Sunday, December 31, 2006

Always Somethin To Celebrate

No matter how bad it was, it could have always been worse !!

I've had a good year this year.. I've spent the most of it sufferin with a bad gall bladder and have made it this far, but have decided that I'm gonna get it took out this next year..

I figger everybody has had their own brand of misery this year and I thank we desrve to let our hair down tonite and brang in the New Year and count our Blessins on how good we actually did this year..

I wish you all good health and good memories..

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Had Enuff Yet ??

OK, the time of Peace On Earth and Goodwill is over !! Now I'm READY TO RUMBLE !!

I'm fixin to come out of the shoot slangin snot and kickin dirt in the air and ready to gouge anythang that gets in my way.. Specially a Liberal !!

I'm gonna be takin the halter off now and get some major rantin done.. I'm gonna go after the liberals like a pit bull in a yard full of chickens !! Ya'll may have to read this blog thru your fangers, but I am gonna kick some ass and take some names..

Get ready for.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last Year

I was over at Grouchy Old Cripple's blog earlier, and after lookin at his Saturday Boobage I got to thankin bout last year at this time.. I've since been to several blogs and seen what was goin on at their blog this time last year.. I also happened to go see what was happenin here too..

Archives are a wonderful thang !!

Friday, December 22, 2006


I couldnt stand it any longer and had to go blow some money !! The Mrs. took me to the beer store and I filled her car up with gas and got a 30-pak of coldbeer and 7 more cartons of cigs.. We rode a few back roads and visited a friend and went by to see another to tell em Merry Merry, HO HO HO, but the last one wadnt home..

I had a streak of geneous and went by my Tamale Ladies store and got us a coupla dozen tamales.. Fresh and hot, straight out of the steamer !! A dozen HOT for me and a dozen MEDIUM for the Mrs. and the kid.. These thangs are HUGE with lots of meat.. I had to stop after 6 and go put on my "comfies" to be able to get 3 more down.. If ya'll like tamales as much as we do, then I hope ya'll have a place to get em as good as we do..

I'm stuffed.. The Mrs. and the Kid are stuffed.. I see a nap in all our future soon..

Startin to feel a little like Christmas round here now !! Cept for the weather.. Poor bastards up in Denver are wishin they had some of our Texas weather bout now.. 30* at nite and 60* durin the afternoon here.. Wood fire feels pretty damn good at nite but gotta open some doors and windows durin the day..

Gets below 40* at nite and I let Miss Minnie Pearl come in the house for the nite.. I put her Red Velvet Collar with the Jingle Bells on and she actually loves the damn thang !!

I'm gonna make a "TEST" batch of my dressin tomoro.. Then make another batch Sunday and tweak it.. Caint ever tell how strong your Sage is gonna be from one can to the next, so to avoid havin a pan of dressin thats either too strong with sage, or too weak, I'll do it in two batches and adjust my measurements.. I've got fresh apples to make a pie with and got my turkey thawin and all the ingredients for the Cajun Injector to infuse it with seasonins and butter..

Hope everybody is well and reasonably happy.. All is well here in Redneckville, Texas tonite.. SO FAR !!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Does Your School Meet U.N. Standards ??

Government declares war
on homeschooling families
Family's 'religious convictions'
must meet state requirements

Posted: December 21, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2006

The German government, in a throwback to its National Socialist Workers Party heritage, has declared war on homeschool families, promising to bring those with banned "religious convictions" into alignment with the state regulations.

The word comes through the Netz-Bildung Freiheit (Net-Education Freedom) organization in Germany, a coalition of efforts lobbying on behalf of the constitutional right of German parents to have their children's education "conform" to their own religious and philosophical convictions.

The report's English translation on the website includes a very clear declaration, with a followup threat.

A government education official says the government is working to avoid future conflicts over homeschooling with one particular family by looking "for possibilities to bring the religious convictions of the family into line with the unalterable school attendance requirement."

The issue has U.S. experts on homeschooling very worried.

Michael Farris, cofounder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, has called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the right of parents to educate their children at home, in light of what is developing in Europe, and the growing influence of international court conclusions in the U.S.

His concern is that if the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child were ratified by the Senate or adopted by the federal courts as enforceable international law, American homeschooling could be banned.

