Saturday, April 30, 2005


I've heard a lot of people that are gettin the itch to do stuff lately, that they dont usually do.. Hell, its springtime, and it is the season to be out fishin, or goin to the car races, or puttin in a graden, but it damn sure aint time to be taken the screens off the house and washin windows.. At least, not if your a person with somethin else better to do.. Now is the time to sit on the front porch and watch what is goin on in town.. Of course, I live on the main drag in town, and can see from one end of town to the other.. It aint got warm enuff to have to worry bout the skeeters and flies yet.. It wont be long tho.. The kids around my block have been pouring outside and you can hear them yelling all day and half the nite now.. Miss Minnie Pearl wants to get out there and chase em so bad she can hardly stand it.. My ol sore ass says its time to get it out of this wheelchair a while, so till we meet again, have a goodun..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Lot On My Mind

There is just so much shit goin thru my mind, that I dont know what to post about.. Blogs, seem to be gettin more and more fucked up by the day.. Bloggers seem to be stickin their noses into shit that they no nothing about.. When somebody calls em on it, their damn pride makes em deny it, tho they know the truth.. Same goes for a lot of our politicians these days.. So, more and more bloggers and politicians are callin it quits lately.. I dont think they got a good idea what thangs were all about before they started em.. Somebody forgot to tell em "if ya caint run with the big dogs, stay under the porch" .. So far, I havent had to take anybody off my blogroll, but I dont think it will be long.. Sounds like Acidman has had a belly-full of the pissants buggin him, and I think he wants out.. I do have several that I intend to add to the blogroll tho.. There are a couple that have had problems gettin their blog to stay up and runnin, so I am gonna wait till it looks like it is all gonna be OK first.. Man, these people amaze me with the insight and knowledge they have.. Guess I spent too much time watching the damn TV !! I havent really give a shit about TV since I got my first puter 6 years ago.. Caint say that I miss it either.. They are gonna have a remake of The Dukes Of Hazard soon, and I'll miss that.. Maybe I can get somebody to tape it for me.. I can save up the tapes and have a big crock of homebrew ready for the viewing.. Man, the girl they have planned to play Daisy is crowd pleaser for sure.. I think she has been doin exercises to tone up .. Some photo hound got a pic of her not long ago that was mouth-watering.. I havent heard or seen who they have picked for Bo and Luke.. Caint be any worse than the last ones.. I take that back.. But they do have a lot of room for improvement.. My luck they have Adam Sandler and Ben Affleck !! Shit, now I'm have nitemares..

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The New Old Stuff

I'm trying to get DSL hooked-up on this puter, and it aint easy.. I keep tellin the Mrs. , that you dont put new patches on an old garment.. Between that, a backache, and a sick kid, I aint gettin a lot of posting done here lately.. I aint been gettin a lot of cookin done either, but I'm makin up for all those sandwiches we been eatin, by cookin a damn good meal today.. Smoked BarBQ chicken, a loaf of homemade bread, corn-on-the-cob, broccoli in cheese sause, and homemade peecan pie w/Blue Bell icecream.. After all those sandwiches, that is about as good to me as a prime rib roast.. I take that back.. BETTER !! Yep, I know .. I'm doin a lot of talkin about food lately too.. The things that have been going on in the world lately, have really had me in a mean mood.. Aint no use in me taken it out on the folks that come by here.. Before I work myself into a lather, I will say, that there are some parents in this country that sure do need a good ass kickin and some kids that need to be took to the woodshed ..

