Monday, November 26, 2007

Time Warp

We are havin really shitty weather here and I have resorted to diggin out the old 8mm home movies from the 50's and 60's and watchin em..

Its a hoot I tell you !!

Not really much of anythang new goin on here with me.. I've been hangin out in the house stayin warm and eattin and havin a coldbeer or two and havin a snort of Sour Mash every now and then..

Miss Minnie Pearl has been a BAD DOG and kept shittin on the livinroom carpet and has been banished to her house again till it gets real cold..

Judgin by listenin to the news lately thangs in the world are swirlin round the toilet bowl faster and faster.. Its just gettin too damn crazy out there to keep lastin the way its goin.. I just dont understand the way people are on a suicidal trip to hell in the Fast Lane !! Nobody has any second thoughts bout the future and how they are gonna deal with it.. Its all about TODAY..

I did get some news from my daughter, thru my Mama tho.. She got washed out of the Navy on a Medical Discharge.. She didnt listen to dear ol Daddy when I tried to tell her that she had too many busted up places to make it thru Navy Dive Trainin.. At least she tried..

The Mrs. is havin trouble with her car now and looks like I'll be here on a regular or semi-regular basis to keep her wheels runnin now and should be able to post sometimes..

See ya'll again soon..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gotta Slow Down Some

Got to feelin a lot better and have been busy as hell tryin to get some thangs done at my house so havent spent much time here..

Gettin ready to start the cookin at my house tonite and then come here to do more in the mornin.. I dont have a wheelchair here and some thangs I just need it for to do and besides I just trust my oven more for cookin my rolls and bread.. Too damn much work to put em in an oven that I aint used to..

I wish for everybody to have a safe and bountiful Thanksgivin ..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still Kickin

I've just spent a miserable 4 days with an attack of my Chrohn's Disease and still aint up to 100 percent again yet.. Sure am gettin tired as hell of chicken soup too..

Bein sick has left me with little to relate other than the effects of it and I'm really sure you dont wanna hear the shitty details !!

The bright side is that I finally let Miss Minnie Pearl in the house with me to keep me company and she took to bathin me with sympathy and her tongue and rarely leaves my side unless she has to..

I'm gradually gettin back to almost normal except I tire real easy now and still caint get very far away from the bathroom.. But its just so damn aggravatin to see so much I need to be doin and just dont have the energy to do much of it, but I am tryin to tackle small portions of it at a time..

The pisser is that a good cold front is gonna come thru tomoro and its gonna be the perfect time to be at the farm and get a deer or a hog hangin up.. The store is out of my favorite Sugar Cure right now but is puttin it at the top of their list to order more.. Gotta have it to make my special Virginia-type Smoked Hams !!

Thangs are slowly gettin worked out and a little bit more organised now so maybe it wont be so long till I post again.. Hope everybody is doin better than I have been and I hope to have the comments back ON soon so I can hear from Ya'll.. See ya soon..

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Countin Down The Hours

I didnt know for sure I'd still be able to post tonite but SURPRISE !!

This ol puter is almost 10 years old and tryin to save and remove stuff is a helluva task to undertake.. Lotsa pics and letters from my Mama and a library of recipes and memories of friends long past..

The seperation of me from my puter is not your regular crash and burn of a hard drive or system.. You see, me and my puter have been together since right before I lost my leg and it helped me get thru the hard times.. REAL hard times !!

I'm just gonna leave a lot out of this part in between, but I'll just say that losin my puter is gonna be a lot like my ex takin my daughter and leavin me after 17 years.. Took me almost 4 years to get over that and it wadnt a very pretty 4 years either..

But I've managed to outlive and outlast a bunch of those sunzabitches that were my enemies 10 years ago.. Without them tryin to have their foot on my neck all the time its gonna be a different story this time and if they aint got the hint that if they dont like what Wild bill does then they can just suck ol Buck, then we can just go thru it all again.. I got news for em this time tho.. Wild Bill aint gonna be so fuggin nice about it !! It aint just fun and games no more..

I got some serious biddness to take care of and be sure that I'll try to get back here as often as possible to let ya'll know how its goin..

I wrote this while under the vast influence of Sour Mash .. Just so you would know..

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Dark Side Of The Moon

A Failure To Communicate

The Mrs. is gonna be takin my computer with her Wednesday since hers got fried in a litnin storm a few months ago.. Why, it would just be torture for her to have to do without a computer !!

That means that I was right in figgerin that I would be doin "touch-and-go" with bloggin for a while.. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right..

I'm gonna see what I can do to swang another NEW puter soon and hope to be back to kickin dirt in the liberals faces..

Sure am gonna miss ya'll and I hope this aint gonna last for long..

Friday, November 02, 2007

No New Scars

I made my appointment at the VA Hospital in Shreveport today and after all the Pecker Checkers rubbed their chins red they decided that since its been so long that I have suffered with my gall bladder that it has gotten scarred and inflamed the tissue around it to where it would be better to plan on doin a Full-Cut Removal and thats gonna cause me to spend close to a week as an In-patient and they gave me time to prepare for it..

December 12th is the new target date to get it out now..

I've already gone and got another load of firewood and aint nothin else pressin so I may load the trailer and make a trip to the farm and do a little piddlin tomoro.. Gonna be some fine weather for it and too warm to be curin a hog or hangin a deer, and besides, I've got a fresh half-gallon of Evan Williams Sour Mash and I caint thank of a better time or reason than now to go and enjoy a few swiggs and some beautiful countryside and a campfire.. Aint the colors out there somethin right now ??

Lost Pearls

THIS site link has some good material on a very special Lady..

Not since LBJ has a President brought such a fantastic First Lady to the White house.. But you say, what about Mrs. Barbara Bush ?? Well, I consider her the First Mother..

From what I have seen, Mrs. Barbara Bush is very near a clone of my Mama, and that causes me to see her as the First Mother, not as a First Lady.. But Mrs. Laura Bush is a First Lady of the Highest Magnitude..

The Media has done America the worst dis-service that can be imagined by spotlightin Paris, Britney, and Lindsey, to this country's youth, instead of puttin Mz. Laura out there and showin what a fantastic Lady is made of..

No other First Lady has impressed so much on me since Mrs. Johnson, and I'm not so sure that Laura Bush dont even top her.. The thought that Laura Bush hasnt got the credit she so greatly deserves is a crime and can only rest on the shoulders of the Media..

She may not get credit from most of the rest of America, but she gets much credit and love and admiration from this ol East Texas Redneck !!

G.W. is a very lucky man, and so is America !!