Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time To Vent My Spleen Some

I'm doin much much better today.. So much better that I wanted to raise a little hell over the events of late.. I took a pain pill for my shoulder so there may be some drug-induced venom here but I thank that most of it is gonna be comin from the heart instead..

The (D)s are diggin themselves a hole that they will never be able to climb out of, and I just caint say that that is a bad thang !! Now that another BIG WHIG in Al Q has been caught in Iraq its gonne be even tougher for em to justify tryin to force a Troop pullout from Iraq.. If we are catchin high-up Al Q there and they still want a pull out, then there is no doubt that the (D)s are NOT for persuin The War On Terror and stoppin the Masterminds of the attacks around the world.. But that is zactly what is happenin.. They want to return to 9-10 and that shit just aint gonna work !!

Even some FLAMIN Liberals are wakin up and startin to share their thoughts that what the (D)s are doin is wrong and is gonna put the U.S. in jeapordy of havin another attack that is gonna be hard to recover from.. Maybe even multiple attacks !! Did you notice the question at the (D)s debate the other nite, about what they would do in case of several cities bein attacked at-once ?? They aint gonna say out-right that they are thankin bout that, but if you read between the lines you can see it.. Them thankin bout it is at least a start and when they start WORRYIN bout it it will be even better..

The media askin a question like that tells me that they are losin trust in the (D)s and not just followin blindly anymore.. And believe me, they aint gonna take a chance on askin a question like that and gettin an answer that could ultimately sink their Golden Boy, Obama, without havin some serious doubts.. I dont know bout the Left, but the Right got the exact answer they expected from the Libs.. That question left a gappin wound.. It showed that the (D)s aint serious bout protectin this country and are more worried bout PC and not doin anythang that would harm their chances of keepin power.. They ultimately said that they would fiddle while Rome(the U.S.) burned !! Thats not the answer that people wanted to hear either..

MAJOR attack plans are bein interrupted and revealed around the world.. Peoples asses are drawin up a little tighter each day.. The "squawkin" that the left was doin bout the Patriot Act are gettin less and less.. The tolerence of Harry Reid is gettin thinner and thinner too.. His obstruction and delay tactics aint as popular as they used to be.. Nancy Pelosi's GAME has been recognised as just that.. A fuggin GAME, and people aint in the mood for any damn games right now.. Thangs are goin good for too many people and they dont want any more attacks or anythang else to ruin it now and people see that thangs aint as bad or even near as bad as the (D)s and the media said it was gonna be.. Aint nothin the (D)s said was gonna happen has happened and the people are just flat gettin tired of bein lied to by the (D)s..

Al Gore's Global Warmin is bein seen for what it is too.. A damn SCHEME !! A scheme that is gonna cost jobs and increase taxes.. And thats somethin else that people aint wantin.. People know that when a job is lost, its the Workin Puke that gets the axe, and when taxes are raised, its the Workin Puke that has to pay the most.. People realize that when the (D)s talk of raisin taxes on the RICH, its really the Workin Puke that gets the shitty end of the stick..

And if you thank I'm wrong, just look at the numbers on the "Job Approval" of Congress.. You would thank that the numbers would have gone up since the (D)s took power, but they havent.. They are still hoverin or maybe even goin down some more..

The (D)s drive to show that the (R)s were a bunch of corrupt scumbags and gettin em rode out of town on a rail and the (D)s ridin into power on white horses just aint happened like they thought it would.. The (D)s have only brought attention to the fact that they are ALL just a bunch of dirtbags after the power..

When people finally wake up to the fact that the (D)s are wantin to give amnesty to all the illegals, and that thats gonna shrink the Entitlement Dollar even more, they aint gonna go for it.. The Entitlement Vote is what keeps the (D)s where they are, and if the Entitlement Voters have to vote for an (R) just to keep what they get now, then they will be glad to do it.. People aint gonna want to share their entitlements just so the (D)s can get another Votin Block behind em !!

A lot of the Left's supporters would like nothin better than to "GET BUSH", but not all of em are as fuggin stupid as they seem, and dont want to sink themselves just to get the Bush Administration.. The Left's supporters know now that they caint get away with what they used to do anonymous and that there are more ways now to get the info out there that they were involved in doin the dirty deeds that used to go unnoticed.. The blogs and internet media are holdin their feet to the fires they start more now than they used to and are bein held accountable for it.. They used to be able to change their minds and contradict themselves, but not any more !!