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fat Dumb and Happy

Aint nothin beter than fried chicken, bisquits, and gravy for Sunday supper.. I wonder what the poor folks had ?? Miss Minnie Pearl is gonna be a happy dog too.. She is gonna get a little gravy on her Gravy Train tonite.. I have a feelin that its gonna be lites-out early tonite, around this house.. I checked a few recipe sites earlier to see how other people made their coating for fried chicken, and was stupified by what some people use in their batter.. How in heavens name can they eat that shit on fried chicken ?? Just aint right .. I use 3 eggs and a cup of buttermilk for the batter and 3 cups baking mix and salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cajun seasoning to taste, for the coating.. Aint no rice flour or sesame seed nuthin gettin close to my fried chicken.. I ger-on-tee !!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Red Beer

I like the stuff.. Its like bloody mary mix, mixed with beer.. I have read that it is the original bloody mary mix.. I use a lot more Avery Island Swamp Juice in mine tho.. I like for it to leave your lips stinging after you take a drink of it.. When I was in the Service, I worked the grave shift for a year or so, and when I got off work at 8 A.M., I would come home and leave the car and walk a couple of blocks to the neighborhood bar and have a few red beers with the "pension" crowd that hung out there early in the mornings.. The ones that didnt care to go to the coffee shop in the A.M. for breakfast.. Mostly a bunch of ol military widows and some oil field widows and a few old men that had worked their wives to death trying to suppot their sorry asses, and they were all a bunch of old hides, a loveable bunch of old hides, non the less.. Ya know, if you go to one of the small town coffee shops in the morning, you see a bunch of grouchy old farts that are there to project as much misery on the other people as they can.. You go to a beer joint like I went to, and you have a bunch of old farts that want somebody to bring a little joy and variation into their day.. There were several old people that were highly political that I could get roused-up pretty good about that time.. That was around the time that Ronald Reagan had taken office.. You ever play pool for a beer-a-game, with a bunch of old people, at early morning hours, in a neighborhood bar ?? YOU BETTER BE GOOD, or have plenty of money to spend !! I have seen pool sharks come in the first thing after daylight, thinkin they had a easy beer, playin some old hide that I had tootored in pool.. I have also seen a little 80 year old woman chasin a 20-some-odd year old prick, (that didnt have enuff money for the beer), out the door with a cuestick too.. Such WAS life in West Texas about 25 years ago.. "IF YA CAINT RUN WITH THE OLD DOGS, THEN STAY UNDER THE PORCH" !! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, April 14, 2005


In spite of what you hear in the news and around town, there are still good people in this world.. I guess I'm blessed with many friends and people that I know, that will help me if I need it.. A friend I met online came to visit one day, and as we sat on the front porch, my friend commented on how many people that drove by would honk and holler, or wave and smile.. Reminds me of the time I was mowing my Mom and Dad's yard, and my daughter was telling my Mom that my ex had told her that nobody liked me.. My Mom told my daughter to watch me and see how many times somebody came by and honked or waved at me.. She said it wasnt but a couple of minutes before someone stopped and talked to me for a while.. Sometimes it would take 2 or 3 times of starting the mower and mowing for a few minutes, then be stopped by someone wanting to "shoot-the-breeze" with me.. When I lost my leg a few years ago, I had a change of friends.. Not all, but most.. I found out that I had a bunch of friends that were friends because of what I could do for them.. When I wasnt able to do things for them anymore, they seemed to lose interest in me, and didnt have time to talk to me that much anymore.. I rarely ask much of my friends.. Maybe ask that if they are out riding around that they stop by and pick me up and take me with them, or if they are going to the beer store to stop by.. I NEVER borrow money from friends, NEVER want to borrow their cars or trucks, and NEVER want to spend the nite at their house.. I dont go to their house and get drunk and try to feel-up their women or kick their dog or puke on their carpet or furniture.. I might cuss their cat tho.. Did I mention that I hate cats?? Well, I do.. The Mrs. has 5 big cats and 2 have had kittens lately.. Miss Minnie Pearl, my beagle, dont like em either.. Anyway, back to the friends thang.. I just want to thank the good Lord for all the good people that He has sent my way.. May He bless them, and may He bless you too..

