Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Battle Scars

Went to Childrens Hospital in Dallas today.. It was like a fuggin WAR ZONE !! I-35 and Loop 635 looked like IED's had been placed every few miles.. The folks over there were drivin like they were completely gotdam crazy.. They werent just havin wrecks, they were havin PILE-UPS!! And LOTS of em..
Children's was a mass of construction too.. I caint IMAGINE a hospital system in the WORLD, bein any bigger than that place is.. AND GETTIN BIGGER BY THE DAY !! Total confusion had everybodies attitudes in FULL BLOOM too..
The freaks and the wierdos were wall-to-wall !! I dont thank I have ever seen such a collection of oddballs in one place in all my life..

The Kid had her kidneys tested today and we got a good report, for a change, on that.. Evidently, her tumors aint the severe kind, and we can breathe a little easier about that.. We also dont have to go back for tests on them till NEXT YEAR !! YIPPEE !! If we could only get the same results on her heart, liver, and brain.. The Kid is fightin hard to hang in there and seems to be gettin healthier by-the-day.. I've managed to put a little weight on her skinny little ass and she stays hungry when POP cooks.. Of coarse, me and the Mrs. are puttin on the pounds just as much as the Kid is, but we dont need it.. Sacrifices !!

I suffered and wore pants with a belt today and my gall bladder is revoltin on me now.. I usually wear my bib overalls and dont have that cinch around my waist which helps to keep the pressure off my gall bladder.. Sounds like a good time to run a hot bath and let Calgon take me away tonite.. Gonna take a ceegar and a coupla coldbeers in there and just let the hot water take me away from the tension I got built up in my neck and back from today's trip.. I just dont understand how some folks can stand to go thru that rat-race day after gotdam day !! I need money, but I damn sure dont need it that damn bad.. I decided that back in the 70's when I moved over there and worked for a year, and it was a helluva lot better place to be then than it is now.. If it wadnt for the Childrens Hospital and the Kid havin to go there, I wouldnt piss on Dallas if it was on fire !!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

White Litnin

Remembering Tennessee's Moonshine


KNOXVILLE, TN -- When WBIR first began broadcasting, 50 years ago, moonshining was still big business in East Tennessee.

There was an ongoing battle between the moonshiners and lawmen whose mission it was to destroy thos illegal stills.

Time after time, local and federal officials raided the moonshine stills, charging the operators with a violation of internal revenue laws. Thus, the federal agents were called "revenuers."

Thee moonshiners, for the most part came from a long line of whiskey-makers, employing a craft they had learned as children.

In a 1986 interview, former ATF agent, the late Red Beeler described them as, "backwoods people, country people. People who had no other way of making a living except to make moonshine liquor and put it on the market. "Most of them are rather ordinary people. They're usually born within the county where they're operating."

Beeler was a legendary revenuer who worked in East Tennessee for years. He was interviewed in 1986 by Bill Landry for the "Heartland Series." Beeler said that during his career he made thousands of arrests at thousands of stills and he destroyed as many as 50 stills in one day.

"Most of the time we used dynamite," Beeler remembered. "Occasionally we'd run out of dynamite and have no way of getting any and we'd take an axe in and chop holes and stuff in 'em."

The transporters, those daredevil drivers who delivered the illicit merchandise, created a mystique in the history of moonshining. Driving souped up cars, they often eluded law enforcement.

"(They could)hit a ditch line, ride it for thirty or forty yards, come out of that ditch and go right on down the road," said Beeler of the drivers.

Those daring drivers were immortalized in the song "Thunder Road," with lyrics which had the drivers coming from Kentucky through Knoxville. But Beller said that's not quite right.

"Thunder Road was supposedly have been from Middlesboro to Knoxville, but the real Thunder Road was from Cosby to Middlesboro."

Aside from making whiskey, many moonshiners were apparently upstanding citizens. At least that's the opinion of red beeler, who remembers one in particular who went to prison three times, but put two of his children through college.

"One of them told the judge he couldn't promise he wouldn't make liquor because if his family got hungry, he'd make liquor before he would steal. People of that type you had respect for. At least I did."