He notes that the parents' rights to control their children's education never were written into the U.S. Constitution because the Founding Fathers recognized that it was the Bible that gave parents a God-given right to educate their children at home or in a private or government school.

"While the decision noted that some nations in the European Union allow for homeschooling, and while Germany allows for private institutional education, the court made it clear that such allowances are a matter of legislative grace and not founded in principles of protected human rights. … The European court declared that the aim of their Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms includes 'safeguarding pluralism in education which is essential for the preservation of the 'democratic society.' … In view of the power of the modern State, it is above all through State teaching that this aim must be realized. …'" he wrote.

The German declaration and threat came from "K. Horstmann" who was identified as a "Ministerial Director" and was in a note responding to the German education network's letters requesting that consideration be given to one homeschool family whose children had been picked up by police and escorted to the public school.

In that case, as WND reported, children from the Romeike family were forcibly escorted to school in their home town in the state of Baden-Wuerttemburg.

There, the former education minister, Annette Schavan, "had expressly declared that it was not necessary to carry out such acts of force against homeschooling families because '…the children are generally not lacking in any other respects,'" the blog site noted.

In fact, a formal press statement from the government in 2002 said, "We do not use such forcible methods in Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is not in the long-term interests of either the children or the police."

But that, obviously, has changed. The government responded to the lobbying group's request for consideration with a terse statement:

"The Minister of Education does not share your attitudes toward so-called homeschooling and is not prepared to approve a corresponding pilot project," the letter said.

"You complain about the forced school escort of primary school children by the responsible local police officers on the basis of paragraph 86 of the education law as a measure of the execution of authority. It is known to the ministry of education that primary school students can be particularly burdened by the related contradiction between the norms of the parent-house and that of the public school through such forced escorts."

The government letter continued with a solution:

"In order to avoid this in future, the education authority is in conversation with the affected family in order to look for possibilities to bring the religious convictions of the family into line with the unalterable school attendance requirement," the government said.

The government official wasn't finished with just issuing the declaration of war on homeschoolers, either.

"Let me make something clear: the cause of this forced escort was set in place by the parents through their illegal conduct," the letter said.

"The European Court of Human Rights, specifically in complaint number 35504/02, has conclusively decided that through compulsory school attendance in Baden-Wuerttemburg, the affected are not inhibited in their rights from Article 2 of the Supplementary protocol affecting EMRK (right to an education) – alone as well as in conjunction with Article 14 EMRK (anti-discrimination) through the refusal of the educational authorities to make way for the possibility of homeschooling," the letter said.

Further, it warned of actions that could become necessary in the future.

"The education administration in future will also not recognize so-called homeschooling and act in proportionate measure considering the individual case and circumstances."

The blog site interpreter, Dana Hanley, has a degree in education and liberal arts with a major in Germanic languages and literatures, and lived in Germany for several years.

"It is interesting," she noted, "that in a state whose constitution is dominated by religious language and quotes the necessity of building Christian character, as well as guaranteeing the natural right of parents to have a say in the education of their children AND religious freedom, that the state would specifically mention that they are working to 'bring the religious convictions of the family in line' with the goals of the state."

The family whose situation prompted the original letter on their behalf, and the governmental response, lives in Bissingen, and had been home educating their children this year, a practice legal in most of the European Union.

On that October morning, they were confronted by police officials, who, "in an incredibly inconsiderate manner, forced their crying children into a police car and drove them to the school," an earlier report said.

The family had the support of teachers in a distance learning academy, from which they obtained curriculum.

"We condemn the degrading act carried out by the police as a blatant breach of the personal rights of individual family members and call for the Mayor of Bissingen, as well as the Office for Education of the District Authorities of Esslingen, to end these sanctions," the lobbying group said at that time.

Such mandatory public school attendance, and the accompanying procedures to physically escort children to schools, were legalized under the Nazis in 1938. Hitler was concerned at that time about having children grow up with perspectives that were not approved by the state.

The American blog noted that several other homeschooling parents recently have been fined or imprisoned for brief jail terms in Germany for teaching their children at home.

The blog reported that one mother spending a few days in jail for providing homeschooling for her child "ended up leading a Bible study for women who have begged her to come back."

It reported another family was fined $2,250 and members were being attacked emotionally so that the father had a nervous breakdown that landed him in a hospital. The family put their two children in a public school "but it was so awful, they pulled them out again … and put them in a public Catholic school."

