Sunday, September 30, 2007

We've Gotten TRASHY !!

No Deposit-No Return

A lot of people have talked about WHEN AMERICA STARTED GOIN TO HELL IN THE FAST LANE, and have made a lot of thoughtful attempts at puttin a timeline on it..

Some say Viet Nam was the turnin point.. Some say the 80's was the drop-off point..

I say it was the advent of the throw away container.. Soda bottles to be precise !!

When I was growin up my Saturday started with gettin with a buddy and the hunt began for Pop bottles to take to the store and collect the return deposit on em and then see how much we had made and then plan our day..

We usually started by headin to the 5 and Dime store downtown to raid the candy bins and get a sack of whatever our taste for candy was that day, whether it was the chocolate covered peanuts or the goowy-chewy coconut triple flavor chunks..

Then with our sack of candy in hand we would go to the White's Auto store and drool over the new bikes and the new BB guns and and racks of new rifles on the wall while we munched our candy and shared it with the store owner and his wife so they would be nice and let us sit on the bikes and fondle the BB guns and he would show us the new .22s and shotguns that had come in but we didnt get to hold em..

After a quick circle by the theater to see what the show was that Saturday and decide if we wanted to see it, we would head to the 7-11 store and go over the rack of balsa wood gliders and kites and sling shots.. If our bottle collectin had been good we would get us a toy to play with but we would usually skip the toys and head by the home turf and check-in and then head to Mrs. Mamie's Cafe(where all the black folks still got served in the back) and get one of her big greasy hamburgers and fries and a pop for a WHOLE DOLLAR..

After that we would go to the County Courthouse across the street and slide down the stair bannisters and look at the WANTED posters stapled on the wall by the Sheriff's Office and talk to my uncle Mervin a minute who was the custodian..

Then it was time to make a trip to the airport(which was nothin more than a dirt strip) and either watch the crop dusters come and go or if they wadnt flyin we would watch the cycle riders race up and down the runway or the dirt bikes jump the banks on the side.. They would even take us for a THRILL RIDE sometimes.. And one of the airport's neighbors had a bunch of gas powered model planes that he would build himself fly around out there too.. But one way or another the airport was always a place of excitement and it was FREE..

If we still had money left or the parents wanted to get rid of us bad enuff to pay our way and it was real hot or the weather was bad we would get a ride to the show and catch a movie, or go to the Drug Store and get one of the best strawberry malts I have ever smacked a lip on..

But when the no deposit-no return bottles came out it almost ruined me and my buddy's world.. He had to start helpin his dad at their store on Saturday to get his spendin money and I went to work for a used car lot washin cars to get mine.. We worked most of the day so our Fun Time was gone anyway..

But those pop bottles helped us learn to budget our money and plan our activities and work as a team and deal with other people on a financial basis.. When they started to disappear is when I thank our society as a whole began to become a Throw-Away culture.. Even America's babies and marriage became no deposit-no return !!

A whole American subculture(the homeless) learned that they could live off what the rest of us threw away.. Thus was born the Dumpster Divers and the Bag Ladies..

Whole camps sprang up of Nam Vets that hated their fellow citizens almost as much as they did the Gooks chose not to be a part of the society that spit and threw shit on em and called em evil names when they came home.. They too were no deposit-no return..

From the simple beginnin of the throw away bottle we have evolved to the point of a throw away Gubmint and Country.. Not zactly what I would call progress !!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Healthy Sucks !!

Gettin "Healthy" Can Kill You

Me and the Mrs. have been tryin to take some weight off our fat asses and cut back on our smokin and drankin and get more exercise and eat better.. We thought we would be healthier and feel better..


I lost 35+ pounds and the Mrs. lost a bunch too, we cut our smokin WAY down and I even cut out almost all my ceegars, seldom do we have fried taters and peppers and onions anymore, we now have 1 pot of coffee in the mornin instead of 2 or more, we use filtered water instead of tap water, and we have been a lot more active than we have been in a few years..

So why are we gettin all these damn viruses and bugs ??

The Mrs. woke with a sore throat yesterday and has felt bad since and I now have the sniffles and tryin to get a bad cough, AGAIN ..

If THIS is what bein healthy is like, FORGET IT !!

OR, maybe I'm just jonsin to go to the farm and harvest me a pig and roast it and I'm just tryin to make excuses to go make a damn glutton out of myself and drank too much homebrew and smoke a bunch of ceegars and drank buckets of campfire coffee.. I bet I wouldnt be worryin bout havin the sniffles tho !!