When retail liquor laws were relaxed in the 1960s and 70s, demand for moonshine drastically declined, marking the end of this fascinating era in our area's history.

Our area has its own brand of Corn Liquor too.. There is Blanton Creek and there is Cuthand Creek and River Rat Shine.. Thats the kinds that I have tried anyway.. I imagine there are more, but thats the ones I can attest to of their quality.. Cuthand Creek shine is the best of the lot, as far as I'm concerned !! It had a fresh and clean taste and very little after-taste..
Blanton Creek shine was the second best, but it had a taste kinda like Lone Star beer, which tastes like unfiltered well water, if ya ever had any of that..
River Rat shine was way down the list of my favorite drankin whiskey.. It had a greasey taste to it and the jar had a film on it you could see..
The factor in these shine's taste and quality usually came from the water used in em, but some of the makers used some nasty equipment to make it in and some weird shit in the ingredients..
There are still a few folks that keep a still cookin around here to this day.. Most take orders and already have their batch sold before ever lightin a burner..
I used to have a charcoal keg that I would put up a case of shine in each year and let it sit for a while till it got to where I couldnt stand to wait any longer or somebody would visit that I thought "just had to have a snort" !!
Who Knows?? Maybe I can start to "supplement" my meager income a little !! snicker snicker
Yeah.. I know.. That would work about as well as me runnin a cathouse !! I'd eat up all the profit !!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

City Of Angels

I pulled out an old FAV the other day.. Its the CD of City of Angels.. It put a spark in the Mrs. to go get the movie !! The reason ?? The song by Paula Cole.. Do I even have to tell ya ?? YEAH BABY !! "Feelin Love" !! Thats the one .. OOOOOOOOOOH MY !! The Mrs. said she had never considered Meg Ryan to be anythang close to bein called "THEKTHY" !! Obviously, me and the Mrs. have a stark difference of opinion .. The bathtub scene with Meg, and the song by Paula Cole in the background, doesnt do justice to the flick.. Altho, bein mostly a chick-flick, there are a few parts of the movie that can justify a feller sufferin thru it.. If It makes your honey's honey sweet, then, sweet-on-ya !! I like it when that happens !!
There are a few more tunes that will DRIVE me too.. Makes me thank of Joe Cocker.. Yeah, that one too.. "You Can Leave Your Hat on" .. ZZ Top has one or two, and Lynyrd has one, and Eric Clapton is "Ridin With The King" ya know..

The VA sent me to see a new DOC today.. After the third try they got my blood pressure down to 194/102.. If ya'll aint noticed yet, I have a tendency to get a little excited/radical every now and then.. Today just seems to be one of those days.. Thus, I'm turnin to a little music to sooth my senses.. Right now wouldnt be a good time for a Cop to stop me and tell me that I didnt give a turn signal at the last intersection.. I got NEWZ for Rodney King.. I was gettin my ass whooped by Cops a long time before he ever had his FIRST coldbeer !! I'll take a Tazer any day over a 5-cell flashlight or a lead "slapper" !!

Well its bout time I go start a new battle at RT's or over at Sondar K's.. I have some frustrations that need to be released.. My wrath has no bounds.. The HALTER is off folks.. Come witness.. Say a prayer for the weak and the timid..

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ever Had A Day Like That ??

Ever opened the mail, turned on the news, looked at the puter, and thought, WHAT KIND OF WORLD HAVE I BROUGHT KIDS IN TO ??

I'm havin one of those kinda days, today.. But I remember back to my days as a kid and think of the times we had "duck and cover" drills at school.. Of coarse here in Texas, we were already well familiar with the cellar under the back room, and had been ushered into it many times when the storms had got so loud that you couldnt have heard a tornado if it had been comin at us.. Come to think of it, I've been IN 2 tornadoes in my life, and within 2 blocks of 2 more.. We didnt have child-safety-seats almost 50 years ago and we still had all kinds of nasty diseases goin round that are lone gone now..
But why is it that the only time we have constant reports of gloom, despair, and imminent doom, is when a Republican is in the Whitehouse ??

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Time For A Poll

Who would you say is the "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH" ??

It's KIWWIN Me !!