Well, that wore me out for now but I'll have some more later after I rest a bit..

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Big Set-Back

I got deathly ill while eattin supper Monday evenin and its hangin on still..

I've been so sick that I caint hardly hold my head up.. It started in my lower abdomen and has now affected just about all my whole body..

I got up feelin better this mornin but have gone downhill since.. Havent eattin but a coupla bowls of tater soup and drank a few glasses of tea all week, but just got thru havin a turkey sammich and a glass of milk to see if I can get some energy back..

Its funny tho, that I havent run a fever till this afternoon.. Thats whats had me baffled.. The low grade fever I have now is most likely due to dehydration tho, but if it persists I'll take a few doses of Sulfa and see if its some kind of digestive bug..

But I have been in bed sleepin so much that my back is killin me and I just have to MAKE myself get up and move around some..

If it looks like I'm gonna survive this shit I'll get back and let you know..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

As The Farm Turns

Me and Miss Minnie Pearl have been havin us a BIG TIME at the farm the last few days.. She got tard and wanted to come home, so when the Mrs. came to check on us today we decided it'd be best if she came came back home and stayed and rested up some.. I'm goin back either this evenin or tomoro mornin..

I've still got some stuff to fix that came unwound on me and I need to do some more waterin since I've put a shit-load of fertilizer on everythang and it looks like its just gonna "threaten" to rain and not actually do any.. Ground is so hard and dry now that the tiller just bounces around and dont do any diggin.. I've got almost a #3 wash tub of turnip greens that need pickin and tamaters that are bout Silver Dollar size..

Wish I had one of them new-fangled water pump thangs like Mtn Man has, but I've just got a 2 gallon bucket and a rope to do my wettin with.. But I've used a little bit of that "Southern Engenuity" on my waterin system and made it a little more tolerable.. I added pulleys and counter weights to my rope and a wash tub with a drain in the bottom with a water hose attached to run to my garden rows.. All I have to do is put my hose on the row I wannna water and sit on the well top and draw the water up bout 20 feet and pour it into the tub and let it flow.. It aint real easy, but it beats the shit outta pullin on the damn starter rope of a water pump for an hour to pump 10 gallons of water.. With my bucket system, I can draw water faster than it can run out of that 3/4 inch water hose and still have time to take a drank of my homebrew every now-and-then..

But the peace and quiet and serenity is un-freakin-real !! Its so damn quiet that I caint sleep !! I keep sleepin so sound till around 3 or 4 A.M. that I wake up and caint go back to sleep.. I just try for a little bit and then just go ahead and get up and put the coffee on.. Strange how I can get up and drink about 10 to 12 cups of boiled coffee and then get relaxed enuff to lay back down and take a nap for an hour or more..

Looks like the row of pinto beans I planted last week aint gonna come up, but I planted a row of green beans and a row of navy beans yesterday to make up for it.. Now if I can get a little rain to soften the ground some so I can get a few rows busted up enuff to get some corn planted it might get me back a little closer to bein on schedule..

The girls were hopin I'd come home and do a little cookin for em too, so I guess I can stay home tonite and get the house smellin like I still live here.. That'll give me a chance to "change oil" in my overalls too !! Them suckers are bout ready to stand up by themselves !! Bathin at the farm aint no problem, as long as I can keep MM Pearl from gettin the soap and eattin it, but clothes washin is still a big deal to accomplish..

I've kept losin my damn bars of soap and I aint been able to figger out where they have been goin to.. I just thought that some of the critters had been gettin em, but I know different now.. I washed my hands and face before bed last nite and I knew MMPearl had been up and on guard all nite, and the fact that she was pukin her toenails up this mornin finally helped it dawn on me that she had been eattin the damn thangs.. This was a BIG bar of soap so maybe she learned her lesson this time..

I'm too damn happy and content to really rant and rave about anythang right now, but give me a while in the same house with these two crazy females again and I'm sure I can come up with somethin !!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can You Hear That ??

Its the "Call of the Wild" and I plan on answerin it here in a little bit..

