Sunday, February 26, 2006

Surrounded By Morons

Is it as chaotic out in REAL America as it is in Cyber America ?? I live in a fishbowl called North East Texas.. It has nothin to do with the rest of the country.. I may be a homebody, but I'm not completely incommunicado with the rest of my City, County, State, Country, and World..
What just blows my shorts off is how so many of the other folks I hear from are so out of touch and lack information of what is happenin in their world.. Yet these people have such dead-set ideas and opinions that are driven by something that they heard from somebody at work or some Radio Station or CNN that they would stake their live on what they have heard or seen.. OR, thank they heard !!

You just caint imagine what some of these uneducated, backwards, gullable sunzabitches can come away from news with.. And if ya thank thats bad, you should see what I have seen some of the more educated ones devise in their minds !! I am far far far from the smartest MOFO in the world, but some of these folks just boggle even my mind !! Some of em are so disoriented that I often wonder how they find their way home after dark..

It really dont help my sanity any when I hear these same folks tell me how they have written their Elected Officials and expressed their opiions either !!

Seems that everywhere I go, there is somebody that has a VERY skewed way of thankin that is completely out of reason.. No ratonality whatsoever.. And they are very LOUD !!

They scare me ..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sometimes I Forget

But not today !! Today, my love and admiration for the Military Members in harms way, is highly on my mind.. It is cold and rainy here today, and I remember the times I was out in these kinda conditions servin my country, and it brings home the feelins I had back then.. Makin sure my tasks got completed because there were a bunch of my buddies that counted on me gettin it done..
Bein cold, wet, hungry, and tired was never an excuse for me to slack-off and not get my job done..
I know that not many of the Troops will come here and see this, but maybe me writin it down will in some way send a mental message to em that I Care, and am thinkin of em.. If you see this and happen to know or talk to one of our Troops, then just tell em for me..

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sorry For The Absence

We had a little disagreement with our ISP, so took a few days to get their ass back in gear..

I hate it when these asshole Utility Co.'s think they can add whatever they want to your Services, and then charge you what they want to for it.. That shit gets my hackles up in a real big hurry !! When they do that shit, I tend to cause em as much grief as possible.. And I can cause a shitload of grief, if I want to !! We get phone calls all times of the day and NITE from em wantin to know if we want this Service, or that SERVICE and we are usually real short(but cordial) and end the call post-haste, whether they still are talkin or not.. I figger that when we hang up on em after tellin em we dont want it or that we aint interested in whatever they are sellin, that they get pissed cause we had the GALL to not subscribe to whatever it was they were sellin, and just signed us up for it anyway so they could get their commision.. If I raise enuff hell about it, then they will get rid of the S.O.B. and they will be lookin for another job.. It just pisses me off to think that they have done this to some old folks that it may take months for them to figger out that they have been bein charged for something that they didnt want in the first place..

How many of you know of some old folks that have their utilities "drafted" from their bank account ? Do you have any idea how hard it is to have an account bank draft changed ?? Specially on Utilities ??

Imagine that you are some old folk, and you have your utilities drafted from your bank account.. Imagine that you have your spouse or a family member in the hospital or you are havin em to a lot of doctor visits, all over the state or country.. Would you have the time or patience to sit thru H.O.U.R.S. on the gotdam phone with a bunch of M.O.R.O.N.S tryin to get a bill fixed that was overchargin you $6.50 a month ?? Would it be worth it to you to spend 3, maybe 4 fuggin DAYS on the phone to get your account fixed ?? How bout after you had been on the phone for DAYS tryin to get your doctor appointments and account fixed too ?? How bout if your husband or wife just died, your your daughter just had a baby, and your son had an operation and extended hospital stay, and YOU just found out you had diabetes or high blood pressure ??

How long could some sunzabitch get away with drawin a commision for signin you/them up for some shit you didnt want ?? How long would you/them be without a phone or ISP, or gas or electricity ??