Maple and brown sugar ham, candied sweet taters in the oven... The aroma is intoxicatin !! Only thang missin is my little fat Mama in the kitchen doin the cookin.. I thank if I'da made fresh bread too, I just wouldnta been able to stand it..

What a glorious day that I am able to enjoy this, because my dear Savior gave the ultimate sacrifice so that I may live.. May I be able to one day be in His presence to show my gratitude..

Glory be to Him, for in Him all things are possible.. He is risen..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Breakfast Of Feed-Up Rednecks

A coupla coldbeers and ceegar !!

Well, actually I did have a cuppa coffee to start with, as I listened to the cockpit recordin of Flight 93 and the description of the events as it played out.. I get this urge to have a drank when I cry, so that explains the breakfast, after the coffee.. Yaeh, I know its a sign of alkyhawlism.. Most times I can just blow it off, but this mornin I couldnt..

You see, my mind just dont work like most folks does.. HUSH !! No comments from the Peanut Section !! You see, I look at what happened on Flight 93 and I co-relate it to what is happenin in THIS WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY TODAY !! Here is what I'm talkin bout, OK ?? Out of the 4 planes on 9-11, 1, ONE gotdam plane had folks with enuff gumption and resolve and shear guts to keep it from reachin its intended target.. I kinda relate that to what is happenin in Washington.. We dont have but 25 percent of our Elected Officials that have enuff gumption, resolve, and guts to do what has to be done to prevent the crash of this Country !! In fact, the gutless Washington Sunzabitches even AIDED in the events that led up to 9-11.. Thru their bullshit PC and ACLU regulations and Hate Speech Legislation, they have crippled our society to the point that we caint even have family quarreles anymore.. Friendly bar fights have have been relegated to gotdam nightclub shoot-outs now, cause the sunzabitches know that if you get pissed at somebody of a different color, country, religion, sexual orientation, boot size, or hair color, and have a fight, you are gonna get locked up for a VERY LONG TIME thru descimination laws, and probably gonna get sued for everythang you have.. So, you might as well just kill the MOFO while you are at it cause you are damn sure gonna want to see the sunzabitch dead before he gets thru with you in court !! The really sad fuggin part of it is, that you will probably get LESS time and grief in prison for killin the piss-ant, than if you get convicted of a Hate Crime !!

Back to the issue at hand.. Our elected officials are doin the same thang with the illegal immigrant issue as they have done with the terrorist issue .. There is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE THO.. All you have to do to see if a person is illegal or not, is to check their I.D. !! You caint look at a terrorists I.D. and tell that he is in fact a terrorist, but you can check an illegals I.D. and see that he is in fact an illegal.. At least most times !! But, due to the PC bullshit, you aint allowed to check to see if somebody is an illegal..

If you happen to be too fuggin stoopid to figger it out for yourself, here is a good description of what is happenin in Washington now with the illegal issue.. If you apply the same standards to the terrorists that they want to applyin to the illegals, then consider that the Mooselimbs now have a right to claim half ownership to the World Trade Center !!

OK, now that I have just made your fuggin day, go have that coupla coldbeers and ceegar and join me in my disgust in our elected officials !! Cheers/Puff Puff !!

While you are at it, you could have a TOAST to the folks on Flight 93 that had the balls to do what they did on that day.. And BTW.. If ya got somethin stronger, you can give a heave of the glass to that 25 percent in Washington that still are in the trenches tryin to fight their way thru the bullshit of the other 75 percent, to do what is in the best interest of this Country..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bein Sold Out - Part II

As if anyone had any doubts about my last post, here is the same notion comin from Rush Limbaugh.. He lays out a little better case for it than I did tho..

Senator Sessions on the "No Illegal Alien Left Behind" Act

April 11, 2006


RUSH: Just to once again demonstrate that I'm not off the reservation on immigration, let me tell you -- it's a very fine line here -- but I have some experts from a floor speech made by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama about the bill. This is a 500-page bill and most of the Senate has not even seen it. They've not read it all. Perhaps their staff is digging deep and reading it now, but some of stuff in here is shocking. Now, the point of this is to show you just how desperate some of these senators are in both parties to try to go out and get the votes of these illegal immigrants. So yes, it's about illegal immigration, but it's just the vehicle. The wreck that would result is irrelevant right now. Let me just read some of the excerpts from this speech describing the bill.

