Saturday, July 30, 2005

Down Time

Its just hard for me to understand why the Media give Pres. Bush such a hard time for wanting to go to his ranch in Crawford .. Back in the mid to late 90's I was ranch foreman on about 200 acres down in that part of Texas, not too terribly far from Crawford.. I will admit that it aint as pretty as the part of the state I'm in now, but its a far cry from being ugly.. Jerry Jeff Walker used to talk and sing about how big the moon was down there.. I can vouch for that myself.. There ARE some BIG moons down there.. BIG skeeters too.. I havent ever been to the Bush Ranch, but if its anything like the ranch I was at, I can surely understand why he would want to spend a lot of time there.. Even if he is the POTUS, I bet he dont have as much fun on HIS ranch, as I did on The Dixie Farm.. Chuck Norris has a ranch down close to there too, and Chuck spends a lot of time there himself.. I think he has moved there now.. I bumped into his foreman and horse trainer a few times.. Nice enough folks, but kinda strange.. I saw Chuck a few times, from a distance, but autographs aint something I go for, unless its on a check !! One thing I really do miss about that place tho.. They had a radio station that you could call in to on saturday nite and make requests for old country songs.. Now THATS what I call a good saturday nite.. Good OLD country music, a good seegar, good sippin whiskey, and a hot tub full of young gals !!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Boobs On A Bore Hog

You guessed it .. The Media !! Bunches of people I read and talk to complain about the news being politically slanted and anti-military.. I just wonder how many people that they are targeting their coverage for, actually read or view their garbage ?? Most could care less if it werent for some right-leaning person pointing out the MSM making a blunder or slander or outright lie.. Kinda like somebody with a tear in their pants.. Till somebody points it out and snickers, nobody else gives a shit, and most others havent even noticed..
To me, the MSM is kinda like ol R.G. . R.G. was kinda slow, if ya know what I mean.. He wore sneekers and a straw cowboy hat, and rode around town on a horse with a radio tied to the saddle horn . R.G. hung around a lot with Jackie.. Two peas in a pod !! For a long time here, the D Q had good food, so lots of folks liked to go get a burger and malt or shake there.. R.G. and Jackie were no different and they could always find somebody like me and my buddy David there to tell of some "adventure" they had been on.. I do believe that R.G. and Jackie hold the record for seeing the most UFO's of anybody I have heard of.. Jackie had a girlfriend named Judy(bout 400 lbs.), and when Jackie would get a little "mouthy" with her, she would beat the shit out of him.. Jackie would cover his injuries with the stories about how him and R.G. had been over in Oklahoma to some beer joint and had to kick some asses and then make a quick getaway.. Course, my Daddy was the Sherrif and we lived in the jail, and I would help serve the prisoners meals, so I already knew what the truth was.. Sometimes I would have to serve Jackie, and sometimes Judy.. Both were harmless as ants, cept to each other..
You see, the MSM and R.G. and Jackie are alot alike, and I suspect that folks have heard just about all the beer-joint fight and UFO type stories that they are gonna swallow from the MSM.. Soon most will be like me and my buddy David, and get a good laugh out of their stories and then shake our heads in pity..
David, R.G. and Jackie are all 3 dead and gone now.. I just wonder if I'd miss the MSM if they were gone too, like them..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Desert Sucks

Sucks worse out there now cause its not only hot as a bitch, but now it has gotten humid too.. Aint no dry heat anymore !! On top of that, the power has gone out in sections of up-to 1300 homes, and their A/C's are breaking down from the workload.. Shouldnt be too hard to find the "border-crossers" now.. Bet you can smell the sweat a mile away, at least in the larger groups.. Cant stop those "duffers" out there either.. They just keep on slicing, and remind you to drink plenty of water.. I wonder about those folks sometimes .. hmmmm ?? Kinda reminds me of a neighbor I used to have.. The fellow would get on his ridin mower at about midnite, in his underwear, drinkin vodka from a paper cup thru a straw, and put the mower in the lowest, slowest gear and proceed to take almost two hours to mow his piddly lil-o front yard, ON MAIN ST !! When the Mrs. moved down here from Little Rock, I noticed that when she would talk to folks "back home", she would refer to this place as Twilight Texas .. Caint say that I blame her either.. Ya'll come back now .. Ya hea ??

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Such A Shame

The Brits have had their firearms taken away from them by the government, and have been told to just appease their attackers so long, that now that the terrorists have struck them in their homeland, they just shrug, and tell them to bugger-off !! Seems that the Muslim immigrant population is more pissed off than the indigenous are.. Kinda leaves the average American standing scratching his head.. I have also noticed that Mr. Blair's and Mr. Bush's popularity have increased, quite a bit in fact.. Support for the Iraq war has inched up and the Brits have suggested that their government increase ties with the U.S. .. As was expected, the Brits conducted a round-up of suspects the last couple of days.. BUT, UN expectedly, Italy has also had round-ups in their country too.. I think it must have something to do with the message taking responsibility for the bombings, and saying Italy was next .. I'm glad they included Italy in there too.. Wouldnt want them to feel left-out.. I havent heard a peep out of Spain tho.. Probably still hiding behind their moms apron after Madrid.. Oh, I forgot.. They have been busy running naked thru the streets, playing with their cows.. What?? You didnt think I was gonna call those dinky little steers they have bulls, did you ??