm perty sure that the latter is the case, at least in this case..

This writer is tryin to tell us to not worry about Iran, not worry about Chavez, and just trust in Lyndon TheRoach !!

Thats the same approach that Slick Willie had and presented us with for his tour in the White House, and that is the reason he was waggin his crooked-ass fanger at Chris Wallace on TV last Sunday !! His approach didnt work then, and it aint gonna work now either !!

The Dirtbags killed Americans on his watch and he didnt do a gotdam thang about it.. Thats why we have to be reminded about the Embassies, and the Cole, and Somalia all the time.. He didnt fuggin care if we died !! Americans died on G.W.'s watch, and the Libs are shittin their pants cause G.W. had the balls to do somethin about it !!

And I dont have to have a gotdam poll or analysis or conference to figger out that ya'll feel like I do and would want somebody in the White House that REALLY gives a shit when I die, and that the sunzabitches are gonna pay for it !! Clinton didnt, but G.W. does.. The proof is in the puddin !!

Now to the MEAT of this little piece of work.. The writer above is still tryin to push the Clinton Doctrine, even tho it is proven BEYOND DOUBT that it didnt work, and is only held-up by the fact that the MSM MEDIA is still doin the same thang themselves.. Just like the stories by the Sailors of Old talked about.. Its the Sirens Songs, and if you listen to it, it will lead your ship onto the rocks and to certain death !!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To ME !!

Everybody else in the house is asleep and Miss Minnie Pearl is quiet, so maybe I can get in a little postin here..

In a little over an hour, Central Time, I'm gonna be 49 years old .. Bless my Mama, and thank the Good Lord for lettin me hang around this long.. I know it wad'nt easy for Him to make that decision..

For the last 2 weeks I've been battlin a damn summer cold that just wont seem to go away.. As soon as I get to feelin better, it knocks me down again.. I thank I've got the cold whipped but I've got infected sinuses now, and I dont know thats any better..

I hope everybody out there is doin OK and I hope to be back here more often.. SOON !!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Life's A Bitch, And Then You Marry One !!

Well, the Mrs. seems to have developed a problem with sharin her puter with me.. So until I get my big puter back on line and up to operatin speed, this blog is gonna be hit-and-miss !! It may be weekly, or it may be just be monthly.. I'm tired of tryin to sit here and make sense out of what I write, cause the Mrs. and the Kid are all over me and ravin and cavin, and rantin and cantin, I caint even make sense of the shit I write either !!

If I can get my BIG puter back on-line you are probably gonna be seein a lot more of me than you care too, but until then, you aint gonna be seein a whole lot of me..

To get the BIG puter back up and runnin, I'm probably gonna have to sell my farm to get the money to do it, and I aint gonna be a very happy camper then !!

Needless to say, there may a lot more changes happen than just the puter, but you'll just have to check in every now and then to see what that is gonna entail..

Keep your fangers crossed, and I hope to be back soon, Wall-To-Wall, And Treetop Tall ! ! ! !!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"We have entered a time of profound moral confusion"

Thats what Hugh Hewitt calls it, but I have a different opinion of it myself.. I do admit that some seem to be afflicted with confusion, but for the most part, anybody that hasnt been converted to the "self preservation" side by now, are no less than deranged.. Consumed by lunacy.. Blinded by hate..

I've seen many of the Left's most ardent supporters of the (D)'s programs and proposals turn to see that this is a fight for survival.. It hasnt been anythang like a mass conversion, but it is a steady awakenin on their part.. They have finally heard the steady drumbeat of the Enemies of America.. I have no idea what it was that brought them to face reality, but it is a welcomed transformation..

We on the Right, us Conservatives, are gonna be the victims of much harrassment and targets of attack from those that aint wrapped too tight and whose logic HAS LEFT THE BUILDING !! Be prepared to face the crazy sunzabitches whenever you post somewhere or if you have one of these type as a friend.. It aint gonna be easy !!