It's been stormin and rainin and foggy for the past coupla days and these damn walls are closin in on me and my blood pressure is just about to reach its MAX.. The sun is just now comin out and is supposed to be in the 70's and 80's for the rest of the week and I plan on makin good use of it..

I've gotta do somethin to relieve some stress before I wind up in ICU with a heart monitor.. Not to mention that I've just about ground all my teeth down to the gums..

I dont know what its gonna be yet, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm gonna kill somethin soon !! I thank it would be better that I go to the farm where the most I can be prosecuted for is poachin out of season and not for takin out a car full of minority people that were playin their "thumpers" too loud !!

I found a can of ammo that I forgot I had and I plan on burnin it the next few days.. Its just stuff that my Mama hid from me for a bunch of years so I wouldnt shoot it all up at one time..

I'd like to get my barn set up as my "headquarters" this week.. Its gonna be a lot easier to get around in it than havin to use my crutches like I do at the trailer.. Gonna put a bed in the barn so I can roll up on my scooter and hop in it to take breaks and have all my tools and supplies out of the weather and still be handy to get to..

I've got a big ham bone left from Easter that is gonna go in a pot of beans on a slow fire too.. I figger that will go with about anythang I kill.. I've got some work to do on the mower and the tiller so I will be hangin around the barn and the fire and be able to cook and enjoy some time out there this time, instead of workin all the time in the garden and mowin..

I hope everybody has a good rest-of-the-week, cause I plan to..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

They Are Everywhere

There is no way to stop more of what happened at Virginia Tech. .. If it was possible then it would have been done many many years ago..

Over the past few years it has gotten worse tho, and I have several thoughts on what has made that happen.. One is that many people have been turned away from hospitals and institutions that treat people with mental disorders.. Another is that now it has become "fashionable" and commonplace to get anti-depressants for almost all abnormalities in moods.. Another ,that I thank, ranks at the top of the list is the "victimhood" defense..

I remember when they started closin down the insane asylums around here and started refusin to treat the nuts about 30 or so years ago .. It was almost instant that attacks by these people started to be common place here.. The number of attacks has been steady and has increased several-fold now.. They roam the streets and businesses here to where they disrupt traffic and disturd the customers in the businesses and keep the Cops busy just tryin to get em to settle down and not be so outrageous and disruptive..

I have first-hand knowledge about anti-depressants too.. The VA put me on em for a while till I just flat refused to take em anymore.. But the Drs. put kids on em now and start the process of the kids becomin "Rx Kids", as I call em.. Sometimes its all just a case of FRAUD tho.. Well, LOTS of times it is now.. Mothers take their kids to the doc and tell them they are ADD or ADHD and get the doc to prescribe meds and then the mother applies for gubmint assisstance(a check) due to havin a disabled kid.. If they can butter the doc up enuff, he will give them a Rx for powerful drugs that are also worth a bunch of bucks on the "open market" too.. Its a racket !!

The last is the most dangerous and simply assanine idea/myth of all.. That is that the liberals have all their followers convinced that there aint nothin wrong with them.. That its alright for them to be crazy.. Bein a liberal and crazy is perfectly normal behavior.. Anythang they do is not their fault, its the Society created by the Conservatives and the Religious Right that has the world screwed up.. Just listen to em sometime, if you can stomach it.. Just like Michael Savage says, "liberalism is a mental disorder" !! How else can somebody explain the liberls attitude that terrorist attacks on the U.S. without any retribution is OK because nothin is worth goin to war over ?? How else can you explain the liberls belief that if somebody breaks into your house that you not resist em and give em all your valueables and let em rape and kill your wife and kids, but, whatever you do, dont shoot the sunzabitch in his tracks !! That would be WRONG !!

Not long ago I set up my web-cam on my puter in the front room that is by the street.. I have it aimed out the window and targeted to the corner across the street where most people walkin slow or stop at the corner before crossin the street.. I have been makin a photo album of the crazy people that continually walk past my house.. You JUST WOULD NOT BELIEVE some of em and the stuff they do !!

And I'm not talkin bout the crack-heads either.. They are above and beyond the true MENTAL cases that populate my area.. But we dont have the winos like we used to.. Now they are on some kind of gubmint check and take Rx drugs to support their habits.. But they are supposed to be prefectly acceptable.. At least accordin the the "Liberal Way" !!