It also contained reports that Waldemar Block, the father of nine, was arrested at his work this fall and jailed for 13 days, while Olga Block, his sister-in-law, was jailed for 10 days for not paying fines after she sent her children to a Christian school in Heidelberg.

The HSLDA, the largest homeschooling group in the U.S. with more than 80,000 families, also has been working to raise attention in the international community to the plight of German homeschoolers, including several families in the Baden-Wurttemberg region.

The group suggested contacting the German embassy, at:

Wolfgang Ischinger Ambassador German Embassy 4645 Reservoir Road NW Washington, DC, 20007-1998 (202) 298-4000 or it can be e-mailed from its its website.
The HSLDA said its campaign to address persecution of homeschoolers, who mostly are Christians, in Germany was triggered after a mother was arrested and jailed on criminal homeschooling counts.

In that case, according to a report in the Brussels Journal, Katharina Plett was arrested and ordered to jail while her husband fled to Austria with the family's 12 children.

The European Human Rights Court ruling the government official cited came down earlier this year, and affirmed the German nation's ban on homeschooling.

The Strasburg-based court addressed the issue on appeal from a Christian family whose members alleged their human rights to educate their own children according to their own religious beliefs are being violated by the ban.

The specific case addressed in the opinion involved Fritz and Marianna Konrad, who filed the complaint in 2003 and argued that Germany's compulsory school attendance endangered their children's religious upbringing and promotes teaching inconsistent with the family's Christian faith.

The court said the Konrads belong to a "Christian community which is strongly attached to the Bible" and rejected public schooling because of the explicit sexual indoctrination programs that the courses there include.

The German court already had ruled that the parental "wish" to have their children grow up in a home without such influences "could not take priority over compulsory school attendance." The decision also said the parents do not have an "exclusive" right to lead their children's education.

The family had appealed under the European Convention on Human Rights statement that: "No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching is in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions."

But the court's ruling said, instead, that schools represent society, and "it was in the children's interest to become part of that society.

"The parents' right to education did not go as far as to deprive their children of that experience," the ruling said.

WND also reported recently that a German judicial official believes pesky religious rights in Germany need to be limited.

Brigitte Zypries, who serves as the German federal minister of justice, told ASSIST News Service that the nation "should not place any behavior under the protection of this important basic right."

The 53-year-old said court rulings have produced "a kind of freedom for all sorts of behavior" and those need to be specifically defined.

She also challenged churches' involvement in religious instruction in schools, saying they cannot simply be allowed to claim a monopoly on teaching values.

Subjects like ethics, law – and of course politics – also could be used to teach values, she noted.

comment: The U.N. ever tries to pull this shit in the U.S. and they are gonna be on the recievin-end of some HIGHLY PISSED Rednecks !! And I happen to be one of em !! In fact, I dont even like em doin this shit in Germany, either ..

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Hard Parts Over Now

You should have all your shoppin over with now and be able to finally enjoy the holiday.. Right ?? Well, if you dont, then you are about to enter the worst shoppiin week of the YEAR !!

I've heard from several folks that say people both shoppin and those workin at places have been the rudest and most hateful they have ever seen.. They aint seen nothin tho, till they see em this next week..

Me ?? I DONT DO SHOPPIN !! I give MONEY, or do or make somethin special for em..

I hate to see or hear about people tryin to see how nasty they can be to others durin this time of year.. Hell, I know its hectic, but its supposed to be, cause that aint what its all about anyway.. People just dont get it.. The GREEDY bastards are the ones that have caused this, so why dont they just deal with it ?? In their rush to get MORE MORE MORE, they have created a time of MISERY for THEMSELVES..

They never stop to realize that if they did have it so gotdam BAD, that they either wouldnt have the JOB that requires em to work hard, long hours to get the shoppers thru the stores and home wrappin the presents, and the shoppers wouldnt have the money to do all that shoppin..

But what makes people thank they have to do all that shoppin and give all those presents, when, most likely, what they give/get dont please the recipient and they go into major debt to credit companies or bank loans to just GIVE/GET STUFF ??

How many times do you give stuff that you never get a THANK YOU for ?? Isnt that all that is REQUIRED ?? Just a simple THANK YOU ?? If I give somebody somethin, that dont mean that I expect em to get ME somethin.. I just request em to say THANK YOU.. Thats all..

