Sunday, May 28, 2006

What Lives They Live

I have an old friend, that as a young kid, lied about his age to enter the Military during WW II.. Ol "Wobbly" was in 4 European "Great Battles", and also others in the Pacific of that war, and carries many scars from them.. Some visible and others only in his memories..
Only on special occasions has he ever been coaxed into tellin any of what happened during that time, and most of what he talked about, was his friends that he lost in those battles..
I remembered many of the names he talked about, because they are on the Memorial down by the County Courthouse.. Another ol friend of mine was the one that worked HARD to get that Memorial..
It was about the last thang ol Pop did before he died.. He worked on gettin it for several years and many letters and calls and hours spent plannin it.. I helped him when I could.. Sometimes drivin him somewhere when he was too sick or tired or hurtin to drive himself.. I often wonder if that was all that was keepin Pop alive..
Remember to respect those who chose to put your life above theirs and defended this Country from the horrors of war on our own ground.. God Bless Em All..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Old Flames

I'm goin to hell !! So says the Mrs. anyway .. One of my old girlfriends died this Monday, and I just caint muster the will to forgive her for what she did to me.. Its causin me a lot of grief because of it too.. I caint help it tho, cause I HATE THE BITCH !! She was a REALLY bad person tho, and I dont just hate her for what she did to me, but for all the shit she did to a bunch of good folks that had anythang to do with her or tried to help her..
I've forgiven many people in my life for the wrongs they did me, and caint remember anyone besides her that I havent forgiven or are also dead now.. Maybe now you can understand that the bitch was really THAT EVIL ..

Now for the BIG problem.. The bitch's husband is a friend of mine.. How do I tell him that I dont have it in my heart to grieve over his wife's death ??

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Slave Driver

Me and Billy have been "playin farmer" most of the last week, and I can report that we have made GOOD progress..
We broke up about a half-acre and got it tilled good and then we proceeded to plant 35 tamater plants and 36 pepper plants.. But, we still have a bunch of squash seed and okra seed to get in the ground.. Next will be the cucumber and melon seed and a fresh round of greens seeds and some carrots..
I'll have to plow and disc another half-acre place to start the rest of it after we get this batch planted..
Billy is startin to get his energy and strength back some now, and I fear he is gonna work my ass off yet !! It sure does feel good to get out and work and get the fresh air, but I just wish the weather would be a little more GENTLE on us.. Every day we have gone to the garden this week, it has gotten a little hotter.. One day we didnt have a breeze to work with and it was the ruffist to hack, but yesterday was the HOTTEST(upper 90's and LOTS of sun) but we had a nice breeze and it was the easiest to handle.. We dont work but about 45 minutes to an hour at a time,then take a beer-break..
Today we are gonna take it easy and load a truckload of limbs his kids trimmed from the trees in his yard and haul them to the garden and pile em to burn later..

Billy is a real nice feller and I like the time that we spend at the garden and the talks we have on our beer-breaks too.. He was very nice and good to my Mama and Daddy while they were here and I feel like I owe him a debt of gratitude for that, but he makes it a pleasure to be able to be there for him when he can use an ear and shoulder too.. I just hope that when I get 70 years old that somebody will able to put up with my grouchy old ass and I can still have a few friends that give a shit about me too.. Bein old is bad enuff, but bein old without friends is somethin I dont want to have to find out about..
Hope ya'll have a good weekend.. Later..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poor Choices: Cants and Wonts

