Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If Not America, Then What ??

Who Is Watchin The Ball

Do the U.S. Elections trump all other concerns ?? THE Debate last nite had me so frustrated this mornin that I had to turn my fuggin radio off.. Even Rush !!

All I heard today was that The Hildebeast flip-flopped on driver licenses for NEW YORKERS !! HOW BOUT THE FUCKIN BORDER, PEOPLE ??

And they say that The Hildebeast had a bad nite.. Well, I say THEY ALL had a bad nite.. There were no winners on that stage.. ALL LOSERS !!

You couldnt have melted every damn one of em and strained out enuff leadership to organise a gotdam 4-Family Garage Sale !!

And what makes those stupid sunzabitches thank that if they vote for an end to the War On Terror and all that War Money gets spent on Entitlements, that all of em in the Projects aint just gonna be put out to be slaves somewhere anyway ?? Black.. White.. No matter what color they are, they are gonna be somebody's slave..

Aint gonna be no anti-war, anti-American movies to go watch either.. All those dirtbags are gonna be in France or somewhere else..

I still just caint fathom how many of our fellow Americans need to be exterminated !! For nothin more than pure stupidity.. They are just too fuckin stupid to breathe !! Well, whats more important ?? The greatest Nation on Earth, or these bunch of leeches ??

They are truely The Enemie Within !!

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Short Break Today

Short And Sweet

I sold some parts off my wrecked truck at the farm and me and the mechanic rode out today to take the parts off.. It was gonna take him a coupla hours so I went to the barn and started a little fire and sat and waited on him and stayed out of his way..

Some small limbs had fallen durin the high winds we had last week and I gathered some of them and put em on the fire and generally had a good time.. The mechanic was makin a lot of noise tho so it wadnt all that peaceful, but I managed to block a lot of it out and enjoy it anyway..

I sure do have a lot of mowin to do when I do actually get to spend some serious time out there.. I kept it mowed pretty often this year and it has caused the bermuda grass to get thick as carpet and crowd out most of the weeds and with the rain we have had it sure has that bermuda a deep green.. Gonna be a shame to mow it all but it aint gonna be that long till a frost turns it brown anyway..

I could see where the hogs have been up around the garden again and there was some good-sized tracks in the bunch.. That one should be big enuff to cure and smoke.. May even be big enuff to get a little bacon or salt meat out of it.. Gonna have to get a little cooler for curin tho..

Looks like I have been tagged to go over and put together tables and shelves and stuff for the Mrs. tomoro so looks like tomoro is not gonna be a farm day.. Probably just go ahead and make a day of it over there and mow and rake too.. A peecan tree in her front yard has a healthy batch of poison ivy growin on it and I'll have to make damn sure I get rid of that shit before The Kid gets into it.. Dont take much of that stuff to put The Kid in the hospital..

If I happen to make short work out of her yard then I'll do a little leaf rakin behind the house here too.. That wind we had last week piled up a bunch of leaves back there.. Be a lot easier to get em out now before they get wet and heavy..

Miss Minnie Pearl has been buggin me to let her come in the house and stay with me but I'm tryin to hold off till the Mrs. gets some more of her stuff moved.. It aint easy tho when Pearl puts her chin on the board in the front of her house and gives me the "sad eyes" treatment !!

I usually wait till its starts gettin pretty cool at nite before I let her in, but she seems to thank its cool enuff already.. I just dont know how long I'm gonna be able to put it off tho if she keeps givin me the eye tricks..

Well, I fixed fried taters w/peppers and onions and turnip greens and skillet of cornbread last nite and there is enuff cornbread left in there tonite to have a big bowl of cornbread and sweet milk and its callin me to right now !!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Are We Havin Fun Yet ??


I sat down with the Mrs. and explained the best and easiest Plan Of Attack in the process of movin her shit into the her house.. I explained it from what to move in first down to what to move in last, AND WHY.. I went thru the process several times with her too..

She slept a coupla times since then and now wants to move some stuff in.. And guess what ?? YEP, she has the whole process turned around bass-ackward, and is tryin to convince me that is the way I said ..

It just dont get much more liberal than that !! That kinda shit is straight out of the Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Handbook On Liberalism..

I also thought me and Miss Minnie Pearl would get to go to the farm and have a little play time, but the Mrs. is gonna play on the puter all mornin and then drag out gettin any movin done the rest of the day and then it'll just be too late to go to the farm.. I just wonder if that wadnt her plan in the first place ?? Get everythang screwed up and then drag her heels till it was too late for me to do anythang.. But I wont have to put up with that bullshit much longer !!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Death By Gubmint

They Just Caint Get A Break

Not everybody got everythang they owned consumed in the San Diego Fire area.. Some of the responsible ones had taken advantage of the ability to clear dangerous conditions around their property and were spared the devastation of the blazes..

They managed to save their property and animals from the Envio-Nut-created threat of disaster that they were forced to live with.. Now many are livin with the threat from the PETA and Animal Protection Nuts.. They have to stand 24/7 guard over their critters to keep Animal Control from confiscatin em.. Aint that a helluva note !!

They call these responsible folks "SURVIVALISTS" ..

But WHAT did these people actually SURVIVE ??

From my point of view they survived Gubmint Control and Regulation..