NOW, to the point I want to make about Christmas.. Is that not what the Day is for ?? Just to say THANK YOU to the Lord ?? Its not meant for us to shower EACH OTHER with gifts and praise.. Its meant to show Rememberence to Christ for the GIFT he gave to us.. So, say THANK YOU to Him.. And say it often.. It dont cost you nothin and if that pisses somebody off, well, give em a bigg ass whoopin and remind em of the GIFT they got !!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Parent's Nitemare

from here:

'Cabaret' production puts
high school girls in lingerie
Local newspaper refuses to run
'sexually suggestive' photographs

Posted: December 9, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2006

A production of "Cabaret" in a California city that features high schoolers as cast members is drawing a horrified reaction from public interest organizations and local officials because of the revealing costumes and the teens' sexually provocative poses.

Titus Gee, a reporter for the Valley Press in Lancaster, first reported on the situation, noting that the high school performers will be "attired in bras, teddies, foundation garments, garter belts and little else."

The production this weekend at Antelope Valley College's Black Box Theatre in Lancaster, Calif., was not the responsibility of the high school, where spokeswoman Bridget Cook told WND that "there may be some individuals who have some connection to the high school district, like students or staff or volunteers" who are participating in the college event. But a spokeswoman from the college who did not provide her name told WND that the production was a joint effort with the high school. The newspaper said both high school and college students are involved.

Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, said she was "absolutely appalled that a high school would allow its students to participate in a show that can only be described as a strip tease for minors."

"As a parent, I am outraged that a high school would allow its students, minors in their charge, to be involved such an inappropriate production," England said. "We are calling on parents all across California to contact the Antelope Valley Union High School District and express their outrage."

"Schools should be engaged in education, not titillation!” she said.

The newspaper said the production was a part of the Antelope Valley Union High School District's "senior project program." Highland High senior Lane Williams told the newspaper he's wanted to stage "Cabaret" since he was a freshman and was "surprised" he was able to do it.

"The musical numbers themselves are priceless – bold, raunchy and packed with sex appeal," Williamson had told the newspaper's entertainment writer, Julie Drake.

The newspaper, whose managers decided against publishing any promotional photographs of the event because they "featured sexually suggestive positions from dance numbers" also said the production "raised an alarm" among Antelope Valley district officials who saw photographs and watched rehearsals this week.

The play is a look at the nightclub life in Berlin before World War II, and as a Broadway show has won many Tony Awards. As an R-rated film it collected eight Oscars, including one for Liza Minelli as Best Actress.

School District Supt. David Vierra, who didn't return a call from WND, told the newspaper the district would have to look into its authority in the matter since it is a partnership between the school district and the college.

The school district does have a policy undergarments are required and midriffs be covered at all times, and another policy that bans sexually explicit or suggestive materials.

Trustee Donita Winn told the newspaper she was concerned about high school students taking part.

"I'm really going to suggest – not knowing anything about the play – that the girls wear a little more clothing. Also, the poses are a concern."

The newspaper said the poses show students clutching or pointing to their breasts, and their legs spread and angled suggestively toward the audience.

"The main word here is appropriate. … I do not feel that the wardrobe is appropriate for high school. I feel that the content of the play is adult in nature and not appropriate for high school students," Winn said.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Gen. Tommy Franks In '08

from here:

December 06, 2006
Tommy Franks Reacts to ISG Report

Hannity & Colmes

COLMES: Do you agree with the Iraq Study Group when they say that the Bush Iraq policy is now working?

GEN. TOMMY FRANKS (RET.), FORMER COMMANDER OF U.S. FORCES: I would, of course. Yes. I agree with that.

COLMES: Specifically they say the most important recommendation is to call for new and enhanced diplomatic and political efforts in Iraq and the region, a change in the primary mission of the U.S. forces in Iraq to enable our country to begin to move its combat forces out of Iraq responsibly. You say you agree with that, but that's not what you've been saying up until now.

FRANKS: Well, I didn't say I agreed with that. I'm a guy who feels very strongly both ways. I'll give you an example, Alan.