I may just have to test my theory out on this.. Its all Cheryl's fault tho.. She keeps talkin bout goin to the Mountains !! Yeah, Cheryl's fault..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dangerous Territory

The World's BREADBASKET is almost empty !!

Somethin else I have touched on a time or two and ranted about some here is the severe shortage of grains in the U.S. Emergency Supplies stocks..

One thang that jumped out at me this mornin durin my early gatherin of news came from The Market Report.. Not only have the U.S. stockpiles of grain gotten to disastrously LOW LEVELS, now the WORLD's levels of grain have done the same thang..

I've gone thru what the dangers are that this poses so I aint gonna clutter these pages with it again.. There are plenty of places on the .net that can give you better and more specifics on it than I can..

But unlike a U.S. shortage and what that means, now its GLOBAL and takes the situation to a whole new level..

When it was just a U.S. shortage nobody seemed to give a shit and didnt care if the big fat Americans starved to death in a disaster, but now that its Global you can bet that its gonna be a big deal.. We just caint have the Third World folks doin without their corn cakes and tortillas, yanno !!

But, I'm gonna get goofy and put a tin-foil hat on for a minute here. So, could this have been a BUSH/CHENEY/ROVE plot to get back at all the dirtbag dictators of the world ?? Most of em have big supplies of oil and resources that they charge us dearly for and very little agriculture.. Maybe the plan is to see just how hungry the sunzabitches have to get before they decide their fuggin oil aint worth as much as they thought it was and our corn and wheat is worth a lot more than they thank they oughta have to pay !!

But thank about it for a minute here.. A major WORLD WIDE shortage of grains and the U.S. Gubmint is still shellin out MEGA BUCKS to farmers, NOT TO PLANT !!

Altho its not at all logical and only a little bit reasonable, I have come up with only ONE excuse for lettin this happen, and I'm just wonderin if anybody else comes to the same conclusion that I have..

Just ponder on it a while and let me know what you come up with..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sins Of Omission

Too Much Good News

There is so much good news from Iraq, that there is NO NEWS !!

What that means, is that there is not enuff BAD NEWS from Iraq to push on us, that no news gets reported..

But how long do you thank thats gonna last ?? You can bet your sweet ass that it wont last long until the media finds somethin to piss and moan about !!

The media bashed the Bush Admin. into the ground about there not bein enuff military gains in Iraq, while the (D)s in Congress obstructed and delayed any effert to increase manpower and equipment to make that happen..

IN SPITE of the (D)s, the Surge happened and military gains have been made, on a LARGE scale, and since then the (D)s have drummed on about the failures of the Iraqi Leadership while they kissed on Assad of Syria's ass so much that they gave him a Lipstick Rash !!

Now Iraqi Leadership is comin around and gainin organisation and so what are the (D)s and the media gonna harp on next, you reckon ??

Best I can figger, is that RECONSTRUCTION is gonna be the next big thang that gets beaten on.. Not enuff hospitals.. Not enuff schools.. Not enuff parks.. Not enuff electricity.. Not enuff McDonalds.. Not enuff Starbucks.. Not enuff cigarette taxes.. Not enuff Gun Control.. Too much obesity.. Too much Talk Radio..




I know the news SUCKS, and I wouldnt blame you a bit if you havent, but, just on the chance, have you been keepin track of the Headlines lately ??

Have you seen whats been news concernin Bush and The Hildebeast ??

Drudge headlines said "Bush Advisin Hillary and Democrats"..

So, what advice did G.W. give em, huh ?? He gave em caution to watch what stance they took on Iraq in the campaign cause there may be some thangs that they find out if elected and may not be able to fulfill their promises.. In other words, dont make promises that you caint keep cause you dont know the whole story..

This past Sunday The Hildebeast was doin the Talkin Head programs and when asked what she was gonna do about some situation if she was elected, she said she couldnt make the call cause she wadnt "privy" to info that would be needed to make it..

You may recall that durin one of the discusions that me and Dora had a coupla weeks ago bout Blackhawk Down and Somalia, she asked me what I would have done, and I said I couldnt make that call cause I wadnt privy to the info I would have needed to make that call..

I'm tellin you that D.C. is readin this blog and copyin me !!

Hello President Bush.. I hear you are gonna be movin to Dallas after you get out.. Wanna go hog huntin with me sometime ?? Just dont brang Cheney with you !! snicker snicker

Monday, September 24, 2007

The State Of The Moh-Rons

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Where Is The Sheepdog

The Wolf is wanderin around New York and most of the Sheep and the Sheepdog seem to thank thats all right.. In fact, a bunch of the Sheep are gonna get together and listen to the Wolf try to justify why he is killin the Sheep..