I didnt listen to the G.W. speach last nite.. I read the transcript.. I usually record his talks by way of the radio, but decided it best if I just read the written words to be sure I got EVERY detail of it right in my mind.. Besides, I had a GUT FEELIN that it would be one that I didnt want to ever hear again.. But I didnt know that it was gonna be one that I wouldnt want to ever READ again !!
The subject of the SPOKEN words was about the border and the Mescans, but the HEART of the speach was about so so much more..
Evidently G.W. thanks that the battle is not over the borders, but in who gets elected in November and again in '08.. He thanks that the Dem Party is more dangerous than Border Security.. I'm still not completely convinced of that.. Its gonna take a lot of sleepless nites to come to grips with the fact that near half the U.S. population(the Democrats) is as much a danger to our existence and survival as a group of illegal tresspassers comin across the border from all over the World !!
But, that is the only explanation I can come up with for G.W.'s actions..
Of course, I look back on the examples of Slick Willie and I really have to take a long hard look at what could come to pass if there was a Dem in the WhiteHouse in the coming years of the Great War.. I thank of where Iran and North Korea would be today in their nukular technology if Clinton hadnt given them all the Fine Points on creatin our next Nitemare.. I also thank of what action would be taken by a Dem if our Nitemares actually came true and we got hit HARD !! 9-11 was just a big train wreck compared to the disaster that COULD happen..
Can the Dem Party really be that DISTRUSTED to carry out the needed measures to do what it would take to SAVE OUR BACON ?? Do they scare G.W. bad enuff to propose doin what he said last nite ?? Is savin Republicans in POWER, that much of a MUST ??
Dont get me wrong, cause I dont thank the Dems are compelled enuff to do what is gonna have to be done to protect us.. But CAN the "R's" do what is gonna be necessary either ?? John McCain and the other LIGHTWEIGHTS are gonna balk at the hard choices too, just like the Dems..
I guess our choice is to lose now, or lose later !!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Republican Plan

From here:

Troops on the Border: Reality vs. Spin
by Rep. Charlie Norwood
Posted May 15, 2006

Earlier this year Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano announced a "state of emergency" for the Arizona border due to the flood of illegal immigration, and ordered her National Guard to the border with Mexico.

The "deployment" consisted of about 170 Guardsmen, who were assigned to help inspect cargo shipments coming through legal entry points, which does nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration one whit. But even if they had been assigned to real border patrol duty, that's less that one soldier for every 2 miles of Arizona's border with Mexico.

The "deployment" was simply a public relations stunt to persuade the public that a governor who has supported de facto open borders and illegal immigrant rights her entire political career is suddenly tough on illegal immigration.

President Bush's address to the nation will focus on immigration reform, and multiple media leaks indicate it may include a plan to use troops on the border with Mexico.

That proposal has already been actively lobbied for by multiple members of Congress, and garners somewhere between 60% and 90% approval in public opinion polls -- a real crowd pleaser.

But will the proposal be real, or just spin?

The truth will lie in the proposed numbers, and whether the plan is for a short-term demonstration project or a long-term strategy for truly securing our southern border.

A real plan has already been proposed, with full details and research data included in last year's Immigration Reform Caucus special report, "Results and Implications of the Minutemen Project."

Under that plan, the southern border can be virtually closed except at legal points of entry within a one-month period -- at the longest. The flood of illegal immigration that has plagued America since the last amnesty plan in 1986 will be over.

It will initially take 36,000 troops. At the start, they should be National Guard personnel drawn nationally. There isn't enough National Guard in the border states alone to do the job without hindering combat readiness, so the forces will need to be pulled from other states as well under current National Guard Bureau assistance regulations.

The 36,000 troops will provide an average of three two-man teams per border mile for the entire 1,951-mile border with Mexico, working eight-hour shifts. Once in place on the ground, the deployment will need to be increased to 48,000 troops, to provide necessary manpower for time-off, sick leave, and long-term support services.

From the day the first National Guard boot hits the desert sand, we will need to expend all efforts to replace them as soon as possible through use of every other available resources. Our Guard is stressed to the max with missions in Iraq and Afghanistan; they can't be left on duty in the desert long-term. The first goal should be to return every initial deployed Guardsman back home in 90 days.

Immediate replacements should be called up from our Civil Air Patrol, State Defense Forces, and Coast Guard Auxiliary. We should also consider initiating a permanent, volunteer U.S. Border Patrol Auxiliary, with the same support functions as the Civil Air Patrol to the U.S. Air Force, or the Coast Guard Auxiliary to the Coast Guard proper.