Its gotten pathetic now and its gettin worse by the day.. Its just impossible to be 100 percent compliant anymore.. You dont even have to be a property owner anymore to be the target of controls and regulations.. They even have people that check your trash to see if you are in accordance.. Did you seperate paper from plastic ?? Did you seperate your organics ?? Do you use the prescribed trash bag ?? Is your type of lawn grass allowable ?? Is it the right height ??

Gubmint needs to get the hell out of our lives cause they are creatin a lot of people out here that are gettin a gut-full of their control and regulations and are gettin really pissed !!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sweet Thangs And Loose Nuts

Rainin Peecans

I'm startin to get some real pretty colors on the trees in the view from my livinroom window.. I bet there is a sweet color display from the treeline out at the farm at sunrise and sunset too..

The trees are losin a lot of leaves too and I have been havin to mulch and use the mower to blow em up into piles for burnin.. The wind has really been kickin up too and its been quite a bit cooler.. Cool enuff to have kept the wood stove burnin all day and nite..

And the peecans have been fallin pretty heavy and we have collected a good batch of em and I have been crackin and pickin em out and gettin ready to have some brownies and fudge soon.. Might just mix up a batch of bannana nut bread too.. It goes good with mornin coffee..

I've been on the verge of comin down with an ear infection and been stayin inside mostly and pamperin my ear and its now on the way out and soon I should be over it.. I really dont wanna get somethin thats gonna delay my gettin my gall bladder out next week.. I dont know if an ear infection would cause em to cancel it but I dont wanna take any chances.. I'm ready to get the thang out now..

Damn, aint the news been somethin lately.. The liberals have had their grubby little hands all over everythang and everythang they have touched is turnin to shit !!

Their Foreign Relations Dept. now have the Turks attackin the Iraqi border..

Their Enviro Wing now have caused the destruction of a huge portion of southern California..

They have yet again wasted more valuable time in Congress tryin to get amnesty passed..

Pork projects have been piled into everythang that moves in D.C. ..


Its been enuff to make we not wanna look at the news lately..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bustin Loose

Negative Waves

Remember the old Clint Eastwood & Co. movie called "Kelly's Heroes" where Donald Sutherland talks bout negative waves ?? Thats what I've been livin with for 7 years now and the female Don Rickles found her a house and paid the rent on it and is gonna be movin out come the first of the month..

Its not but a few blocks away so we will still be spendin a lot of time together but now I wont have that negative attitude to deal with first thang every mornin..

Runnin this house on one income is gonna be a lot different tho and I'm gonna have to wait and see if I can still swang my internet connection and if not I'll have to rely on friends or go to the library to get connected.. That means that postin may be unreliable for a while..

If the weather permits I plan on spendin a bunch of time at the farm tryin to get my trailer house out there livable, so that is another reason postin may be sporadic..

Its been cool, rainy, and windy here the last coupla days and I have the wood stove lit and puttin out some wonderful muscle-loosenin heat.. Nothin works on an old beat-up sore body better than a wood stove's heat.. Really has come in handy too since somethin(probably one of the Mrs.' cats) crawled up under the house and died.. Havin to leave doors and windows open to be able to stand the smell.. But them fuggin cats are gonna have a new home too when she gets moved !!

So, I'm gonna be FREE, WHITE, and OVER 21 here in a coupla weeks and after that I'll just have to wait and see..

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Halter Comes Off

Wild Bill Unplugged

Lotsa changes gonna be happenin here at Redneck Central in the next few weeks and I aint sure what the outcome is gonna be..

I dont know the full scope of how its gonna affect the blog yet and will just have to wait and see.. Its not gonna be a complete shutdown but I do believe its gonna be a lot less frequent..

The details will just have to wait but I will say that whats comin is somethin I have been workin on for over 2 years.. PERSISTANCE pays off !! Always remember that..

I'm busy havin a coldbeer to celebrate right now, so just trust me and tip one back for ol Wild Bill too and whoever it is that said all them prayers me, well, you now own a large part of my heart !!

The Good Lord works in mysterious ways..

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Time Of Year

Nip And Tuck

NIP in the air and TUCK in the covers !!

It was a chilly 48 degrees here this mornin and Deer Season starts 2 weeks from tomoro mornin.. You can almost feel the Redneck tension in the air in East Texas.. Its almost like the male deer's rutt and the male Redneck's rutt starts about the same time..

With the cool temps even the coffee out of the old Mr. Coffee tasted special this mornin..

I've got a trailer-load of stuff to take to the farm today and then I plan on goin to get a load of firewood if its dry enuff at the woodyard to get in..

I have some carpet and chairs and cookin pots and pans to take to the farm and I need to bring my big fresh water can in and fill it with drankin and cookin water and take it and another can of gas out there..

It aint gonna take a whole lot of prep to be ready to set up camp but I am gonna be busy for a coupla days.. The weather is gonna be perfect for the next 3 days.. 50 at nite and 80 durin the day and plenty of sunshine.. Its just gonna be hard to get motivated to do somethin besides sit around the fire and cook and eat and just enjoy the surroundins.. But I caint stand to sit still for long at a time tho.. Usually just long enuff to recharge the batteries on my scooter a little and then I'm off at it again..

Yeah, I've still got a few chores to do here at the house, but Deer Camp is a PRIORITY !!