And these are some of the very same Sheep that go completely batshit spaz over somebody sayin that there is a difference between the Male and Female brain and demand that they be banished from American Society and forced to pay reparations ..

Folks, does it, or is it, gonna get any more insane than this ??

The other day right before Act-Mad raced to catch his plane to the U.S., he was at a military parade in Iran where they showed placards and missles with "DEATH TO ISRAEL" and "DEATH TO AMERICA" on em..

These very same Sheep at Columbia that have INVITED Act-Mad on their stage are the ones that have banned ROTC and Military Recruiters from campus and would rather eat large doses of rat poison than see Bush, Cheney, or Rove give a talk on the same stage..

People, these Sheep happen to make up somewhere around 30 percent of our population and would rather see ANYBODY BUT BUSH leadin our country, includin Act-Mad or any of the other tyrants around the world today..

Scary aint it ??

But there really is no workable options available to us to remedy the Sheep..

If we took up Arms against em we would also face the Gubmint and Military in doin it.. Our only option is gonna be to hunker in our bunker and let the Sheep eat each other and when our enemies come to claim their conquest of a weakened country and the Gubmint and Military are busy with them then we can come out and see if we can save and rebuild our country and our society, if possible..

Like I said, SCARY !!

You would thank that somewhere among the Sheep there would be someone smart enuff to have already figgered this out and that their grand idea of a Socialist Utopia based on some nonexistant EU Xanadu JUST AINT GONNA HAPPEN and would be sharin their discovery..

Obviously I'm givin the Sheep a little more credit for logic and commom sense than they are capable of !!

But thats The State Of The Union as I see it today..

I Was Wrong Again

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I Thank I Over Reacted

A few posts ago I said that the attacks on our Military and Gen. Petraeus was gonna be the biggest disaster this country had ever seen.. It now looks like I'm gonna be proven wrong on that one, and I caint say I'm sad to see it..

In some examples I've seen that the attacks did do grave damage to the Troops morale and resolve.. But the deterioration hasnt formed on a scale of what I feared..

I underestimated the Troops ability to filter out the bullshit and their resolve to see the Mission proceed to completion, and for that I'm very very sorry..

Obviously the Media and their minions have had an affect on my thinkin and rationale in my perceptions.. And I have admitted before that I suffer from occasional mental lapses..

So before anybody tries to chisel-in-stone what they see me say here or make Gospel out of it, just remember that I can get it wrong too and sometimes react from The Heart and not The Mind.. But whether the mind is willin or not, the heart is always here !!

I LOVE THE TROOPS, past and present, and it really hits me hard when I see em attacked by their own fellow citizens and their own Leaders.. And I believe that such OFFENSE should be punishable by CAPITAL PUNISHMENT !! As in, HANG THE SUNZABITCHES !!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who Would/Could Stop Me ?

For the last coupla weeks Glenn Beck has been talkin bout "The Perfect Day" where the dirtbags kill a bunch of kids and people at American schools..

He says the aim of the dirtbags is to get Americans mad enuff to start goin house-to-house and door-to-door killin Mooselimbs and creatin a Holy War with the Mooselimbs World Wide..

Would it work ??

I'd get mad enuff, but we dont have any Mooselimbs here to go after !! But if we did, I just wonder, could somebody stop me from my rampage ?? I dont know who it would be cause there aint anybody on the Law Enforcement here that could.. But I figger thats pretty well what its gonna be like most everywhere..

So, if the Mooselimbs pull it off at the schools, and we eradicate a bunch of em, and a Holy War starts, is the Gubmint and the Military gonna have the balls to finish the job ??

The Pentagon has plans for just about any situation that military force is called for, but do the have a plan for Holy War ?? The Mooselimbs do !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All About Advice


If you thank that I only get into heated discussions with liberals here, you are mistaken..

I've been involved in a pissin contest on my Yahoo Group too.. IMAGINE THAT !!

Its left me wonderin bout a few thangs.. Mainly, Sage Old Advice..

All my life I've enjoyed sittin and listenin to the OLD FOLK'S stories and advice on life.. Those Revelations On Life have served me well durin the years and no doubt have saved my life a time or two..

But I keep goin back to somethin that I was told once..

"If you have been doin somethin the same way for the last 20 years, then chances are, you are doin it wrong today" !!