As these personnel come online, the corresponding number of National Guard troops can be discharged. The President will need to make a bully pulpit call to rejuvenate our State Defense Forces, the reserve to the National Guard, for this mission. We have unfortunately allowed these state-level military reserves to drop from WWII levels of 175,000 troops to just 15,000 today, so this in fact would be a big help in America's overall homeland security, not just in securing our borders.

These military auxiliary forces should in turn be replaced as rapidly as possible by federal troops returning from overseas duty, with an estimated 70,000 on the way now as a result of BRAC. Seems we've had no problems securing half the borders of the world, we just can't find a way to secure our own.

Within a year, we should have replaced all our initially deployed National Guard and military auxiliary forces, and have the border under fulltime federal control with an estimated 50,000 Department of Defense troops in the field in addition to our current Border Patrol.

America's nightmare on the border would be over, permanently, starting within a week of an Executive Order by the President, with no new laws required.

If President Bush signed that order Monday night, our border would be secure for the first time in decades by Memorial Day at the latest. Mexico President Vicente Fox and La Raza wouldn't like it -- but the American people sure would.

Estimated costs are around $2.5 billion per year -- a bargain, compared to what our immigration disaster is already costing American taxpayers.

Once the border is secure, we can began installing the new infrastructure and technology that will allow us to permanently secure the nation -- fencing, lighting, sensors, roads, cameras, ultra-light aerial observation vehicles.

We will have the time to train and deploy as many new Border Patrol agents as necessary for permanent security with the new infrastructure in place.

That shouldn't take the two years the Border Patrol is currently taking. There's no reason we can't have a 90-day Border Patrol boot camp like we do for our U.S. Marines. True, we might not be able to get them fluent in Spanish in 90 days, but I don't recall us requiring our Marines be fluent in Arabic before sending them off to Iraq.

Some estimate the permanent expanded number of Border Patrol agents needed with the infrastructure and technology in place at 25,000. But the beauty of having the border secure up front is that we can take our time in determining that number, and get it right. The same luxury applies to our infrastructure decisions.

We can probably expect those improvements to take two to five years to get in place. During that timeframe, troop levels can be gradually reduced as new infrastructure is completed and new Border Patrol officers are placed in the field. Within five years, we will have a rebuilt, properly manned, and rejuvenated Border Patrol with the tools they need to get the job done.

That's the formula for using American troops to successfully, immediately, and permanently secure our border.

With that kind of action, the President would have House Members sitting up and paying attention to any suggestion on improving our legal guest worker programs, and in dealing with illegals aliens already in the country.

But there's another troop formula, a la Janet Napolitano, designed to win public opinion points without really changing anything, to hoodwink the House into going along with the Senate's grotesque amnesty plan, and to leave the southern border open to new waves of illegal aliens in order to drive down American wages for employers and Wall Street.

That formula calls for a few thousand National Guard to be deployed to the border on a short-term temporary basis, with a generic mission to "assist the Border Patrol". It would call for new technology and infrastructure, with no commitment to time certain or specifics. It would call for an increased Border Patrol, to the tune of maybe 1500 a year, with two years of training before being allowed to enter the field.

And that formula would allow waves of millions of new illegal immigrants, lured by promises of amnesty from the President and the Senate, to continue swarming across our southern border in record numbers for years to come.

We will all be waiting Monday night to discover which plan the President has in mind for America.