And yeah, the shooter at VT was on anti-depressants, and it was Society that made him do it.. Guess how long it took for the Liberals to blame G.W. and the Conservatives for what the crazy kid did ?? Not long at all.. Maybe a few hours !!

Now, out there, there a millions of kids that are bein told that if they do stuff like the kid at VT did, that it wont be their fault either, but us EVIL CONSERVATIVES that are to blame !! Them damn Liberals aint just crazy, those sunzabitches are DANGEROUS !!

It breaks my heart that those kids had to die for no reason at all.. But it sends me into a foamin-at-the-mouth rage to thank that the liberals are all gonna try and sugar coat this shit as NOT THEIR FAULT, and that its perfectly normal, and thats only gonna encourage more of the same.. These kids that kill and rampage are nothin more than MARTYRS for the Liberals..

Unless America cleanses itself of the liberal and their philosophy, then there will only be more, and worse, events like this in the future !!

I know this sounds harsh, but I see no other alternative to savin this Country from ruin ..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Talkin Kinky !!

from here

April 15, 2007 -- Author, musician and former Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman has been friends with Don Imus since 1975, when they met on stage at The Bottom Line.

I MET Imus on the gangplank of Noah's Ark. He was then and remains today a truth-seeking missile with the best bull-meter in the business.

Far from being a bully, he was a spiritual chop-buster never afraid to go after the big guys with nothing but the slingshot of ragged integrity. I watched him over the years as he struggled with his demons and conquered them. This was not surprising to me.

Imus came from the Great Southwest, where the men are men and the emus are nervous. And he did it all with something that seems, indeed, to be a rather scarce commodity these days. A sense of humor.

There's no excusing Imus' recent ridiculous remark, but there's something not kosher in America when one guy gets a Grammy and one gets fired for the same line.

The Matt Lauers and Al Rokers of this world live by the cue-card and die by the cue-card; Imus is a rare bird, indeed - he works without a net. When you work without a net as long as Imus has, sometimes you make mistakes.

Wavy Gravy says he salutes mistakes. They're what makes us human, he claims. And humanity beyond doubt, is what appears to be missing from this equation. If we've lost the ability to laugh at ourselves, to laugh at each other, to laugh together, then the PC world has succeeded in diminishing us all.

Political correctness, a term first used by Joseph Stalin, has trivialized, sanitized and homogenized America, transforming us into a nation of chain establishments and chain people.

Take heart, Imus. You're merely joining a long and legendary laundry list of individuals who were summarily sacrificed in the name of society's sanctimonious soul: Socrates, Jesus, Galileo, Joan of Arc, Mozart and Mark Twain, who was decried as a racist until the day he died for using the N-word rather prolifically in "Huckleberry Finn."

Speaking of which, there will always be plenty of Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons around. There will be plenty of cowardly executives, plenty of fair-weather friends, and plenty of Jehovah's Bystanders, people who believe in God but just don't want to get involved. In this crowd, it could be argued that we need a Don Imus just to wake us up once in a while.

There probably isn't a single one of Imus' vocal critics who come anywhere close to matching his record of philanthropy or good acts on this earth.

Judge a man by the size of his enemies, my father used to say. A man who, year after year, has raised countless millions of dollars and has fought hand-to-hand to combat against childhood cancer, autism, and SIDS - well, you've got a rodeo clown who not only rescues the cowboy, but saves the children as well.

I believe New York will miss its crazy cowboy and America will miss the voice of a free-thinking independent-minded, rugged individualist. I believe MSNBC will lose many viewers and CBS radio many listeners.

Too bad for them. That's what happens when you get rid of the only guy you've got who knows how to ride, shoot straight and tell the truth.

comment: I aint an Imus Fan by no means and have only listened to bits and pieces of his show..

There are a lot of thangs I dont like in this world, but I damn sure dont thank that they should be banned or gotten rid of unless its a product of the Devil and even some of those I partake of myself..

Jackson, Sharpton, and the PC Crowd have opened a can of worms and released a Dark Cloud over us now.. As if we didnt have enuff stuff for us to be divided over already, now we have Free Speech and Censorship to add to Religion, Abortion, Global Warmin and Politics on a burner set on HIGH..

Time after time the liberals have created more grief for us and never seem to be able to come up with workable solutions to any of it and while they sit and bicker about the problems they create they just keep gettin bigger and bigger..