This is Jeff Sessions: "Let us take loophole No. 1: Absconders and some individuals with felonies or three misdemeanors are not barred from getting amnesty. An absconder is somebody who was apprehended by Border Patrol people, detained, they did not have time to take him or her out of the country, they were busy, they did not have jail space, detention space for them, so they release them on bail. That is what they do all over the country because we don't take this seriously, and they don't show up when they are supposed to be deported. Surprise. They abscond. Absconders and some individuals with felonies or three misdemeanors are not barred from getting amnesty. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, different crimes make aliens 'inadmissible,' 'deportable,' or 'ineligible' for specific benefits.

"Absconders — aliens with final orders of removal who are currently watched by ICE immigration officers — should not be eligible for amnesty. They remain eligible for this amnesty. The Kyl-Cornyn amendment that was blocked by the other side so we couldn't get a vote on it, was designed to fix this loophole. It would keep aliens with felony convictions or three misdemeanors from being eligible for the new amnesty program." But they're not because they prevented a vote on this. So absconders and some individuals with felonies or three misdemeanors are not barred from getting amnesty. You think that's by accident? It's not by accident, when you listen to Mrs. Clinton and other Democrats talk about how we need to extend the vote to convicted felons. If we're going to extend the vote to convicted felons and if illegal immigration is all about voting and getting the votes of illegal immigrants, then (raspberry) why the hell are we going to kick out legal immigrant felons?

"Loophole No. 2: Aliens specifically barred from receiving immigration benefits for life because they filed a frivolous asylum application will also be able to receive amnesty." So it's not just that they are here illegally, it is if they have committed illegal acts while here illegally they still will get amnesty in the Senate bill. Now, if you understand -- it's not because -- well, it's hard to say it's not because of X, Y, or Z, but it's primarily because this pool of people is looked at two to ten years from now as a massive voting bloc by both parties. Mostly Democrats, but some Republicans just inexplicably here, most of them in the Senate.

"Loophole No. 3: All aliens who are subject to a final order of removal — for some reason you are brought up and the court has ordered you removed from the country — who failed to leave pursuant to a voluntary departure agreement, they entered into those agreements and oftentimes people promise to leave and never leave — or who are subject to the reinstatement of a final order of removal because they illegally reentered after being ordered removed from the United States are also eligible for amnesty." So if you've been ordered to leave and you haven't left -- if you've been ordered to leave because it's been adjudged that you have violated the laws of the country -- you still get amnesty under the Senate bill. (interruption) It makes total sense, Mr. Snerdley, when you understand my whole point.

It makes total sense when you understand the objective of the people who wrote this bill, the Republicans and Democrats who wrote this bill. They don't want any of these people to ever leave, and they want these people to know that they (the ones in the Senate, the Republicans and Democrats) are the reason that they are being basically insulated from any law in this country short of murder. But there are six loopholes, these are just the first three. Sessions says after mentioning this in his floor speech, "I call on my colleagues to look at the bill. On page 353, line three, the bill clearly states that any alien with a final order of removal can apply for amnesty. This means that the aliens who have already received their day in court have had their case fully litigated, and they have been ordered removed and have failed to depart will now be rewarded for not following the law and leaving like they were ordered to do. They will qualify for this amnesty." Don't say it makes no sense. It makes perfect sense when you understand the objective of the writers of the legislation.

"Loophole No. 4: Aliens who illegally entered the country multiple times are also eligible for amnesty. Page 334, line 8 requires continuous physical presence and states that an alien must not have departed from the United States before April 5, 2006, except for brief, casual or innocent departures. Every time the alien reenters the United States illegally, they are committing a criminal offense. But this bill rewards those aliens with amnesty also.

"Loophole No. 5: This bill allows aliens who have persecuted anyone on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion get amnesty. It fails to make persecutors ineligible for amnesty.