I believe the situation in Iraq is grave, as it's described by the group. I don't believe it's deteriorating. I do believe that there is a way forward that requires an awful lot of focus, and I applaud the effort of this group for one very simple reason: It's the first group of politicians that I've seen, Democrats and Republicans, who have been able to get together in a bipartisan way in order to elevate the Iraq discussion above politics. I think that's very powerful; I think it's good for the country, and I think it'll be good for the mission in Iraq.

COLMES: General, you say, to my first question, you agreed with their premise that the current policy is not working, but then you said you didn't agree what I cited as their primary recommendations. So what would be your recommendations then to fix what you agree is a not-working policy?

FRANKS: Yes, I think there are 79 recommendations. And the ones that I am specifically interested in, Alan, are the ones that recognize the truth of a statement, as I recall, that's on page 70, where it says the U.S. military cannot by itself succeed in this mission. I believed that that's 100 percent true.

And so I'm interested in the other pieces of work that need to be done in Iraq. And I'm hopeful that the White House will pay attention to those recommendations that have to do with what to do about the economy in Iraq, what to do about reconstruction in Iraq, what to do about the criminal justice system.

You and I have talked before, Alan, about this being a three-legged stool. I believe that there's military work to be done, for sure. And I do agree with this program of embeds and reverse embeds, and so I like that part of the study. But I'm very interested in the pieces that relate to things non-military to move the country forward.

COLMES: Well, they do say, as I mentioned to you a moment ago, enhanced diplomatic and political efforts. Even Henry Kissinger has said there can't be a military solution here. Do you then -- where do differ on the issue of diplomatic efforts to solve the problem?

FRANKS: No, I think diplomatic efforts to solve the problem are necessary. Further, I think embeds within the various government agencies in Iraq are necessary in order to help the Iraqis move themselves, their politics, and their economy forward.

HANNITY: General, it's Sean Hannity. Welcome back to the program. Thank you for being with us here.

FRANKS: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: General, you don't doubt what America, if they put their time, energy, focus, resources -- and no one's denying there's been mistakes; no one's denying we can improve. I think there are some solid recommendations here. But if we put our focus on this, we will win. Do you agree with that?

FRANKS: I think I agree with the group or the committee recommendation that says there's no magic here, Sean. There is no certainty. I think we've been hearing the president say for some time that some adjustments in the strategy, the approach in Iraq are necessary.

And I think Baker and Hamilton and this group have come up with a pretty fair basis or a pretty fair foundation upon which we can hopefully move forward in a bipartisan way in our own country, and thereby help the Iraqis with the work that needs to be done there.

HANNITY: Look, I agree with -- I think it's thoughtful, the recommendation. We reevaluate. We've got to get strong, train these troops, expedite the process. We've been there a long time. Everybody wants that to happen . Everybody wants these troops home.

Do you support the idea of sitting down at the table and negotiating with a guy who denies the Holocaust existed and having -- opening up discussions with Syria and Iran? Do you agree that Israel should turn over land for peace and the Golan Heights to Syria?

FRANKS: Sean, you know better. I'm a guy who believes, though, that talking is better than fighting. And if the Iraqis launch an effort that seeks to bring together, for political dialogue and for diplomatic dialogue, the countries in that region, I don't interpose objection to that.

I just think that we should become overwhelmed with glee at the thought that that's going to solve all the problems. I don't mind having the Iraqis lead doing that; I'm just not sure it's going to produce great fruit for the reasons, in fact, that you cited, Sean.

HANNITY: Yes, you know, because I listen to the discussion and listen to some of the commentary out there about the hope that would be put in Ahmadinejad. Aren't these the very same people -- Iran and Syria -- that have been fomenting the violence, supporting the terrorists' activity there? It seems to me that there's a lot of false hope and expectation that that might bring about some fruitful conclusion to all of this, and I have absolutely zero confidence that that will bring us anywhere.

FRANKS: I think that's a fair observation. You know, I said a long time ago that the first rule of statecraft is that, at the end of every day, every nation on this planet will do what it perceives to be in its interest. You can count on the Iranians and the Syrians to do just exactly that.

That doesn't mean though, Sean, that we shouldn't support the Iraqis in engaging in a dialogue where there's a possibility of bearing positive fruit.

HANNITY: Let me ask you. You didn't want to use the term "victory" when I brought it up before, General. If we don't win now, isn't it likely at some point we're going to be brought back there and they're going to be more powerful, we'll be emboldening an enemy, they'll have stronger weapons? Isn't the likelihood -- even the survey group mentions this idea of an Al Qaeda propaganda victory. They talk about the disastrous impact at length in this document if we lose. We have to have victory here.