The Polls are not sayin what the unhinged are wantin em to say, and are gonna be frothin at the mouth mad and sometimes are gonna be violent to-boot.. Until after the next 60 days or so, and the election passes we are gonna be the object of their frustrations.. They will show no mercy.. No compassion.. So if you caint take the heat, stay outta the kitchen !! Dont be surprised if the Shit Hits The Fan around here too !! I travel wide and far in the Blogosphere, and sometimes some mangy dogs follow me home..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wax On. Wax Off.

That was a line from the movie, The Karate KId.. I thank it had somethin to do with Yeng and Yang.. Well, Yeng and Yang are shakin hands again in my mind and all is better today..

Before I wrote that last post I had gone out to pretty up my yard and when I started to mow, Ol Big Mo(my ridin mower) started to make noises that sounded expensive !! I was so sick about it that I just parked it.. But, today I went out and took all the mowin shit off it and got to where I could take a look at what the problem was.. I was right, and it was the transmission, and this one IS expensive.. I piddled with it a few minutes and POOF !! The damn thang got all quiet and now runs like it did when it was new.. No more noise.. I dont know what happened but it is all better and I mowed the whole yard and the "hump" out by the street too.. I figgered I'd get it all put back together and it would start raisin hell again, but it didnt..

On top of Mo givin me trouble, I had bottled-up another batch of my homebrew, and it just SUCKS !! This was the strawberry batch and not what I gave you Sherry.. But I have started a new batch now.. PINEAPPLE !! And I can already tell that this is gonna be a KILLER batch.. Its gonna be more like a Wine Cooler than beer tho.. If it turns out as good as I thank it is, I'm gonna do a ORANGE and somethin batch next time.. I dont thank I'd like a straight orange, so I'll probably add somethin else to it too.. I bet it would be good to take it and put in the freezer for a few hours and let it get all slushy and icy.. Hell, its got so much alcohol content that I dont have to worry about it freezin and bustin !!

Another thang that had me so pissed yesturday, was my damn neighbors.. They had a gatherin of some kind this LONG weekend and I was just so gotdam tired of their kids runnin everywhere and raisin all sorts of hell and screamin and they kept aggravatin Miss Minnie Pearl too.. That and one of the bigger kids had his music thumpin from daylight till midnite.. And all the gotdam door slammin !! I dont thank none of em can just close a door .. Its been at least a little more peaceful around here today.. Looks like about half those damn kids are gone now.. Maybe the rest will be gone tomoro.. Me and Miss Pearl could sure use the respit from em.. Altho the Kid came home early from school today.. The school called and wanted the Mrs. to come pick her up.. She was sittin there cryin and they couldnt figger out why.. The Mrs. got there and the Kid was all smiles and ready to come see Pop then tho.. I thank she is just startin to PMS, and with the Mrs.' menopausin its gonna be another long week looks like !! I picked a helluva time to make a bad batch of homebrew.. Lord, give me strength..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Need A Surrogate

By now ya'll have all heard about the California dirtbag that made a video about how we all needed to convert to Ickslime or we would regret it.. Since I caint get my hands on this piece of shit and do the "deed" personally, I need some stupid sunzabitch to stand in in his place.. I need somebody to come tell me to my face what that shithead said.. And mean it.. Right now I'd even settle for some Mooselimb to just look at me the wrong way !! On second thought, it dont even have to be a Mooselimb..

I sat outside at the picnic table for 8 hours today and had a coupla gallons of homebrew and a coupla ceegars, and NOBODY would cross my path.. Not even a Jehovah's Witness !! The Mrs. has 10 gotdam cats, and I only seen 1 that would come near me, and she was very leary, to the point that she walked sideways and made a WIDE circle around me..

My buddy that was stayin with us after he got out of jail after almost 6 weeks, and they found out that he DIDNT kill his wife, said that they had him in a cell with a Mooselimb waitin to go to the Big House for terrorism, and was always mockin the rest of em and pushin his superiority over them cause he was a Mooselimb.. Today I wondered if I got arrested for somethin, whether they would put me in the same cell with this dirtbag.. I'll leave the rest of that for your imagination !!