Friday, September 09, 2005

New Cigars

My local smokeshop got in some new cigars lately, so I bought a few different kinds to try out.. The Mrs. dont like me to smoke em in the house cause she says they stank, but says these new ones smell good.. Anyway, I sat out on the front porch late last nite smokin a peach-flavored one while pettin the kitten, and I noticed somethin.. The traffic that usually drives me nuts was not there.. This is the first part of the month, and the locals most-times get that check and go hog-wild for the first couple of weeks, then count their pennies till the first of the month rolls around again.. Not this time.. There were a few, but not the caravans of cars that I usually see.. Seems that they have finally figgered out that it aint no fun takin your lunch money and spending it on gas to drive around one block then another, just to beat on a tub as loud as you can, and jack with the people that live there.. Really pisses me off when they do that at around 2 or 3 in the mornin..
I sure have seen a lot of rental trucks heading toward Louisianna too.. I guess some are loaded with aid supplies, and some are just going after what is left of their possesions.. America's workforce is responding too.. I have seen every kind of construction device and equipment there is pass by headed that way to join the rebuilding process.. I think if it was me tho, I would drive straight on thru Louisianna to Miss. or Ala. ..
I figger the price of gas is gonna start to go down soon, and with it the booger-eatin-mohrons will be cruising the streets again, and I will be awaken at 2 or 3 in the mornin again, and all will be back to usual.. I'll just enjoy sittin on my front porch at nite havin me a cigar, and pettin my lil'o kitten till it does, and thank the Good Lord that I have what I have, and am what I am..