"I would have thought that was an oversight until I noticed on page 363, line 22, that the bill makes those heinous acts bar aliens here between 2 and 5 years from amnesty but not those who have been here longer. The same bar left out for the 8.8 million who have been here for more than 5 years. This will be interpreted as an intentional decision of Congress when we pass this bill. That is not inadvertent. I don't know why they did that."

Aliens who have persecuted anyone on account of race, religion, nationality -- the point is, you try any of this in Mexico, and you're in jail. I read to you the Limbaugh Laws not long ago. It may be time to go through those again at some point if you could find that and print the file.

"Loophole No. 6: There is no continuous presence or continuous work requirement for amnesty. To be eligible to adjust from illegal to legal statutes under the bill, the alien must simply have been 'physically present in the United States on April 5, 2001,' and have been 'employed continuously in the United States' for 3 of the 5 years 'since that date.'

"Loophole No. 7: The bill tells the Department of Homeland Security to accept 'just and reasonable inferences' from day labor centers as evidence of an alien meeting the bill's work requirements."

So DHS has to accept inferences, not evidence, that an alien is actually working. "Under the bill, an alien can 'conclusively establish' that he was employed in the United States, and it can be either full time, part time, seasonally, or self-employed by presenting documents from Social Security, the Internal Revenue Service or an employer related to employment. The alien meets 'the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the alien has satisfied the requirements' if the alien can demonstrate 'such employment as a matter of just reasonable inference.' If you can just have a reasonable inference that you have worked, get a document from a day labor center, you meet the work requirements. Everybody will meet it. No illegal alien will be left behind. The bill then states: ..... it is the intent of Congress that the [work] requirement ..... be interpreted and implemented in a manner that recognizes and takes into account the difficulties encountered by aliens in obtaining evidence of employment due to the undocumented status of the alien. The invitation is there to abuse the system. The invitation for fraud is clear."

The Department of Homeland Security has to accept by inference. In other words, folks, this is blanket amnesty and there are no requirements, and there are few restrictions whatsoever.

"Loophole 8: The bill benefits only those who broke the law, not those who followed it and got work visas to come to the United States. That is a plain fact. If you were here legally on or before April 5, 2001, you will not get the benefit of this amnesty. This amnesty benefits you only if you came here illegally." Now, imagine that.

"Loophole 9: The essential worker permanent immigration program for nonagriculture low-skilled workers leaves no illegal alien out. It is not limited to people outside the United States who want to come here to work in the future but includes illegal aliens currently present in the United States who do not qualify for the amnesty program in title VI, including aliens here for less than 2 years. Under the bill language, you can qualify for this new program to work as a low-skilled permanent immigrant even if you are unlawfully present in the United States."

Now, I read you this, ladies and gentlemen, (A) because I wanted you to know what Sessions said in his floor speech, the details of the bill, so you're not confused. When I say, "It's not about illegal immigration," it, of course, is. Look at how the whole concept of our immigration process is being destroyed, wrecked. It's being rendered worthless, all for the purposes of the empowerment of this country's left, the socialists, the anti-conservatives, whoever, the Democratic Party, and this is the extent to which they are willing to go in order to try to put back together a coalition of voters, and they don't care who they are or where they've come from.

It doesn't matter to them: the poorer, the dumber, the better. They are so willing to wreck the nation's national security with their position on the war in Iraq and the war on terror. Now they're willing to wreck the immigration system with the help of some foolhardy Republicans who for some reason have this fear of alienating these people and making them mad. This is what they're willing to do in order to get their power back, hopefully again to never lose it. That's what's inspiring and motivating this, and that's the point that I have been drilling and pounding home all glorious broadcast day.


I havent had the chance to see the Voting Roster of the defeated Bill from last week, but I really dont thank that there are all that many surprises in it..
For all that thank that Tom DeLay is such a scummy, crooked bastard, well, just take a look at what the UPSTANDIN MEMBERS of Washington Politics is doin to US !!
I've seen some masses of worthless politicians in my lifetime, but I cant recall ever seein such a collection of sorry, vote panderin, sunzabitches in my life !!

The next time you hear somebody raggin on Rush, please take the time to let em know that Rush does us conservattives, and America, a great service in what he does.. He gets much gratitude and admiration from me, thats for sure.. Thanks Rush..