Mr. Norwood, a Republican, represents the 9th District of Georgia.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bush Hoggin And Discin

Me and my buddy, Billy, went to his farm and worked a while yesterday.. I kinda wore myself out, and Billy did too.. He has had the flu, and after workin out in the heat, heat index was 100 + yesterday, he had a dizzy spell and fell and put a big lump on his head last nite.. We are takin the day off today tho.. Too wet to plow or bush hog again anyway..
Billy's spirits were WAY UP again tho, and he said he felt better than he had for a while.. So, all-in-all, it was a good day.. He has an appointment at the doc tomoro to get blood work and get checked out good to see if he can find out what is causin him to get the "dizzies" .. I dont thank he is eattin right and may have some vitamin lack causin it.. I have cooked some stuff and the Mrs. has taken it to him since his wife passed on, but I dont thank he has been eattin the right stuff the rest of the time.. He visits his kids that live near here regularly and has his grandkids come to visit, so I know he gets a good meal MOST of the time.. He has a sister here that he visits and eats with too.. It still worries me tho..
Sure would have been nice to have gotten some stuff planted and fertilized before this rain .. Billy had some seed planted, but it must have been bad seed cause it never did come up.. A LATE CROP is better than NO CROP tho..
Yesterday evenin, after we came back from Billy's farm, I got MO(my big ridin mower) out to "perty" up the yard a little.. It didnt pay me to do it tho, cause I ran over a BIG gotdam rock that the neighbor kids had thrown in the yard and it busted a housin that hold one of the blades.. Gonna cost a chunk to fix it, but luckily the parts house a coupla blocks away usually has one ONHAND.. At least I got about half the yard mowed before it shelled it..
Me and Billy have a little "rat killin" to do today, so he is gonna come by and get me to go with him on his errands and no tellin what we will find to do to keep us busy today, since we aint gonna get to plant anythang..

That Was Fun

I just spent the biggest part of the last 2 hours listenin to my Poleece Radio.. They was reportin all the gotdam tornadoes bouncin around my county.. It still aint out of the county, but its past me now..
Sounds like some trees across roads and had some hail but nothin serious, YET !! It aint all that often they crank up our ONE Civil Defense Siren, but they did it twice tonite..
We had one batch of storms move thru with a coupla twisters reported, and I thought that was it, then the siren went off again and another big storm passed over, with another coupla twisters seen..
Lots of power out around here so it may be few more hours before some of the damage reports get called in..
Looks like its gonna be a long nite for the Power and Phone Companies tho!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Give Em Hell, I Do !!

I have my mornin coffee and my first few smokes listenin to my favorite radio folks.. The Ankarlo Crew.. I have usually already been listenin to em for a while before I get up, so it aint like rolling into the kitchen and comin eye-to-eye with the Mrs. the first thang..

They seem like a real nice bunch with good hearts, and are dedicated to what they do each day.. They have started bloggin lately and I have had several folks come here from there, so I feel like I should repay the debt by puttin a link to em in the sidebar.. Sometime when ya aint got nothin better to do, ya might wanna go over there and check em out.. To get the FULL EFFECT, ya can listen to em on the .net, or if you are in the Dallas Texas area you can listen to em on 570AM KLIF Radio from 5A.M. till 9A.M. .. Dont seem like there is ever a dull moment there either.. Darrell rants and raises hell about like I do and about the same stuff that pisses me off.. I WILL give ya a hint tho, if you are an ANTI-American Liberal, you may not enjoy it as much as I do !!

The Cathouse Mouse

I guess there must be a bunch of folks that have been kinda slow comin here and havent been back in my archives and seen where I was a nasty ol truck driver in my past days.. Fact is, I've done a whole bunch of thangs in my day to put food on the Wild Bill table..

Ya know, bloggin is kinda like talkin on a CB Radio.. In fact, its a LOT like CB talkin.. I guess thats why I took my old CB Handle and applied it to my blog.. My old CB Handle was/is Cathouse Mouse, and I morphed it to Cathousesays for my blog addy..

After I got off the road and quit the truckin, I set up a CB Base Station in my office at home and talked on it a lot for a few years.. I'm thankin bout settin it back up here and broadcastin again.. I'll have to get my "kicker box" out and see if it still works.. My old CB was wore out tho so I'll have to get a new one of those and take it and have it tweaked and mated with my kicker box.. Hopefully I can get all that done by next winter, in case we have another ice storm like we did a few years ago.. Back then I lost phone and power for almost a week..