Just a little Deer Season History.. A coupla friends of mine used to have a club just up the road from the farm and on Deer Season Eve they would have a Deer Hunter's Ball..

Imagine a crowd composed of guys with beards, in cammo, and smellin like campfire and a buncha gals dressed to the 9's and perfect makeup and hair..

The parkin lot has all these Lexus and Vettes and Caddies surrounded by pickups full of guns and the back of em has the hog huntin dogs and deer corn and passed-out lightweights and pickups pullin stock trailers with their horses still in em.. Before the night is over, one of them stupid drunk Rednecks is gonna unload his horse and ride it thru the club !!

Fights ?? DAMN RIGHT !! But its usually those Little Miss Prim and Propers that get down and dirty.. You dont thank those GUYS are gonna risk sittin in jail on the openin mornin of Deer Season, do you ??

Opera ?? Plays ?? Concerts ?? FUGGEM !! You caint beat good ol Redneck Entertainment..

UPDATE: I thought I had posted this before I left today but it appears that I didnt.. I underestimated how much work it was gonna take to get the camp ready.. The cool weather and the rain has me plenty of mowin to do now and the tamaters have decided to produce some more and need weedin too..

I did get the stuff dropped off at the farm and then got a load of firewood..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

THUG Attacks Grandmother !

Contra Costa Times

Recruiting facility at center of storm
By Kristin Bender

Article Launched: 10/18/2007 03:06:31 AM PDT

BERKELEY -- Flag-waving demonstrators far outnumbered a group of peace advocates who were protesting a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center in downtown on Wednesday.
But groups on both sides of Shattuck Avenue slowed traffic and jammed sidewalks as they shouted back and forth at each other.

Police kept the two competing groups across the street from each other; there were no arrests.

One protester who was burning something was cited by police after he was warned by officers not to burn anything in public, said police spokeswoman Sgt. Mary Kusmiss.

Protests in Berkeley are nothing new.

A protest of a protest is unique -- even in Berkeley.

On one side of the street was CodePINK, Grandmothers Against the War, Berkeley East Bay Gray Panthers, Women in Black and other peace groups holding "no war" signs and chanting "out of Iraq."

On the other were military veterans, mothers and fathers of soldiers, members of the UC Berkeley College Republicans and Melanie Morgan, whose conservative talk show airs on KSFO. They waved American flags and chanted "USA, USA, USA."

But at times it was difficult to hear what either group was saying because each was trying to drown out the other as men on Harley Davidsons and frustrated motorists gunned their engines on the street between the groups.

"This is 2007, and we support our troops. We are not going to let CodePINK disgrace our military heroes," yelled Deborah Johns, a Granite Bay woman whose 23-year-old son is preparing to head to Iraq for his fourth tour of duty. "My son is a hero, and so are all the others who served this country."

One of the peace advocates, Sheila Goldmacher, a Berkeley woman with Grandmothers Against the War, said she was pushed and shoved by the flag-wavers. "They have a right to be here -- they do not have the right to be thugs," she said.

The military recruiting center at 64 Shattuck Square, just south of University Avenue, opened its doors in December after moving from an Alameda building that was slated to be razed.

But objections did not begin until last month when CodePINK, an anti-war group, began protesting the center.

"Our message is very clear. We are peaceful people. We don't want to send our sons and daughters into this war. I think the sentiment of Berkeley is on this side of the street," said CodePINK co-founder Medea Benjamin.

Statistics show that Berkeley is sending fewer sons and daughters into the military. In fiscal year 2001, which ended three weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, 22 Berkeley residents joined the armed forces, according to Department of Defense enlistment data. By 2006, with the Iraq war in full swing, just 15 signed on, nearly one-third less.

Berkeley's drop mimics a California-wide trend. The Golden State in 2001 was the nation's largest source of new enlistees, with 23,503 residents joining the military in 2001. But in 2006, 2,400 fewer residents heeded the call, and today California ranks second behind Texas in recruitment.

The recruiting office, which has been defaced with graffiti in recent weeks, was closed during the protest Wednesday, and a representative was not on site to comment.

However, in a recently published editorial in the Berkeley Daily Planet newspaper, Capt. Richard Lund, the Marine Corps' officer selection officer for the northern Bay Area, said he chose the Berkeley site because "of its proximity to UC Berkeley and to the BART station."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You Never Know

Life's "Cards"

I've got a body repair shop right across the street from me and I noticed that they are in the final stages of gettin a '55 Chevy 2-door restored from the ground up..

So yesterday I went over to check it out never imaginin how much it was gonna depress me.. You see, the guy that owns it had bought it a few years ago before he retired and planned to have the car restored and completed bout the time he finally did retire and then tour around in the car for a while..

Aint gonna happen !! The car is almost finished now and the guy did his last week at work and a week later found out he had advanced cancer and is never gonna get to do that tour and now even rarely feels up to comin to check on how the car is comin along..

The guy sold the car and the new owner came by a coupla days ago to see it.. Bought it sight-unseen for $75K .. He bought somebody elses dream for $75K !!

Wadnt it Fleetwood Mac that had the song that said "do you have any dreams you'd like to sell" ??

Me ?? Dreams ?? Nah.. Not the tangable kind that can be bought and sold anyway.. I do have some real sweet WISHES tho.. The spiritual kind, like Peace, Love, Solitude, and Contentment..