FRANKS: Yes, Sean, I don't disagree with that observation. I don't use terms that I think are especially inflammatory, and I think "victory" is one that we have had a lot of politicians on both sides wrap their arms around. If you were to ask me my definition of success, which this group does talk about, it probably would be very close to your definition of victory.


HANNITY: General, I want to ask you specifically, as we were going to break here, I mentioned the word "victory," and you said you don't want to use those inflammatory words. Why would victory be inflammatory?

FRANKS: It's inflammatory in our own country. It is certainly not inflammatory amongst these wonderful men and women in our military who are on the job tonight in Iraq, my son-in-law, by the way, being one of them.

You'd have absolutely no problem with them in discussing the use of the term "victory." But it has become a lightning rod here. And this particular survey group opted to use the word "success." My point, Sean, was that, if you were to give me your definition of victory, and I were to give you my definition of success in Iraq, you'd find that they're very close.

HANNITY: OK, General. Let me ask you this. We mentioned earlier that you are happy that, in your view, that this document did not seem politicized to you. But politics seems to be in play as much as ever as it has been from the beginning.

Former Vice President Al Gore saying today that going into Iraq was the worst strategic mistake in the history of the U.S. Our incoming speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that this proves the president's Iraq policy has failed. You have people like Dennis Kucinich and Rahm Emanuel, talking about, discussing the idea of possible de-funding of the entire war effort. A lot of politics surrounding this. Has this harmed the effort?

FRANKS: Yes, of course it does. As we've talked before, Sean, that kind of talk has harmed the effort in the past; that kind of talk is not helpful to the young men and women doing the hard work on the ground in Iraq.

So, yes, that's precisely what I hope the work of this survey group will give us an opportunity to get over. That's not to say that I agree with everything in this report. I don't think anyone agrees with everything in this report. But there are some common foundations upon which maybe we can build.

HANNITY: General, I guess one of the fear that I'm hearing from people, in the e-mails they're sending me, and people that have been calling my radio show, General, is that they fear that this is a political face-saving effort, that this is just putting a political face on an exit strategy to get out of here without necessarily finishing the job.

And it seems in many ways and the concern of many people is that maybe we have forgotten what we're battling here, what we're up against, and that this is part of a war on terror, that we have an enemy dedicated to killing us, and that this has been a worthwhile effort to begin with. Is that a fair analysis?

FRANKS: Yes, it's a fair analysis of what I think we're seeing. And I don't agree with it.

I don't believe that our approach in Iraq has been a poor strategy. I believe that a strategy that sees fighting terrorists overseas rather than fighting them on our own soil is a good strategy.

I believe that the approach that we need to continue to press in Iraq is an approach that will leave behind a government that can secure itself, and take care of its people, and be a representative form of government in a very chaotic region of the world.

Sean, you know, I've said before and I'll say it again, if we come home from Iraq prematurely, the terrorists will surely follow us home.

COLMES: Hey, General, it's Alan once again. You've said on this show in the past that, in terms of morale, our troops understand that politics is politics. They're there to do a job; they're not getting caught up in the debate back and forth, for what an Iraq Study Group would say, and so that there is not a discernible effect on these kinds of discussions about what we should or shouldn't do and the well-being or thought processes of the troops, right?

FRANKS: Yes, I think our troops are mature enough to be able to take some of what they see, Alan, with a grain of salt. I have not changed my view on that a bit. These are pretty sharp young people, and they're going to continue to do their jobs until our national command authority brings them home, sure.

COLMES: Do you agree with what you said last year on this show when you said that the Iraq war was going well? Have you changed your assessment about that?

FRANKS: I have -- I've thought an awful lot about it. I believe that some pieces of work in Iraq continue to go well; I think that other pieces of it have not gone well.

And I'll give you a couple of examples. I don't think a very good job has been done of trying to figure out how to solve the unemployment problem in Iraq. I don't believe a very good job has been done trying to figure out how to protect the oil export infrastructure in Iraq so that the Iraqis can see that, for them, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is in these areas, Alan, that I would like to see additional emphasis placed, because there's more to it than just trying to decide whether we add 50,000 troops or take home 50,000 troops. There are lots and lots of pieces involved in this, and I just would like to see a lot more public discussion of the other pieces.