Friday, April 08, 2005

Outta Beer, Outta Smokes, Outta Luck

Looks like the car is gonna be fixable after all.. I dont think its bad enough to deserve putting out to pasture, yet.. The Tranny Man said that about $500 bucks ought to get it back on the road, so, maybe the ol gal still has a few more miles left in her.. Sure is gonna cut into my coldbeer budget tho.. But hey, a cripple cant be too choosy as long as he aint walking.. I'm gonna fire up Ol Mo (my ridin mower) tomoro and head to the bank to get some money out.. Aint the first time I've used Ol Mo to get around town.. I used to have a '71 Blazer, 396 HP, 4x4.. Back then I had a stupid crazy bitch for a girlfriend too.. She stole the Blazer from me, and I ran her off.. I sure do miss my Blazer tho.. Not long after that, me and the Mrs. got together and we have been together every since.. But during the time in between, I used Ol Mo to take me to the farm for weekend outtings, to the grocery store, to the hardware store, and all over town to pay bills and do stuff.. Hell, I would even load my cooler on my trailer and pull it behind Mo too.. I could go visit friends and put lawn chairs, cooler, grill, and stereo on the trailer and park in their driveway or on the lawn and have a party.. Ol Mo is a big ol gal too.. 20 horsepower, 52 inch cutting deck, 5 speed transmission.. Argh, Argh, Argh !! Takes about 10 minutes to mow my half-block of property here, 15 minutes if I have a coldbeer and dont want to spill it.. Gonna have a lot of sunshine this next week, and the grass is gonna go into "high gear" too.. Looks like Ol Mo is gonna be a busy gal for a while now.. I sure hope she has a few more miles left in her too.. I would be lost without her..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Had a line of severe weather move thru here tonite, and was not lookin good for the hometeam for a while there.. Had a lot of heavy rain, some hail, wind that was blowing cars off the roads, and the damndest light show I have seen in many-a-year.. I've been close enuff to 3 tornadoes that I can safely say I was in them.. And I promise you, that not even one of em fun..But, such is life in Texas, especially East Texas.. I saw an old lady lose her mind after a tornado one year.. Her and her husband had worked for years to build up their little piece of ground into their heaven on earth.. They had built a new house, a big barn, a nice workshop, fences, a fish pond, good garden and all the works.. A few months after they got it all just the way they wanted it, he had a heart attack and died .. She held together by seeing him in everything he had built with her.. All his handywork on display.. She eventually even remarried, to her husbands best friend.. The tornado just demolished the place.. It left the house still standing, but had to have major repairs.. I helped fix what I could, and rebuilt some of the rest, but the lady got to where I couldnt stand her.. I stopped going to help, then she finally got so bad that she gave her new husband a heart attack, and he died too.. All her friends had stopped coming to see her, and so her daughter moved a house in on the place with her, but before long the old lady had caused a divorce between her daughter and her husband.. Then the daughter got cancer and died too, so the old lady's son moved a house in on the other side of her and he is a big enuff S.O.B. that it dont bother him that she is crazy as a bessie bug, hell, he's probably crazier than she is.. He even tried to hire somebody to kill me when I quit going out there to work on the place.. Thats been over ten years ago.. Like the old saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished" .. Fuck em !!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I Need More Blocks

Everything is dying !! Terri, the Pope, my puter, my scooter, my rod-n-reel, the Mrs.'s car .. Today is Saturday, so that means it is Garage Sale Day for the Mrs. .. A little while after she left I got a call from her and was informed that the transmission in her car had died and stranded her in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in town.. Sure enuff, it really is dead !! Looks like its time to start car shopping again and that means that I will probably have to sell my 20 acre farm to be able to afford a new car.. At least maybe I'll be able to get one that " I " like for a change.. I hated her car anyway.. Fact is, she hated it too.. It aint woth spending $1000 to $1500 on a $2500 to $3000 car .. That would be like some of these booger-eatin-mohrons that put a $1000 stereo in $200 car.. No doubt about it tho, this car shopping is gonna be an experience.. Film at 11 !!