Congress Is A Cancer

The Congressional 'Peter' Principle

Honor sacrificed by others upon the Altar of Political Ambition

By Steve Schippert

This picture of an index card placed at the Vietnam Memorial is worth well more than a thousand words. It is exemplary of the character of a Marine who, rather than face vociferous Congressional opposition based on political objectives grounded in little more than a domestic public relations war, was asked to and chose to spare the nation such anguish and retire before he was otherwise inclined to do so. General Peter Pace has years of capable and needed service left in him. They have, for unconscionable reasons, been sacrificed by others upon the altar of political ambition.

His leadership, for over forty years guided by his “moral compass,” has always has been embraced by those who followed him. And so, upon his reluctant retirement, feeling he still had service owed to those he commanded and lost in Vietnam, he presented his stars to Lance Corporal Guido Farinaro where the fallen Marine is honored at the Vietnam Memorial.

In the picture, above the stars pinned to a simple 3×5 index card placed among other notes at the foot of the Vietnam Memorial, were the humble words, “These are yours - not mine!” He did the same for each of the six other Marines who, after Lcpl. Farinaro, also paid the ultimate price under 2nd Lt. Pace’s young command. Such selflessness had guided General Pace’s entire career, one which he personally dedicated to honoring the seven Marines who followed his orders in combat and died in service to their country.

In a September address to enlisted military personnel ahead of his retirement as a Marine and as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Pace described what drove him daily in his active duty service after Vietnam and the loss of seven Marines under his command.

He explained, “There was never a doubt in my mind what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life when I came out of Vietnam without even a scratch. And that was to try as best I could to serve this nation on active duty in a way that would pay proper respect to those Marines who followed me as their platoon leader and gave their lives for their country. Enlisted Marines who taught me what love on the battlefield was about. When I came home, I tried to give those in my charge what I could no longer give to those who had lost their lives.”

Lance Corporal Farinaro was the first Marine killed under then 2nd Lieutenant Peter Pace’s command in Vietnam. An Italian immigrant from New York, Guido Farinaro joined the Marine Corps because he felt compelled to repay his adopted nation through service to it. With his sacrifice on the battlefield, it is this nation which in turn will forever owe him.

No one tried harder or did more to attempt to repay that eternal debt than Peter Pace, United States Marine. Such is the honor and character of a good man. Such is the honor sacrificed by others upon the altar of political ambition.

2nd Lieutenant Peter Pace. Captain Peter Pace. General Peter Pace. Mr. Peter Pace. Each exudes leadership by example.

Yet a majority in Congress telegraphed their intent to oppose his renomination as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and create a national spectacle for the self-serving political purposes of staging public opposition to the President of the United States. And as displayed by many in that elected body, leadership by example is a sword that cuts both ways. The Congressional ‘Peter’ Principle was on clear display.

And with that came the end of the exemplary service of a good man and outstanding Marine. He now must - and will - find another avenue to serve and honor those fallen Marines whom he led.

Yet there is nary a Congressional leader who does not famously proclaim “I support the troops.” But the often hollow nature of these words has the effect of reducing such phases to little more than bumper sticker slogans. For they are immediately trumpeted following a sitting Senator who compares those in the United States Military as running abusive and torturous “gulags” and their actions no different from the genocidal “Pol Pot.”

“I support the troops” immediately trailed a Congressman’s hasty and false accusations of Marines as murderers based on the unscrupulous and uncorroborated accounts of those who supported the enemy on the battlefield. “Supporting the troops” remains the official position of a sitting Senator who falsely testified before the Congress he now serves within that his fellow servicemen in Vietnam had “cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.”

These are the words from among those who warned that General Pace’s re-nomination confirmation process would be a difficult spectacle of political opposition. They are from the same Congressional leaders who unanimously confirmed General David Petraeus as a capable commander for the Iraq theater only to later accuse him of lying to them when he reported undeniable progress on the ground there.

Is it any wonder then that so many active duty and veteran military members cry out, “Please, spare us the indignity of such support.”

Character matters. It is, unfortunately, a trait lost on so many who cannot seem to wrap their minds around the concept of service before self. Peter Pace wrapped his entire adult life around it, exemplified by a simple 3×5 index card and a hand scribbled note.

For General Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), his four stars rightly belong to Lance Corporal Guido Farinaro. But the empty collars those stars once adorned surely belong to Congress. And worse off are we all for it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gonna Need A Nap

Smells Like Mama's Kitchen

I smoked a beef Rump Roast this mornin and cut it up and have had a pot of stew cookin on low since bout noon.. Damn stuff is bout to starve us to death !!

Its got a big jar of roasted onion and garlic, corn, Rotel Tamaters, diced tamaters, taters and celery, broccoli and cauliflower, and a bunch of seasonins, includin some Tony's..

It was rainy, gray, and gloomy here yesterday and we were scratchin for covers durin the cool nite last nite and a pot of stick-to-your-ribs stew seemed like the best medicine a person could ask for today..

Just about another hour and it will be time to dish up a big bowl to cool.. Ought to be just about enuff time to stir up a skillet of cornbread..

If I just had a campfire to sit around while I ate it I dont thank I could ask for anythang better..