For longer than 20 years I have taken some advice to heart that I was given, and have tried to follow it.. That advice has come into question now and I'm wonderin if it is still as relevent today as it has been in the past..

Many Many years ago I was told that the fastest way to lose a friend was loan/borrow MONEY to/from one.. I've tested this theory a few times, and once a few years ago, and it still proves true.. But I'm wonderin if its worth the risk of losin a friend by gettin money involved ??

Another issue I've been given advice on, is to not get involved in other peoples Family Matters/Disputes.. My daddy was a 2-term Texas Sherrif and my brother retired after over 30 years as a Beat Cop/Ass. Chief./Chief of Police, and both said that a family dispute was the nastiest, most dangerous, and most dreaded call that they ever got.. My question is, IF/WHEN is a person OBLIGATED to get involved in somebody elses Family Matters ??

I'm not talkin bout the Personal Choice to get involved here, but the OBLIGATION to ..

This issue is weighin real heavy on my mind.. There are other factors involved too, one of which is the harsh and critical response I've had towards the liberals lately.. But I'm just sick-to-death of the liberals shirkin the fault and responsibility of their own actions and tryin to put the blame for it on anybody but themselves !!

The attack on Gen. Petreaus and the Iraqi Leadership the last coupla weeks has almost sent me over the edge, and I'm havin doubts about whether I even need to be postin and commentin here or on my Yahoo Group with the GOTDAM RAGE and CONTEMPT I'm feelin !!

Have I gotten so fuckin mean and angry that I need to take a breather and stay away and just keep my vile attitude and thoughts to myself ??

People should already have a good idea that if they go to a Redneck Blog that chances are they are gonna get to see a Redneck Attitude in action, but what I've had lately has gone WAY ABOVE a Redneck Attitude..

I aint proud of the way I've acted lately, but I aint ashamed of it either.. No matter how docile and calm an animal is, if you poke it with a stick or use the whip on it enuff, its eventually gonna get ahold of you, and it aint right to put the blame entirely on the animal, if at all..

I've been accused of creatin a "Jerry Springer" atmosphere recently, and that aint what I want.. But some folks say that is what makes it fun and interestin to be around where I post and comment.. Sadly, I aint been so fun and interestin lately.. But if I dont take a break and go IN-ACTIVE for a while and people with sticks and whips keep comin at me, I'm still gonna keep growlin and lungin at the end of my chain !!

I aint gonna say that its gonna make any difference, but if somebody that is thankin a little clearer than I am has some advice I'll definetely take it into consideration..

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Line Has Been Crossed

This is from Hugh Hewitt's blog(in the blogroll) and its what I was referin to in my last post..