Let me ask you this.. How many times have you sat down at the table to eat a meal lately, and the damn phone ring and it was a fuggin telemarketer ?? How many times have you had a hellachious day at work or aint feelin good or the kids have been on your LAST NERVE and you just get settled into the bed to relax EARLY and the fuggin phone rings, and its THEM ?? You answer the phone, and you aint zactly nice to em.. They sign you up for the D.E.L.U.X.E. package anyway !! Its $49.95, + Local Tax, + Franchise Tax, + Entertainment Fee, + $19.95 Connection Fee, + $29.95 Contract Fee, + $9.95 and Month commission !! Do the MATH !!

Me and the guy that came out to check our system today had a LITTLR TALK !! He was a real nice guy and I really think that I got my point across real, CRYSTAL FUGGIN CLEAR.. I have a feelin that there is gonna be a review of the person that got the commision from the sell of the SERVICES WE DIDNT REQUEST, and that there is gonna be some changes made in employment status at the Phone Comapany !! GOTDAM WELL BETTER BE !!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Pat On The Back

I resorted to manual labor today .. I got up on the house and added another 10 sheets of sheet metal to the roof.. I mashed the shit outta my thumb, and had to take some pain meds for it.. I hope I can make it thru this post.. I'm tryin to get stuff ready to make chicken sketti and tryin to do this at the same time.. I skinned a few leg quartes and now I gottem boilin.. Got the sketti water heatin too.. I did it witout havin a coldbeer too.. If I work hard, like I did today, I xspect ta have a coldbeer when I get done.. Sometimes even while I'm doin it too !! Even without a coldbeer it aint too bad.. Those pain meds are kickin ass.. I'll prolly have that coldbeer tomoro..
Merry St. Valentines Day to all the girl women lady female types out there.. I'm makin my Honey(the Mrs.) chicken sketti for somethin special that she likes.. Nah, I dont do cards, flowers and all that shit.. Anybody with an extra 50 bucks in his pocket can do that.. I do somethin special for her.. You gotta understand that my chicken skeeti is a real big pain in the ass to make, but well worth it as long as you dont have to make it yourself.. Broccoli cornbread goes real good with it.. REAL good !! My sketti and cornbread is too good to call a meal.. Its more like desert for the main course.. The Mrs. is happy with it, so I got myself covered..
I bet I wind up deletin this post tho.. Aint really makin a lot of sense is it ??

Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Comparison

Before reconciliation with Muslims, things will get worse

By David Ignatius
Daily Star staff
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Looking at the cartoons, a non-Muslim wonders how they could possibly have given such offense. How could a few juvenile, satirical drawings of the prophet Muhammad have created a global crisis? It seems inexplicable; until you think about American reactions to a word we hesitate even to write for fear of giving offense, calling it instead the "N-word."

The African-American experience reminds us that there is a rage so deep and abiding that it can be triggered by a small comment, an unintended slight, a remark perhaps meant as a joke but heard as a grievous insult. The legacy of slavery left behind that residue of anger. It created taboos that protect what Sigmund Freud described as the sacred totems of cultural identity. It established boundaries where outsiders - in this case, white people - are not allowed to venture. That's why the N-word is so powerful - it is the symbol for the suffering that a people experienced at the hands of others.

By drawing this comparison, I don't mean to condone what Muslims are doing in their violent, deadly overreaction to a provocation by a foolish newspaper editor in Denmark. And I think the Muslim world could learn something about tolerance from African-Americans. The United States still abounds with racist images, but blacks are no longer rioting in the streets or burning down buildings. With time, people have learned to deal with their anger in less self-destructive ways - even, sometimes, to laugh about it.

This week, the African-American cartoonist Aaron McGruder is running a series in his taboo-busting strip "The Boondocks," making fun of civil rights leader Al Sharpton's protests about racism. In Monday's strip, Huey Freeman muses to his friend: "Give me news of hope, Caesar. Tell me of the leaders who dare to stand against the grave dangers faced by this world. I crave inspiration." His pal Caesar looks up from his newspaper: "Says here Al Sharpton is protesting a cartoon for using the N-word." To which Huey responds: "I'm going back to bed."