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trick Or Treay MY ASS

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click image for larger pic

I HATE Shoppin !!

That creates a buncha problems for me too.. It shouldnt, but it does.. The Mrs. goes shoppin bout every day or two and goes just about every where, but I just caint depend on her to get what I want or need..

I need somethin and call around and find what I need and how much it is and make sure they have it on the shelf, and in a matter of an hour or two, after I count out the money and give it to the Mrs. and make sure she knows what I want, when the Mrs. gets there they dont have it..

I always make sure I tell her that if they dont have ZACTLY what I want, DONT GET ANYTHANG ELSE !! I got tired of her comin home with shit that wadnt what I wanted and wouldnt work and was inferior quality and she got it cause SHE decided it was just as good, BUT CHEAPER !! But I still didnt get the change back from it bein cheaper..

So I send her to the store with the money and then they dont have it and she comes home without it and I dont get my money back.. Or, I send her to the store with the money for somethin and she comes home with it but needs whatever it was for herself and keeps and uses it herself and I'm still out of what I need AND the money..

The one that just really pisses me off tho, is when she says she is goin to get somethin and I give her the money and ask her to get me a couple of em too and then she comes home with just 2 of em and she gives me ONE of em and she keeps ONE of em and then we are both out of it the first day, or when she wants us to SHARE(split) the cost of somethin and I dont have the zact change for it and only have a Bill small enuff to cover the whole cost and dont get any change back for it, and in essence, I pay the WHOLE cost for what was supposed to be a SHARED expense..

Do you have a liberal in your house too, that thanks they know better what to do with YOUR money ??

And aint what I just desribed above, more-or-less, what The Hildebeast, Obama, Edwards, and the rest of the (D)s are plannin on and are ALREADY doin with OUR tax money ??

But its gettin close to Halloween and if the Mrs. hits me up for money to go buy candy for the neighborhood trick-or-treat kids and never makes it back home with any of it cause she gave it all away to the rich kids and adults around town, I promise, they'll never find the body !!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007



Since I went on my Cigarette Strike the other day I have been smokin my pipe a lot more and enjoyin my smoke more.. But I have cheated and bought a few packs of Salem to have along the way and help keep the nicotine rage under control before I wound up in jail.. Them damn Salems are bout $6.50 a pack so you can bet your ass I aint bought many of em !!

The Freebie Queen(the Mrs.) ordered me some free pouches of pipe tobacco off a site she found and it is pretty good stuff.. When I smoke one of em it smells like cookies bakin and the Mrs. keeps comin in to see what I'm cookin.. Another smells like fresh tanned leather.. One of em is Irish Creme and goes real good with my mornin coffee.. I got some ceegars too but they are all old and stale and taste like dog shit smells.. There just aint any place here in town to get a good fresh ceegar.. Oh well, the pipe tobacco makes up for it..

Did I really just say "oh well" ??

As you can tell I've mellowed a little, OK a LOT, since last week.. I guess that means I'm over the hump of the initial little or no cigarette ordeal..

I did take RT up on his invitation and went over to Redneck's Revenge and took several bites out of his scam artist troll's ass and got him frothin at the mouth and ravin like a lunatic tho.. I was gettin kinda rusty and the needed the practice in dealin with those mouth-breathers and their bullshit..

I almost had the little tick-turd goin off the deep end yesterday and havent checked today yet, so there may still be hope for me that I can get him to completely lose it and start throwin shit and have a total melt down..

He has just about run out of ammunition and is down to usin the word "cocksucker" over and over now, so he is close to the verge of bein all spent out and will start lookin for a hole to crawl into.. Hell, I'm still loaded for bear and rested and refreshed and got plenty in reserve to pile on him..

Besides, its drawin a lot of undesired attention to his little CON GAME and the more he mouthes, the more money he will lose.. OUCH !!

Blowin Anda Goin

Mt. Schnoz

The cool front I was talkin bout passed thru sometime in the last 24 to 36 hours and we woke to a perfect type fall mornin today, cept for one thang.. That cool air that has moved in is carryin somethin in it that my allergies just dont like..

I've got a full-blown allergy attack in progress with the itchy, watery eyes, tickley constant cough, and Mt, Schnoz has erupted in full flow !! Its bout the same thang as that virus I had a coupla weeks ago cept with these allergies I dont feel like I'm comin off a week-long drunk and got the shit beat outta me too..

Yeah, I've got some of Modern Medicine's best here to take but I wanted to get a post done before I took it cause sometimes it more-or-less incapacitates me.. Under certain conditions this allergy med hits me like you've seem some of those people that forget and take a double-dose of their Zanax or anxiety meds.. I do good to function well enuff to get up outta bed and get a drink and make a bathroom visit and make it back to the bed before I'm out of it again..

Anyway, now to the post I wanna try to get done..

I was listenin to my mornin Talk Radio, again, and Glenn Beck was goin on bout somethin that was bout a thousand miles away in my allergy adled mind, when I heard him say "and you are in your bunker, and they come to take your guns away".. For me, sometimes it dont take much like that and my lil'o pea brain goes off like a Richter Scale with a 8.4 right under it..

You know, a coupla years ago a comment like that would have maybe got a chuckle and a snicker out of me with a comment of somethin like "yeah, right, Let em try." .. But it just aint as damn funny now as it was then..