Hello to all,
I have had an exciting week and have had some different experiences. I again had an opportunity to accompany some DV trips off the Camp VIctory Compound and see some more of Iraq and some of my former Cadets. On Wednesday I took a helo to Taji and had an opportunity to see the base where my son William was stationed when he was here in 2003. The change is amazing. many repaired buildings, hard trailers for living quarters a huge new dining facility. That is a far cry from when William was there living in bombed out buildings with no showers and eating MREs for meals. On Saturday I was able to go and see my former Cadet who was wounded. He is fine, in great spirits and continueing his important work. Our soldiers are resiliant and hard working. He did not drop a beat in his contribution to the war effort. Later that day I went and saw another former Cadet on his compound. He is working hard and in great spirits even in light of his living conditions which are the bare minimum on his newly created base. He is living in a tent with 12 other soldiers and existing in a sea of 6 inch deep dust. But he is charging on and preforming his duties cheerfully. These are two of the great dedicated soldiers that are out here fighting the war and trying to keep it away from home. I owe them very much and will take them to dinner when I see them at home. I am very proud of them. So far I have been able to see 3 of the 5 Cadets that I have out here.
Now I would like to talk about the politicalization of the Military. First let me explain that every member of the Armed Forces takes an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Not to suppport any party, office or person. We take that oath very seriously so much so that the oath I took 34 years ago at UCLA is still important to me, very real, and drives my actions. I am always under that oath. It is one of the reasons I came back on active duty and deployed to Iraq.
We soldiers have political views but they have no place in the preformance of our duty. We serve under the President and it does not matter what we think of that president or what party he is from. We execute his orders and take direction from him as the Commander and Chief through the Secretary of Defense. That is how the Constitution is set up. Those civilians give us our marching orders. However we are not political spokesmen for the President or for any political party. We speak our minds and then take our orders and execute them. Hopefully those orders are in line with our assesments and the operations we prefer. But if not we execute anyway.
GEN Petraeus developed a strategy sometime last year to handle the terrorism in Iraq, to reduce the violence and control the nation. That strategy came out of his indepth study of insurgency and his development of the new US Army Counter Insurgency Manual. He discussed that strategy with the Congress during his confirmation hearings and Congress overwhelming confirmed him, to include Harry Ried and Hillery Clinton. That strategy was in line with the President's ideas on how to defeat the terrorists. Congress gave GEN Petraeus the mandate to report back to them on the progress of the war. He asked for some time to see how the surge developed and how successful it would be. The date was set for Sept.
Well the surge is definately working. I read all the data the intell reports and listen to many of the briefings. GEN Petraeus is out among the Divisions, units and soldiers daily he has a better grasp of what is happening in Iraq then any other person in the US. He reports what he sees and knows. However for purly political reasons Congressmen, Senators, news persons and political committees like MOVE ON.ORG choose to call this wartime Commander a LIAR. By extension they call all of us liars. The CG (Commanding General) is reporting the situation, he is not cooking the books or distorting the situation. The surge is working. We are not spokesmen for the administration nor flunkies for the President ...
We serve you, we report what we see, we live in difficult circumstances and only want to win and get back home. We do not like being targets and being away from our families but we know what both the cost of war is and also the result of war, both to win and to lose. Yet we fight and none of us are crying to come home. We want to finish this war by wining and giving Iraq a democratic future and killing AL Qaeda. Yet in a disgusting display calls the CG a traitor. Do the Democrats who take money from MoveOn distance themselves from that ad? NO...
The militray, one of the most trusted and apolitical institutions in the Nation, has been disrespected by a political party using an institution (Congress) that at this point in time has a lower poll rating then the President. If we are to be disrespected by them for doing our job and reporting honestly as required by Congress then we may at some point in time be forced to take sides in the political debate. Do you really want us to be political. Ads like Move do untold damage to the image and professionalism of the military by saying that we already have taken sides. We all take it personally. If you dont repudiate both the disgusting ad and those who support it we will find a military prone to take sides in political battles. I know many who don't agree with the war will discount what I say and my position on the course of the war. However I am in a position to know what I am talking about. I won't tell the lawers how to work the law, or doctors how to operate, but I am an experienced soldier at war in the war zone in an office next to the CG. I know what I am talking about.
The Democrats had expected 6 months ago to hear a negative report in Sep and then attack the President for his failed war policy. When that did not happen they did not know what to do so they attacked the messanger and have done irrepairable damage to the military. Don't forget, we dont go to "die in" demonstrations in Washington we are out here really dying for you, for freedom, for the United States, and we are not asking to come home. We are asking for you to let us win this.
Well enough I am beginning to sound a little too serious. Actually we try to keep it light out here as to take ourselves too serious can also be dangerous. Thank you all again for reading through this long post. It is important, at least we think so.

Fighting Irish War Dog

comment: How long do you thank this country would stay free, if the ones fightin to keep it free, QUIT ??

And how many attacks on American Soil by the Mooselimbs do you thank it would take for the Military to come lookin for Democrat Heads after the Military were forced to withdraw from Iraq on such bullshit as was thrown out by the (D)s and MoveOn this last week ??

And if the (D)s persist in their attacks on the Military, how long do you thank its gonna be before the Troops start to have Partisan conflict among themselves ??

Any ONE of these would be catastrophic and is not far enuff out of the realm of possibility to suit me..

And here is a little refresher that I saved from Poweline(also in the blogroll) that expresses the sentiment from the (D)s.. Without the prize of power, the (D)s would be perfectly willin to see this country destroyed..
I have a friend who, in a phone conversation last weekend, said the unsayable. Come to think of it, this friend makes a specialty of saying the unsayable. That is one reason he is invaluable.
He said, “The Democrats have to win in 2008 — I mean, the whole enchilada: House, Senate, and presidency.” You ought to know that my friend is a staunch conservative Republican. “Why?” I said. “Why do they have to win?” He answered, “Because that’s the only way they will be fully onboard the War on Terror. They won’t fully support it otherwise, because they will always be trying to trip up the Republicans. If you want the Democrats onboard the War on Terror, they have to be in charge. Period.”

A dark, dark proclamation. And redolent of ol’ Joe, the one from Wisconsin. I am not entirely convinced of its wrongness, however.