COLMES: What is the Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum? Tell us about that.

FRANKS: I love to hear you ask that question. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting tonight in Hobart, Oklahoma, a small town out in southwest Oklahoma, where we're working mightily.

We've just started our fundraising effort to put together an institute that will bear my name. And the purpose of the institute is to bring people who are not necessarily of like mind together to discuss issues, like the ones that "Hannity & Colmes" discuss, and try to figure out how it is that we can inform decision-making without bringing all the vitriol into it. So that's what this effort is all about.

comment: I value Gen. Frank's opinion a great deal.. He has always been more realistic than most of the others and I dont believe that he has ever let his politics interfere in his decisions, which is more than I can say for a whole damn bunch of the others.. And I also believe that had he been in charge of the Operations in Iraq longer, the situation would be in a whole helluva lot better shape today than it is..

But I, like him, dont have any high expectations of cooperation and support from Iraq's neighbors.. To get Iran to stop nukular production would cost a lot more than I would be willin to pay, and Syria is in the same boat with hopes of takin over Lebanon.. Both of those areas are controlled by their Radical Factions anyway, so we would essentially be dealin with the Terrorists if we tried to barter with em.. That option aint EVER gonna be on the table with me !!

I've been lookin ahead to events that might affect whats gonna happen in the near future, and I remembered that after the First of the Year, we will have a State of the Nation address from the President.. Along about that same time will mark the "2-year" countdown of G.W.'s term.. I figger he is gonna embark on a mission to get results in Iraq at a more determined pace.. We will either see the OLD G.W. come back into focus, or we see him roll over and show his throat !! The closer the (D)s get to takin the reins of power, the better view of what The White House's direction will be..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Baked Halibut

You HAVE GOT to make the Herb Bisquits to go with this recipe !!


1 halibut steak, 2 to 3 pounds
1/4 cup flour
salt and pepper
3 to 4 tablespoons butter
8 ounces sliced mushrooms
1 small bay leaf
1/2 cup thinly sliced onion
1 clove garlic, cut in half
1 cup dry white wine
1 cup heavy cream
chopped fresh parsley

Put flour in a shallow bowl; season with salt and pepper. Dredge halibut with the seasoned flour.
Place halibut steak in a buttered baking dish; dot with 3 to 4 tablespoons of butter. Bake at 350° for about 20 minutes, basting several times.

Sprinkle halibut steak with mushrooms, onions, bay leaf, garlic pieces, and wine. Cover baking pan with foil, buttered so it will not stick to the halibut, and bake 20 minutes longer, basting a few times. Transfer halibut, mushrooms, and sliced onion to a warm serving platter; discard garlic pieces and bay leaf. Add heavy cream to the liquid remaining in pan; heat to boiling point. Taste and add salt and pepper to taste and pour over halibut steak. Sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley.
Baked halibut serves 4 to 6.

Pork Hot Tamales

I dont make my own tamales cause we got a lady here that makes the best I could ever ask for, and I figger I'd never be able to get thru it all without the Mrs. drivin me crazy while I was tryin to do it.. But if you dont have somebody near you that makes good tamales, here is a recipe that you can try..

Pork Tamales

1 (5 pound) pork shoulder
1 clove garlic
1/4 to 1/2 cup ground red chile
1/2 teaspoon ground Mexican oregano
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
6 cups Masa Harina
1/2 cup lard
2 teaspoons salt
1 pound dried corn husks

Cover the pork with water in a large pot. Add garlic, and bring to a
boil. Simmer gently, covered, until meat is tender. Cool slightly.
Discard the garlic. Chop the meat and set aside.

Mix chile powder, Mexican oregano, and flour with 2 cups of the meat
stock and add to the chopped meat. Bring to a boil and simmer gently
until mixture is thick. Cool.

Beat lard until light and fluffy. Blend in Masa Harina. Add enough
meat stock or water to make the mixture soft and pliable. The dough
is ready when a small lump floats slowly to the bottom of a glass of
water, so test it several times to ensure that it is at the exact

Soak the husks in hot water until they are soft. Drain. Spread a thin
layer of masa on a husk. Put a heaping tablespoon of meat mixture
down the center of the masa. Roll the husk carefully around the meat
filling. Wrap another husk from the opposite side. Tie ends with
string. Stand the tamales on end on a layer of corn husks in a
steamer. Steam for about 1 hour. Drain and serve with more red chile
sauce and beans.