In these last coupla years or so we have seen em bring stuff up, like the Global Arms Control at the U.N., and the Assault Weapons Ban in Congress, and now talk of a gun ban for Vets, and the thought of me bein in a bunker and they are comin to take my guns away aint such a far-fetched idea..

I remember that around the first of the year G.W. had some kinda legislation passed concernin Martial Law and the pants-wettin leftists went snake-shit and started wrangin their hands, and I know G.W. aint the smartest man in the world but I know he plans on movin back to the Dallas area after he gets done in D.C. , but I know that even a booger-eatin-mohron would have better sense than try to take folks guns away and then try to move to Texas !! Shit, he wouldnt even be safe in the middle of Ft. Hood, which last I heard was the largest U.S. Military Installation in the world..

Nope, I thank the threat of me bein in my bunker and they are comin to take my guns away would be more likely to happen after The Hildebeast gets elected(bite my tongue) and Slick gets voted in as head of the U.N. !!

UH HUH, I hear you say "NAH, never happen".. If you can still find it, go back to Face The Nation Sunday-before-last and read the transcript of his conversation and see if it dont sound to you like he is already campaignin for the job of U.N. Head too..

Meanwhile, I'm gonna try and get my allergies under control enuff to go to the farm and see what I'm gonna have to do to get my bunker started !! I'm fixin to put this place here in town on the Real Estate market, again, and if it dont sell real quick then I'm also gonna start a bunker here at the house too ..


Monday, October 08, 2007

An A-Rab What ?

The Lone Ranger

My mind is stuck on this posse and vigilante thang today, so here is some more to thank about..

I mentioned the Vet that took down the Mescan flag in the last post and there was more I wanted to say bout it but decided to put it in a seperate post..

While many jumped and cheered over what he did, I hung my head in shame.. SHAME, that this Vet was alone.. Where the hell was his Band of Brothers ??

That street should have been lined with cars full of people with torches and pitchforks, and not just Vets either.. There should have been crowds raisin hell tellin those Mesans that this is OUR country !!

But because there was ONE VET that took action, he is now under threat of Legal and Criminal action against him.. Do you thank that Mescan bar owner would be talkin shit like that if he had seen a fuggin posse or vigilante committee behind the Vet when he took down the Mescan flag ?? I DONT !!

Maybe this Lone Ranger tactic was what the Vet had planned.. I DONT advise it tho..

I could get on the phone and make a few calls and within an hour I could put together a militia that would even put Poncho Villa in full retreat, and I'm sure this Vet could do the same..

That Mescan bar more-or-less declared war on America, and they had ONE VET, with a KNIFE, show up.. THAT makes me ashamed and sick to my fuckin stomach !!

There was a bunch of WETBACK SQUATTERS moved in outside town here a few years ago.. A Little Juarez Shantyville complete with Mescan flag.. They would always gather and come into town in an old school bus and just take over the grocery store or whenever they went.. Didnt last long tho.. Seems they had a big fire at their shanty town and everythang burned down while the Fire Dept. watched..

There is a little twist to this story that you may not be expectin too.. Wadnt a bunch of White Racist Rednecks that started the fire.. NOPE.. It was the Legals that wadnt gonna have the wetbacks destroy what they and their families had worked for years to establish in this community.. Imagine that.. A buncha Redneck Brown Americans.. Some of em and their Moms and Dads and sisters and brothers are friends of mine.. Yeah, imagine that too !!

Now, if America could just get her a buncha A-Rab Rednecks..

Lookin For A ROAR !!

Guns Guns Guns And More Guns

I've been doin my usual this mornin and listenin to my Talk Radio programs.. The first comes at 5 AM and is a local Dallas production and lasts till 9 AM when National Talk Host Glenn Beck comes on.. Same station..

5 and 1/2 hours of Talk programs this mornin and they have repeatedly brought up guns, posse, and vigilante.. Beck even had The Nuge(Ted Nugent) on live speakin from a deer camp near Albany, Texas.. The Nuge definitely knows where to hunt !! I've hunted that area and the area round Ft. Griffin too and the huntin is great..

And the Vet that cut down the Mescan flag that was flyin above an American Flag at a Mescan bar got air time too..

People are talkin bout posse and vigilante now.. The BIG DOGS are talkin bout it .. And they aint talkin bout it like its a BAD THANG.. I aint the only one talkin bout it now and the ball seems to be rollin..

Those Big Dogs do research and the smart ones have a good feel of what is on people's minds before they jump on the air waves and support and promote shit like that !! They dont stick their necks out and put HIGH DOLLAR contracts and their and their family's future on the line if they dont already know whats gonna fly and what aint..

If the Big Dogs are on the bandwagon on it, then that tells me their polls and research told them that people are pissed !! People are pissed and they want somethin done, or they'll do it themselves..

I'm not just one lone voice anymore.. I'm now a voice among many..

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thankin It Over

Anymore most blogs dont have a lot of comment from the person runnin it.. Most just post stuff that they found somewhere else and sometimes add a few words about it..

So its hard to get any kinda idea what others do in situations like mine.. Even tho many conservative bloggers go thru this, their solutions havent seemed to be what I would have done..