I'll catch ya'll on the bouncearound, bloggin buddies !!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sometimes Life Sucks

I've got a buddy and neighbor that is an old retired Air Force Zoomie.. His wife past-on about 3 months ago and he has really been havin a hard time dealin with it..

When she died he had a bad case of the flu and was sick for WEEKS afterwards, and took forever to start gettin his strength back and really feelin like doin somethin..

I picked at him to get back to keepin hisself busy so he wouldnt be thankin bout her all the time and drivin hisself crazy.. I finally pestered him enuff that he went to his farm and plowed his garden up and even planted a few rows of greens and peas..

Bout the time he got to feelin good and actually enjoy goin to the garden and workin, he had a faintin spell and bruised some ribs.. It scared him bad enuff that he started to come by and have me ride with him when he was gonna go somewhere and some company for the ride wouldnt be such a bad thang..

3 weeks ago, I rode with him to a garden center a ways away and he got some tamater, onion, and pepper plants to go in the garden.. That nite, his kids in Oklahoma called and wanted him to come up to see his grandkid that was gonna have a kidney operation.. He went up there and the kid didnt have to have the operation after all, but when he was at the hospital he got another damn flu bug.. After a week and half with the flu AGAIN, he is feelin a little bit better and thanks a little fresh air might make him feel better now.. He stopped by and dropped off his garden hoe that he had broken the handle out of the last time he worked his garden.. He dont have a shop and I do so I offered to fix the hoehandle for him and I did today..

Its been almost a month since he has worked his garden tho and we have had some hot, wet weather to bring out the grass and weeds, so this next week we are gonna go to his farm and crank the old tractor and re-break it and chop some weeds out and pull some grass, and drank a few coldbeers.. Come to thank of it, the fresh air is probably gonna be good for BOTH of us !!

Yeah, sometimes life sucks, but if ya hang in there it will get better..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Can Hardly Wait

I'm a PERV, of the FIRST ORDER !! And its my TIME OF YEAR again, almost.. I may be pushin 50 years old but if ya wanna see me with a twinkle in my eye and short of breath, then let me see a perty girl in a set of short short Daisy Duke cut-offs, and you will get your wish..

The warmer weather (we have already had 100 + temps) has brought out the skimpy outfits.. Daisy Dukes are back in style too, I guess, cause I sure have been seein a lot of em lately.. There is a carlot across the street from me and the gals have been shoppin for their graduation presents, and the Mamas have been shoppin for a new car too.. I guess the "GIG" is up now.. I blabbed the reason I sit on my front so much !! That aint the only reason tho, but that should be enuff for anybody..

Thongs are goin out of style now and it is causin me much dismay and grief, just as it did when Daisy Dukes fell out of style years ago.. I have at least gotten to enjoy many hours of admiration of the female deriere in the last few years.. I have a collection saved in my files of the "Best of the Best" of em too..

Like many others I have heard of, the bare butt dont hold the fascination of a nice ass in a thong or Dukes.. Thongs dont give much coverage, but even just that strand supplies enuff variant to it to provide the intrigue to peak interest for me..

When the workout craze took hold and Danskin became popular, no wait.. I thank it would be best if I just kept that info to myself !! Hell, now I gotta go take a cold shower after just thankin bout it !! SEE WHAT YA'LL DID.....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Walter's Birthday

Joe Citizen is havin a birthday today !! He is in my blogroll, so go over and give 'em some shit !! He's 40somethin today, so you KNOW he is really feelin the pinch.. Tell him that Wild Bill said to call him and "OLD FART"!!
As if I really needed an excuse to hoist a pint or ten, I'm slammin em down fast, in his honor, of course !! It's really nice to be able to celebrate a birthday.. Specially when it aint your own !! Happy Birthday H. ......