But these nappy-headed booger-eatin-mohrons dont realize that they are sawin off the very Constitutional limb they are sittin on the end of !! But, so are the people that support them and the rest of the Liberals..

It seems that its gettin to be a daily ritual for these sunzabitches to come up with somethin else that just re-inforces the belief that they are just to fuggin stupid to be able to vote !!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nature Call

I escaped to the farm for a day and nite again and seem to be refreshed and recharged now..

I did a little more diggin in the dirt and planted a row of pinto beans but ran out of charge in my scooter so had to stop and just enjoy the place.. That gave me time to build a little fire and sip a few coldbeers and watch the deer and smoke a few ceegars.. Yep !! The Mrs. went and got us a supply of coldbeer and picked me up some more ceegars too.. Life is good again !!

I wadnt ready to come back home yet but the weather is on a downhill slide pretty fast.. A BIG line of weather is headed this way and it looks pretty nasty.. The way they talk this could be THE storm of the Spring season too..

I was hopin to get some new roofin on before it hit us again but aint had the money to manage it yet.. I do have some plastic to go with the buckets around the house this time tho..

I figgered that since this was Friday that the (D)s would have released some good juicy material for me to come unglued on but I havent seen any yet.. Just the same tired ol shit that they have been dribblin out for a long time.. But I'm sure it wont be long till I find somethin worthy of a good ass chewin over.. When I find it I'll open me a bottle of my homebrew and cut loose on em tho.. Till I find it ya'll will just have to make-do with this little jag of news.. See ya soon..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I've Lost My "Groove"

The weather we are havin has all but eliminated all motivation and momentum I've had lately.. I hate it when that happens !!

Its been replaced with depression.. I hate that worse.. I did manage enuff gumption to cook a turkey and mashed taters and broccoli w/cheese today that was some good eattin.. I just ate and went back to bed for a lengthy nap tho.. I thank my allergies are whats doin PART of it..

But I'll be back out at the garden soon and back in my "element" with a smile on my face and dirt under my fingernails and I'll find a little bit of peace that I can hold on to for a while..

Somebody I know from a forum I visit has got me some tobacco seeds in the mail to me and I'm gettin excited about plantin my own tobacco and watchin to see how it turns out.. This will be the first time I've ever planted it but I have a friend here that was raised on a tobacco farm and is gonna tutor me in the process.. I just wonder how much trial and error its gonna take to get it to where I can actually enjoy the finished product.. But beatin the gubmint out of their damn taxes is gonna hold a certain amount of enjoyment in itself tho..

Well, The "Gunny" is on the radio at 850 AM KOA out of Denver, and I really like the Gunny's program.. I'm gonna go try to listen to it if the weather aint screwed the reception up tonite.. If I caint get it I may be back to bitch about Imus and the ankle-biters like Sharpton and Jackson at his heels.. What a damn bunch of booger-eatin-mohrons !!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Ran Away From Home

For a night and day anyway.. I'm exhausted, but re-charged at the same time..

I went out to the farm yesterday afternoon and got all my stuff arranged and loaded the guns and sat down in the back corner and waited for my pigs to show up.. Assholes must have canceled cause they never showed..

It got cold last nite so after the hog no-show I came back to camp and made a nice campfire and popped a top on a bottle of my latest batch of homebrew and sat and absorbed the calm and quiet till the tranquility took its toll and I couldnt hold my eyes open any more..

The blissful undisturbed sleep snuggled under my down comforter I expected didnt happen tho.. After a half-gallon of hooch I had to pee about every hour till almost dawn.. Since I never did get to enjoy any of that R.E.M. sleep that is supposed to be the most restful, I woke up early this mornin stiff and sore and since it was cloudy and cold and windy I thought it was gonna be another long, dreary day today.. I couldnt have been any more wrong !!

I got the fire torched back up and my pot of coffee on the fire and was just startin to smell it.. It was still kinda dark and gloomy and there was more light from the fire than from the sunrise and I was busy loadin my pipe with some new tabacco the Mrs. got me (I'm outta ceegars) when I noticed ashes floatin down around me.. I looked at the fire and they werent comin from it so I jerked my head around to see if the trailer was on fire only to see that it wadnt from it either.. A quick 360 scan told me that whatever was on fire was not anywhere close to me.. But it wadnt ashes from any fire.. It was SNOW !! A whole 5 minutes of it but that 5 minutes changed my whole outlook for the day..