I've followed Kim du Toit(in the blogroll) for several years and thru several transformations .. If anybody has been thru the Trail By Fire, he has !! Thats why I give a lot more cred to what he says and save the parts I feel may come in handy some day.. One of the thangs Kim has written and that I saved called me back for yet ANOTHER look at it.. Even tho I thank I have posted it here before, I'm gonna do it again.. Its one of those good enuff that it ought to be Standard readin Material in every conservative household.. But dont wait for me to point you to his great stuff, go read it for yourself too !! Here it is..

Beating Despair
Kim du Toit
February 1, 2007
7:50 AM

I read this post at Kevin’s the other day, and it brought a few thoughts to mind. Here’s a sample of his gloom (excluding all the links):

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of standing up and trying to get people to look. I’m tired of “Global Warming” - the next boogeyman the people who believe that only an all-powerful State can save us from certain destruction (though many will unfortunately have to be sacrificed, of course - eggs and omlettes, you understand) are pushing as the excuse to control our lives. I’m tired of the War on Terror - to some extent a boogeyman itself - being used to build the mechanisms that can (and will eventually) be used to the same end. I’m tired of the War on (some) Drugs™ being used to disembowel the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. I’m tired of politicians butchering the First Amendment. I’m tired of the Courts eviscerating the Second. I’m tired of our institutions of “higher learning” turning out ignorant but politically correct useful idiots in an endless cycle that ever more resembles the swirling of a toilet bowl.

In short, I’m tired of watching Western Civilization commit seppuku with a dull, rusty spoon. No ceremony. No hope of restored honor. No hope.

It was the sentence ”I’m tired of standing up and trying to get people to look” which resonated with me, because I sometimes feel the same way.

But I refuse to let it get me down, because I have the antidote to that feeling, and it comes from (no surprise) Albert Jay Nock. In Isaiah’s Job, Nock writes:

One evening last autumn, I sat long hours with a European acquaintance while he expounded a political-economic doctrine which seemed sound as a nut and in which I could find no defect. At the end, he said with great earnestness: “I have a mission to the masses. I feel that I am called to get the ear of the people. I shall devote the rest of my life to spreading my doctrine far and wide among the population. What do you think?”

...and Nock responds that he’s going to be wasting his time: that “the masses” aren’t going to be moved by what he has to say, and all he’ll experience is a profound feeling of failure.
But, of course, Nock has the answer:

“There is a Remnant there that you know nothing about. They are obscure, unorganized, inarticulate, each one rubbing along as best he can. They need to be encouraged and braced up because when everything has gone completely to the dogs, they are the ones who will come back and build up a new society; and meanwhile, your preaching will reassure them and keep them hanging on. Your job is to take care of the Remnant, so be off now and set about it.”

And that is what keeps me going.

I’m not going to be as vain as to think that my job is anything as important as Isaiah’s. But in terms of what I write on this website, I will say that, by and large, I get most of it right—the rest being either through my own ignorance, or through the issue itself being insoluble. (I know I drive many of my Loyal Readers to distraction over my indifference on the abortion issue, to give but one example.)

What I don’t care about is whether what I have to say is popular, or finds acceptance with many people. The people who do agree with me, fine; the people who don’t are welcome not to—in Nock’s words, ”Anyone who liked might listen; anyone who liked might pass by.”

I am not as patient a man as Nock, though, which is why I don’t allow discussions of a radical nature on this website. (Some examples, again: I’m not interested in debating whether socialism is better than capitalism—it isn’t—or whether pure libertarianism is a feasible form of social order—it isn’t—or whether Hillary Clinton would make a good President—she wouldn’t.)

Of course, this lays me open to charges of creating an “echo chamber” on this website, a charge which was leveled at The Mrs. during a discussion of libertarianism on her website.

Frankly, I don’t care what people call me, or what they think of what I have to say. I say my piece; and those who like, can listen, and those who (don’t) like, can FOAD pass by.

Every so often, I admit, I do feel the way Kevin does. Here’s where it happens.

I look at my traffic numbers, and suddenly realize that my words are reaching a large number of people. But all that does is set me up for disappointment. I might issue a ringing call to arms, that everyone should write to their Congressweasel right away about Issue X; and then, when a total of three (3) letters actually get sent, I get depressed.

Of course, that’s the trap. It doesn’t matter that only three letters get sent; it doesn’t matter if no letters get sent. What matters is that I may have got one, just one person to think about what I’ve written, and be encouraged that he isn’t the only one in the world who thinks the way he does. That’s Nock’s message—and as soon as I remember it, I find tranquillity once more.

Because at the end of the day, Western Civilization will be saved not by great huge mass movements, or by heroic feats of socio-political evangelism. Western civilization will be saved by a whole bunch of individuals doing the right thing, one citizen at a time.

Sound familiar?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Outta Here For A While


They have been advertisin a Smoke Shop across the Red River from here, bout 20 miles one-way, and today we rode over to check their prices and selection.. They didnt have any idea what we were talkin bout..

We could have driven another 20 miles, one-way, and gone to where we have usually been goin to buy our cigarettes and my ceegars but I got an attitude and decided "FUCK EM" !! I'm tired of drivin over 80 miles round-trip just to buy smokes I can afford without all the Liberal taxes on em, and decided on-the-spot that I was quittin ..