What MoveOn said and the Democrat's agreement with is gonna lead to the destruction of our Military and leave us fightin for our existence in our own streets !!

The Democrats are against America and our Military, and that makes them my ENEMY !!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Day Of Disgrace

Its all I can do not to just break down in sobs !!

The damage the (D)s did to their Party, the Institution of Congress, the Military, and all of America today amounts to the greatest disaster this country has ever seen..

How can you fix somethin this FUCKED UP without first tearin it completely down and rebuildin the whole gotdam thang ??

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Sunday, September 09, 2007

RT's Been Stealin My Material

Thats really just a joke, but a post of mine that was meant for here showed up over at Redneck's Revenge(top of the blogroll) yesterday, where I also contribute, and I had a follow-up post that I put up over there today also..

Is it just the places I visit or has the whole .net gotten slow lately ?? Even Drudge has been slow bout updatin his site and most blogs are a week behind..

I used to have to sit here half the nite readin all my sites I usually go to, and lately I have been huntin new sites to get some readin material.. It aint been cause of a lack of stuff to write about either.. There is a swirl of news out there that aint gettin passed on but I guess people are just wantin to follow MSM's lead and pound on the same ol shit day-after-day or not post at all..

But I'm gettin over my CRUD now and feelin better and it no longer sounds like a TB Clinic in here, so I spect I'll be doin more postin here.. Its supposed to be coolin off here this next week and that usually means that I get the "bakin" bug and start lookin at stuff to go in the oven.. No doubt that I'll find somethin I'll wanna post here too.. I already have a few recipes in mind..

But if you get to "jonsin" for one of my posts and dont find it here, check over at RT's and see if he's done stole some more of my posts !! snicker snicker

Friday, September 07, 2007


I was outside workin in the yard yesterday when my scooter had a TOTAL electrical system melt-down !!

It HAD an electric brake on it but it overheated and fried and set the whole damn bunch of wires under me to smokin and meltin.. So I started grabbin wires and yankin em loose and pullin em off the batteries and finally got the whole thang disconnected beofre it started blazin..

The electric brake is completely fried and I took it off and spent this afternoon puttin $50 worth of new wires, switches, and solenoids on the scooter.. I had to start from SCRATCH too.. From the batteries to the switches to the solenoids to the motor, but I just got it all put back together and it has been a puzzle of major proportion..

Dont know what I'm gonna do for a brake now, but I'll thank about that after I give my brain a rest.. And on top of that, everybody in our whole house has come down with a summer head and chest cold.. I magine its the same thang that everybody else has been passin around.. Our's dont seem to be as severe as what some folks have desribed.. Some said they got over their's in a day or two while others said it lasted a month..

Right now I'm mentally exhausted and and just dont have the energy to get excited over anythang and thro a big rant at it..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Who Will Fill The Shoes ??

I Was An Admirer Too

I do have a touch of culture in me, I just dont let it out much.. Luciano Pavarotti made it hard for me to keep it on the inside tho and I would have to let it out..

I never saw him in person and only listened to him on records and radio and I do have one CD that he and Celine Dion do a duet on.. I've never heard him on one of those Super-Duper sound systems, but his performances didnt require it.. The PASSION and EMOTION carried well thru just about any means of reproduction..

When he sang he had my undivided attention..

He was a very gifted Artiste and shared his gift.. But the gift is now silent and the voice stilled and another Magnanimous Icon has gone away from us..

Heah, Divo.. Be sure to tell Bob Wills and Stevie Ray Vaughn that Wild Bill says "HI" and that I miss em, just as I'm gonna miss you..

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Not Movin Very Fast Today

Like I said last nite, its been an eventful weekend and Holiday !!

I've got a little ditch that runs from under the drip line of the carport out the back door and down the side of the house and out thru the front yard to the street.. It keeps the rain from backin up and runnin under the house.. Its been siltin in and has needed cleanin out for a while now.. The last time I did it was when hurricane Rita was headed this way.. That was right after Katrina too..

So I've been tillin and haulin the dirt from the ditch to over in my empty lot next door to try and have a small garden over there next year, if I'm still here.. And I'm makin it a little wider and deepenin it by about 4 inches too.. Its a LOT of dirt to move tho usin my scooter and a little Red Wagon I've fixed to hook on the back of my scooter..

The long trek from the ditch to the lot takes a lot of juice out of my batteries on the scooter and I have to stop and rest and re-charge the batteries pretty often.. That gives me time to sit under my little hickory tree and have a few coldbeers and that also means that I have a lot of company stop by to sit and visit..