The coffee was GREAT.. The smoke was GREAT.. I forgot all about bein stiff and sore and thats how I started my day..

I finished that pot of coffee real quick and put another on and decided to do somethin.. So I started changin the oil in my mower.. Just like I figgered, the cold had the oil drainin like molases and that gave me time to enjoy that second pot of coffee and another pipe of that good smoke..

The clouds thinned enuff that I could watch the deer roam around and then my pair of Canadian Geese came for their daily visit.. They show up in the mornin and stay till almost dark and watch and inspect everythang I do.. They used to stay around the pool, but have gotten used to me now and roam all over the place.. It freaks me out how they will come to within 20 feet of me and just stand and watch me.. Reminds me of a coupla polite little kids just standin with their hands behind their backs.. But they got in my garden this evenin and I had to scold em a little..

After I got the oil changed in the mower it was startin to warm up and the sun was comin out so I had to uncover my tamaters.. The grass was gettin kinda long around my garden so I mowed around it and then I decided to mow some of the pasture too.. I spent the rest of the day mowin and takin breaks to sit by the fire and I even changed the oil in my generator too..

Its nice to be surprised sometimes, and how nice today turned out really surprised me..

Friday, April 06, 2007

About Mary

This and others can be found at Middlebrow, at the end of my blogroll..

from here: John Mark Reynolds

The Women of Holy Week: She Annointed Jesus and Created Beauty

John Mark Reynolds
Culture, Theology
We don’t even know her identity for sure. Some Christians in the West believe that she was Mary Magdalene, but Christians in the East simply call her Mary of Bethany.

Days before Good Friday she poured out precious oil and anointed the feet of Jesus. She wiped those Sacred Feet with her own hair.

Mary loved Jesus. Of that passion we can be sure and she showed love by preparing His body for burial. Did she know the significance of what she was doing when she poured out the expensive oil on his feet and wiped it with her hair? As the odor filled the house was she covering the smell of death that had disturbed her sensitive soul?

The great women in my life have often been this way. They could not tell you exactly why a thing should be done in such and such a way . . . my grandmother could make mouth-achingly delicious meat loaf, but could not produce a recipe, only meatloaf. . . but they know that it must be done.

Is it possible that God tells some people (men as well as women) who are sensitive when to act through reasons not known to what men call reason? Perhaps. I do know that I have learned to listen to mothers, to artists, to people who act beautifully and do not just think beautifully.

As always when someone loves God in an extravagant act of beauty there was someone around to try to ruin it. In this case, the someone also had a big role to play in Holy Week: Judas Iscariot. He condescended from his disciple status to point out that Mary could have given the money to the poor. Judas, the only disciple from the south of Palestine, was given to worrying about other people’s money. In our age he would have had run a Hollywood charity urging the government to give other people’s money to the poor.

Mary of Bethany was not poor and she used her money as God prompted her. She used her money to honor God.

In another gospel story about a woman anointing the Lord’s feet (perhaps the same woman, perhaps not), a pharisee muttered that she was a sinful woman. Contact with the physical, so necessary for beauty and art, often repels the pharisee. He would prefer that his theology avoid the messiness of physicality, the hard corners of science, and the eroticism of creation.

Mothers are fecund and no young woman is allowed to forget that she could be a mother . . . even if that is not a role she chooses. Mary of Bethany brought the reality of the Lord’s death . . . which would not just be an idea or “spiritual” . . . to the room. She did not do so in words alone, but in deed!

Puritanical types draw back from the sheer physicality Mary’s act. Such folk want their religion with theoretical, not real, tears on the inside which hit no pillow, love expressed only in greeting cards and not in the hug of an actual greeting.

Mary would have understood the greeting of the “holy kiss” of the Middle East. We live in a religious culture that talks about family and friendship, but then is afraid (sometimes for good reason) of touch.

Love knows nothing of care . . .though it is prudent. It is prudent enough to extravagant when the Beloved is worth that cost.

Mary loved Jesus so much that she rightly valued Him. She took an expensive thing and wasted it for the love of her Lord. Saint John, the apostle of love, came to understand this and called her by way of introduction “the woman who anointed the Lord.”