Thanks to a very very kind man and his generous neighbor I have a sack-full of some tobacco seeds of an excellent variety of smokin tobacco.. Next year I plan on havin a crop of my very own to pamper and create a ready-supply for me to enjoy..

I was sittin on the Smokin Bench over at the hospital yesterday.. A very nice and attractive and conservatively-dressed black lady bout my age came out and asked if I would mind if she sat and smoked with me.. My Southern Charm immediately took over and a "PLEASE DO" invited her to join me..

She pulled a cig out and I lit it for her, that Southern Charm Thang, and we began talkin.. Out of the blue she asked if I had been smokin long and I told her I had been smokin almost 40 years now, and she asked if I still enjoyed smokin..

I told her that I didnt just smoke to be smokin and satisfy an urge, and that I also enjoyed my ceegars and pipe and that a lot of times a strong cup of coffee or a coldbeer or a little Sippin Whiskey added and enhanced my pleasure of smokin.. She was called back in to attend to business and our visit was cut short then..

A little later a white guy a little younger than me and had a "ti-double-ger-er" personality(bouncey-bouncey) came out and fired up a cig and seein me stretched out on the bench and mellowed and likin my smoke finally calmed some and set down too.. Soon he was a lot calmer and takin slower drags and talkin slow enuff that I could understand most of what he was sayin..

He had "hot boxed" his first cig and put it out and took a long drank of the bottled whatever it was he had with him to wash out the foul taste from his last cig and then lit another cig.. He kept lookin at his cigarette as he began slowly smokin it like it was a new brand he was tryin and was givin it an evaluation of some sort.. He got a call on his cell phone and told some one on the other end that he had found the Smokin Area and that he was enjoyin a cigarette with a real nice guy and that he would be back up in a minute..

As he calmly finished his smoke he related that today his youngest son was havin rods placed in his back to correct curvature from Scoleosis(sp) and was gonna be a pretty big deal to deal with for a long time.. As he got up and took that last slow drag of smoke and put it out, he really seemed hesitant to leave.. We said our partin Well Wishes and he walked a little taller and straighter and seemed more at ease on his way back in..

In the midst of sufferin kids and chaos and insecurity a coupla folks took time to come have an enjoyable smoke and contemplate on the situation and gather rational thoughts on how to manage the situation they were faced with..

Soon the boney side of my ass told me it was time for me to seek somethin a little more comfy than that hard bench, and I went back into the Mass Hysteria that was inside.. Shit, them people didnt just need a cigarette, they needed a joint.. A BIG JOINT !!

I'm talkin bout people that instead of an enjoyable smoke opted for some popcorn and were so tense and shaky that they spilled most of it.. I almost felt compassion for em till I realized that these same skitzes were probably 100 percent behind a $100 per pack cig tax and smokin ban any where in the city, and would prefer eatin a whole bottle of Zanax or Prozac rather than takin a puff of a cigarette..

As you can tell by my posts lately, my attitude is headin south in a hurry.. I dont intend this to be a place where I keep comin to to spew a bunch of bile and post my hate, so I'm not gonna be postin here much any more.. The hate I feel is not unwarranted and not misdirected and I WILL NOT speak without sayin what is on my mind and until somethin other than hate can come from my mouth I wont be postin..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We Fought The Devil Today

And we won..

Made a day-long trip into the heart of Dallas to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and back today.. Its our first trip there and they checked the Kid over pretty good but the only big test they did was bloodwork..

Traffic was the worst I've ever seen it and the number of Big Trucks was just amazin..

I let the Mrs. pick out the margaritas for us celebrate our safe passage and the margaritas SUCK, so this day is endin about as well as the rest of the day has been..

We still have more mileage planned for tomoro, but not as much.. If we even get CLOSE to a liquor store where they got my Salvadore Margaritas I'm gettin some cause this shit is N.A.S.T.Y. !!!

With the trip we had today I didnt even listen to any news.. I had BAD news around me 360 and I didnt need any off the radio.. I did notice that the SCUMBAGS are still pushin the LIE on Rush tho.. Such a dispicable buncha people they are..

Monday, October 01, 2007

I Am What I Am



Thats all the (D)s and liberals wanna hear from us, and when we dont say that we become the Scourge of the Earth and are tearin this country apart and are every kinda -pheobe there is..

If we dont swallow the Liberal Mantra and toe the Progressive Line and bend to their destructive Policies, then we just dont deserve to share this country with em..

By usin the Constitution as a blue print, Americans have turned a wilderness into the greatest and most powerful and prosperous nation on God's Blue Earth, and yet, the (D)s and the Liberals beat and bend and try to change the Constitution, and not change it for the better but for the worse..

I'm tired of bein demonized, ridiculed, chastised, maligned, and lied about cause I dont want MY MONEY to be used for failed gimmicks and to buy votes and support from a bunch of Ticks On Society's Ass !!

I'm tired of bein told how cold and heartless I am cause I dont want my taxes raised and used to pay for shit that some sunzabitch is too fuggin lazy to work for themselves and I caint afford myself cause I PAY TOO MUCH TAXES, and they dont pay any at all !!

And I'm tired of bein told that I'm dividin the population cause I wont just say "YESSA MASSA" and give em everythang I've worked for and done without to have..

I'm just gonna stop right here cause if I say what else I gotta say I'll be called a RACIST !!