Little Red Ridin Hood: Redeux

The Left got rid of Rumsfeld, now they have gotten rid of Bolton too..

So what are we gonna do now ?? Fight a War On Terror, or start a fuggin daycare center for Liberals at the White House ?? Looks to me like its gonna be a daycare center !!

All the old War Horses are bein shoved out the door, and the new ones all look like a bunch of whooped dogs.. I dont expect that V.P. Cheney will be able to stomach it much longer either.. He is now surrounded by a bunch of damn COWARDS !! I'd get the hell out of there too..

All around us people are tellin us to BEWARE THE BIG BAD WOLF, but the liberals just keep tellin us that the WOLF is an endangered species and we shouldnt harm it !!

So, now the liberals are gonna take our Sheppard and our Sheep Dog and tie em up in hearins and leave us wanderin unprotected.. The Wolf is gonna pick us off one by one, and when the other Wolves see how easy it is they will join in and us sheep will be cut to pieces by the PACK !! And we have all seen how the liberals work.. They will blame it all on the Sheppard and the Sheep Dog.. STILL !!

Yeah, I know.. G.W. is just tryin to give the liberals enuff rope to hang theirselves with.. But he is also givin the terrorists a goodsized foot in the door of the U.S. .. I dont know bout ya'll, but it is makin me pretty gotdam nervous with my ass hangin out in the wind like this !!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Miss Minnie Pearls Recipe

I make a version of this with Rotel in it and extra cheese.. If you can, make it a day early and allow it to sit in the fridge overnight cause it gets even better the next day after all the flavors mingle.. And dont forget the Garlic French Toast !!

Minnie Pearl's Chicken Tetrazzini
2 cup chopped celery
1 1/2 cups chopped onion
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 cups chicken broth
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 (10 1/2 ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup milk
1 cup grated sharp cheese
2/3 pound spaghetti, cooked and drained
6 cups chopped, cooked chicken
1/2 cup sliced stuffed olives
1 cup chopped pecans

In saucepan, cook celery and onion in butter until tender. Add chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Simmer about 15 minutes. Slowly stir in mushroom soup, milk and cheese. Mix thoroughly. Remove from heat. Add cooked spaghetti. Let stand 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 13 x 9-inch baking dish.

Add chicken and olives to spaghetti and place in prepared dish. Sprinkle with chopped pecans. Bake in preheated oven 20 to 25 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

Makes 12 servings.

I'm Just Simmering

I aint posted nothin new the last week, cause I'm just sittin back and takin all the NEW/OLD in..

My mind aint been the best this last week and it seems to strain me to try and make sense out of matters in the News anymore.. So, rather than risk givin myself a major headache, I have just been takin it easy on the ol noggin..

I have just plain been avoidin a lot of news lately too.. It just dont make any sense anymore.. Sources that in the past went one way have now turned 180 and are goin in other directions now that are totally counter to what they have professed in earlier disclosures.. Seems as tho our Leaders are doin the same thang too !!

But they are just followin the direction the Voters pointed em in in the last election.. After all, they are Representatives of the People, and the People have spoken..

The Christmas Spirit

It seems that it is gonna be almost impossible to get into the Christmas Sprit this year for me.. We have had a cold front pass thru here, like it has in the rest of the Eastern half of the U.S. .. We didnt get any measurable "white stuff" but we did cool off to a point that should have gotten me geared up for the Season.. Its just hard for me to get excited about it when the Mrs. bans the music and the rest of the P.C. World has just about OUTLAWED the existence of any displays of any Belief and Faith.. It has become a push for Freedom "FROM" Religion, instead of Freedom "OF" Religion.. I feel like I have a loved one that has gone thru Chemo and is diein of cancer, and the Public says that they cant go out in public cause they are too ugly !! Hurts me real bad..

So, if ya'll can stand it, I'll be postin more recipes till I get the gumption and mental ability to come up with somethin else.. I havent had any of my Sour Mash for a while, so maybe I'll go get some and see if it will get me perked-up some and in the mood to RAISE SOME WHOLLY HELL on here..