I often think of this when I see mothers pouring out their lives in unpaid service to their churches or families. Nobody likes the “Church Lady” anymore except to mock her, but she has a model in Mary of Bethany.

“Isn’t that a waste,” our culture sniffs. “Couldn’t all that talent be used to save lives or something,” having already betrayed Christ and embraced a culture of death.

“Isn’t the stay-at-home mother selfish?” one student asked me. “Only if the total offering of all of self, a soul created in the image of others, in unpaid service is selfish,” was my mental reply.

I also see Mary of Bethany when those same ladies labor long and hard to beauty the church for Easter with flowers, their best hand sewn linen, and other crafts. “Can’t we worship God without such things? Shouldn’t we experience Easter in our hearts?” snorts the critic. “What a waste!”

Mary of Bethany made a symbol real . . . and pictured what was to come by her mental act made physical.

What do I mean?

It is easy to forget that Mary of Bethany did not actually prepare the Lord for burial. Her physical act was a symbol, but it was not merely a mental symbol. It was played out in space and time, like a piece of performance art. It was both physical and symbolical, like the symbol of the Lord’s supper or baptism.

People have bodies and people who say that they can love God without expressing that love physically are either great saints or lying due to laziness. They pretend to a profound spirituality, because it saves them the social embarrassment of doing something religious and the money for cut flowers. My experience tells me that saints are rarer than lazy cheap skates!

Mary was preparing the Lord for death while He was still alive. Our acts of service to Him now bring His Easter to a world that can only believe in the pain of Lent.

This Holy Week we will worship God with both our bodies and our spirits if we worship Him in spirit and in truth. All of us must be as Mary of Bethany was and make the inner reality real in some way. Some will do so by carefully preparing an Easter basket for her children (not just throwing in the candy and going to bed), others will do so by decorating their parish hall, still others will do so by hugging a sick child this Sunday missing Easter service (longing for all this Lent!) so that the child will not be alone.

All of these are Mary of Bethany. All of these are bringing vibrant Easter spring time to a world caught in winter.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Dont Play Fair !!

I fixed a big pot of beef stew with a whole jar of roasted garlic and onion in it, and a loaf of fresh bread and the Kid went "lights out" first and the Mrs. is soon to follow.. That gives me some time unmolested while I play on the puter..

Now for some REAL bloggin !!

The (D)s are comin off the rails !! Pelosi had a little visit to Syria, and they have plans for Bill Richardson to go to North Korea soon.. Reid and Murtha are wantin to DE-fund the Iraq War now.. Feinstein has been caught givin Gov. contracts to her husband's company.. Its just gettin hard to keep track of all the bullshit anymore..

And how bout em plannin to outlaw regular light bulbs ?? Can you believe that shit ?? Their scale of stupidity is just too unreal .. It looks like some kind of damn Idiot Contest .. Each day one tries to out-do what the other did the day before..

Some where there has to be some people hidin behind large hats and dark glasses cause they are ashamed that they voted these sunzabitches into power, but I havent seen any of em yet !!

An Open Book

I dont hide my displeasure very well, and the Mrs. seems to have sensed my ire very well this time.. How long the change will last is unknown tho..

I dont thank it had it had to do with just the blog only tho .. Maybe it was an insecurity or control thang where she had to know where I was and what I was doin every fuggin minute of the day and nite, or maybe a lapse of good judement where she didnt comprehend that she was annoyin the livin shit out of me..

Anyway, I guess she got the jest of what was pissin me off and planned a day with a friend to go about town and do "girl thangs" and give me some breathin room..

Well, that didnt last long, so maybe NOT !!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Technical Difficulties

The Mrs. decided to look at my blog(her first time) last week to see what I was up to and found somethin I said that pissed her off.. She was gonna make a nasty comment but decided not to, but since then has been compelled to make it impossible for me to post anythang new..

Every time I sit down at the puter she goes into "distraction mode" and uses every available option to make it where I caint concentrate on what I'm doin or thinkin.. Whether this is deliberate or not I dont know, but until the problem is resolved there is really nothin I can do..

The weather should start cooperatin soon and Garage Sales should be in abundance and that will allow me some undisturbed time on here to be able to construct somethin coherent enuff to post, or at least be in the same quality you are used to..

Just hang in there with me..