Maybe the Muslim world will someday be able to laugh off slurs against the prophet Muhammad, but not now. The wounds are too raw; the sense of victimization is too immediate. I travel often to Muslim countries, and I am sometimes astonished at how hundreds of years of history can seem condensed into the present, so that every current injustice is magnified by the weight of every past one. I don't understand it, but then, I have to remind myself, I'm not a Muslim. I haven't lived it.

Hoping to understand this blood-knot of rage and intolerance, I called Randall Kennedy, a prominent African-American professor of law at Harvard University. He is the author of a 2002 book that explores the intense emotions aroused by the N-word, which he actually dares to spell out in the book's title. He says he's not surprised that a cartoon, like a taboo word, can become a focus for rage. For African-Americans, he explains, "there are all sorts of indignities and insults, but they're momentary and ambiguous." But when white people say the hateful word, "it crystallizes something that's often hard to discern."

"When people feel they're being disrespected, they respond in all sorts of ways, including very self-destructive ways," Kennedy observes. That said, he finds the Muslim reaction to the Danish cartoons unacceptable - just as he thinks people overreact to the N-word. "Are we going to bleep out Richard Pryor's album? Are we going to scratch out every reference to the word in "Huckleberry Finn"? I would say with respect that's what is happening here with the reaction to the cartoons."

Whenever I'm feeling really pessimistic about the world, I remind myself of the American civil rights movement. In the space of my lifetime, America has gone from a country of brutal racism and outright segregation to a place where black folks and white folks pretty much get along. We haven't abolished racism, but by working honestly at the problem, we've made real progress. Along the way, we experienced rage and violence: Our cities burned; our nation sometimes felt at war with itself. But we passed through that dark period into a brighter one.

I want to believe that Muslims and the West are now in that kind of transition. We're in the rage phase - the part of the story where black folks are torching cities, white governors are sending in the National Guard, and the problems seem insoluble. But if people keep their heads, we will eventually pass from this crazy moment into a different one where a genuine reconciliation is possible. Let's face it: We are living the clash of civilizations, and it's likely that things won't get much better until they get a bit worse.

I hope you folks aint buyin into this line of bullshit !! The mooselimbs rioting and burning over a bunch of cartoons makes even less sense than the rioters draggin Reggie Denny from his truck and beatin him in the head with a fuggin brick cause the cops that beat Rodney King got acquited !! It never fails that no matter what some assholes want to do, that is just plain WRONG, there will always be some dumbass that wants to make an excuse for em !!

Friday, February 10, 2006

I shudder To Think

It makes me sick to think that the Arhabi would try to attack a school here, like they did at Beslan(over 300 dead).. The Russian Police and Military have caught, and killed most of a group of terrorists that were plannin another Beslan-style attack today.. President Bush revealed recently that terrorists had planned to attack the tallest building west of the Mississippi, and now we hear that the Russians have foiled another school attack.. I think that if they attacked a school here, that drunk Yankees and Rednecks would take to the streets and 7-11's !! And I aint talkin of protests like the cartoon of the Pedophile of the past week or so !! I'm talkin roaming groups of Spec. Ops. missions !! NO SHIT !! If I was in the local S.W.A.T. Team, I'd choose to take that week as vacation time !! But which group would YOU choose to have goin thru your neighborhood: said SpecOps above, or gangmembers possibly from Nawlins or MS-13??

Let me get your attention a minute.. How bout you add another group goin thru your neighborhood.. I know I'm just dreamin, but, bare with me a minute.. What if you had Gary Cooper(High Noon), Clint Eastwood(Dirty Harry), Fess Parker(Dan'l Boone), John Wayne, Charles Bronson(Death Wish), Norman Swartztkoph(Desert Storm), Sonny Crocket and Tubbs, Chuck Norris, and Forrest Gump....

If you live on Long Island I dont think you have much chance of seeing it.. But, if you live in N.E Texas, you have a very good chance of seein it !! They have one of those "mock-ups" out east of town.. Its styled after Dodge City.. Old West style.. They have contests out there to see who can quick draw the fastest and shoot cardboard cutouts.. If they shoot goblins as good as they do cardboard, then we got our area pretty well taken care of.. I guess I'll have to settle for bein a back up..