One of my visitors has been an old friend that is C.R.A.Z.Y. !! Certifiable.. He has been sent down to the Nut-House and spent time down there and then was sent to prison for 6 years too.. His wife had left him and taken the kid with her and he went nuts again and was gonna kill himself and held the cops off in a stand-off and they sent him to the Pen for 6 years for it.. He's been back for several months and he aint gotten much of his sanity back.. Still NUTS !!

But I have known the fella since he was just out of diapers and we have had a lot of contact with each other over the years thru buildin Hot Rods and Street Racin and partyin, but we aint ever really run-around together..

I went nuts for a few years too when my ex left and took our baby away with her, so I can understand him on that point and have a small amount of sympathy for him, but sometimes I feel that he is enjoyin it a little more than he should..

So him and a coupla more that stopped by explains the CRAZY PEOPLE I was talkin bout, and of coarse Oscar and Felix.. BTW.. Felix is out of jail and is lookin for a new place to live now, but his attitude is a lot different now and his Mama had him come over and apologize to us..

My neighbors behind us, the ones that thro trash over the fence are the WILD NEIGHBORS I was referin to.. They had a non-stop party that started Thursday nite and ended sometime after midnite last nite.. I'm talkin bout a P.A.R.T.A.A. too !! 50 people, loud music, fuggin kids runnin thru-over-under-in everythang and screamin at the top of the lungs the whole time from daylite till after midnite.. But the most irritatin thang bout em was that some BIG FAT BITCH must have gotten a new truck that had the loudest fuggin alarm on it that I have ever heard, and she made a million trips to that damn truck and kept that damn alarm goin off bout every 5 or 10 minutes..

Lord Bless Miss Minnie Pearls heart .. That bunch of HEATHENS was right behind her house and kept her stirred up all thye time, but I got her out and put her on her chain out under the hickory tree with me most of the time.. I thank me AND her deserve some time at the farm lettin our nerves settle back down and gettin our blood pressure back within a safe range !!

Yesterday evenin we(me, the Mrs., the crazy guy, and a coupla other friends) were sittin out under the hickory tree havin a coldbeer and talkin when all of a sudden there was cops, all kindsa cops, comin out of the woodwork SWARMIN the whole neighborhood and this side of town !! Lights but no siren goin and racin up one street and down another.. A neighbor from behind us on the east side(not the trashy ones) walked up the street and the Mrs. walked out to talk to her and she said she heard on the Poleece Radio that shomebody had been shot and they were tryin to find the shooter and he was in our area..

The 2 friends got scared and left and went home and I stepped in and put my pistol in my overalls and went back out and we sat there some more till we heard from the neighbor again and she said the shootin was in a field out behind where the crazy man is stayin so he went to check his place and I had a few more coldbeers and finally came in the house too.. I still aint heard any more bout it tho..

That explains the shootin..

While I was out workin on the ditch yesterday mornin I put a pork roast on to smoke and the Mrs. did the honor of makin us a big pot of pintos and smoked pork roast with it.. The beans came out hard and the roast cooked all to pieces but they sure do taste good so they will get et anyway.. So thats the cookin part..

Thangs have got a little more back to normal round here today.. Just the NORMAL CHAOS to deal with..

I'm stiff and sore and hurtin like hell from the diggin and haulin dirt and my ass is blistered from sittin on that hot plastic scooter seat all weekend so I'm havin a calm leisure day today.. But I sure would like to get my chores caught up here at the house so me and Miss Minnie Pearl could go to the farm and do the leisure thang right soon !! Restin here at home is all right but it dont give the Total Relaxation like squirmin down into my big thick cotton mattress on my army cot at the farm does..

We are lookin at bout a 60 percent chance of rain here for the next coupla days and that means I dont have any idea how much of my chores are gonna get done, and whether my bad shoulder is gonna heal enuff to let me do anythang anyway.. But I've got a big pot of beans and smoked pork roast and gonna make a skillet of cornbread and I'm gonna stuff my big ass and finish that 6-pak of coldbeer thats left from the weekend in some frosty mugs and the neighbors and the crazy people and cops and the shooters can all just SUCK OL BUCK !!

So how was ya'll's weekend ??

Monday, September 03, 2007

It's Been Crazy !!

I aint even gonna try to explain it all.. It involves neighbors GONE WILD.. Shootins.. Crazy people.. Lotsa coldbeer.. Cookin.. Hard work.. Cops runnin everywhere.. And I'm TIRED !!

Calgon, TAKE ME AWAY !!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Love Taters Too

I like taters fixed just about any way they can be done.. But I guess my favorite is sliced and diced and fried with some onions and peppers in a big cast iron skillet.. A big pile of em on a plate with a drizzle of Ranch Dressin and I'm a Happy Camper !!

Here are a few other ways to fix em tho that you may not have seen and wish you had seen..

Cajun Fried Potatoes Recipe

Yield: 1 Servings
4 lg White potatoes, unpared, -scrubbed -Boiling, salted water
1/2 ts Salt
1/4 ts Ground white pepper
1/4 ts Ground black pepper
1/4 ts Onion powder
1/4 ts Garlic powder
1/8 ts Ground cumin
1/8 ts Ground cayenne pepper
About 2 c. oil, for frying

Cut the potatoes into 1" cubes. Add to boiling salted water. Cook just until fork tender but not mushy, about 7 minutes Drain and cool.
Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the salt, peppers, onion and garlic power, cumin and cayenne pepper. Add the potatoes to the spices. Toss to coat all pieces evenly. You may do this much in advance and hold the potatoes as long as an hour before completing the dish.
Heat about 1" oil in a wok or deep skillet to about 350 degrees or until a piece of potato sizzles when added to the oil. Add the potatoes. Fry until golden brown on all sides, turning frequently. Remove from fat, drain and serve immediately.

You can serve these Cajun Fried Potatoes with ham and cornbread to make a tasty meal.


Cracker Barrel's Hashbrown Casserole

Ingredients: 2 lbs. frozen hashbrowns
1/2 cup melted butter
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 pt. sour cream
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 cups grated cheddar
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 cups crushed cornflakes
1/4 cup melted butter Cooking Instructions: DEFROST hashbrowns.

COMBINE next 7 ingr. and mix with hashbrowns.

PUT all in a 3 qt. casserole.

SAUTE cornflakes in butter and sprinkle on top.

COVER and BAKE at 350 for about 40 min.


Apricot-Glazed Pork with Potatoes and Cabbage

Make this one-dish wonder of a meal in less than half an hour. Tender pork loin glazed with apricot preserves and speckled with paprika; cooked and served on the same platter with cabbage and potatoes.

1 medium onion, peeled and thinly sliced
1 teaspoon butter
3 cups shredded cabbage
1 pound boneless pork loin roast, thinly sliced
1 pound potatoes, scrubbed and cut into matchsticks
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 cup apricot jam
1 tablespoon brown mustard
1/2 teaspoon paprika

Place onion and butter on a large, microwave-safe platter. Microwave, uncovered, on HIGH for 1 to 2 minutes or until the onion is slightly softened. Add cabbage; toss to coat. Cover tightly with plastic wrap, turning back one edge to vent; microwave on HIGH for 2 to 3 minutes or until the cabbage is soft. Push the cabbage mixture to the center and arrange pork strips decoratively around it. Place potatoes in a ring outside the pork. Season vegetables, pork and meat with salt and pepper.
In a small bowl combine apricot jam, brown mustard and paprika. Drizzle over the pork. Microwave, covered, for 10 to 12 minutes or until the pork is no longer pink and the potatoes are tender.
Makes 4 servings.

Cooking Tip: Thin slices make this meal possible to cook quickly in the microwave. A 'matchstick' in this case is 1/8 x 1/8 x 2-inch long shape, the classic julienne.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Sordid Tale

I have a coupla neighbors, who I'll call Felix and Oscar.. If you are thinkin along the lines of The Odd Couple you would be correct.. Oscar is Mescan descent born in America and Felix is black.. They got cross-wised today and Felix decided to vent his frustrations by gettin violent and Oscar came out in the front yard and saw me and the Mrs. outside and asked us to call the cops for him..

They showed up and inspected the blood and wounds on Oscar and took Felix to jail to cool till Monday.. After that we got Oscar to come over and sit and have a few coldbeers with us and talk..

Seems that Felix is gonna be lookin for a new place to live when he gets out Monday, and we found out that Oscar has Depression Tendencies, so I have been keepin an eye on him this evenin..

We talked Oscar into goin down to the Tex-Mex Cafe I was talkin bout the other day and he loved their food and its a comfort to him to get food here that he is accustomed to gettin in San Antone where he is from.. And so we got some food in him and convinced him that the best place for Felix is in the jail where he caint hurt himself or anybody else..

It got dark and we all moved to our own respective indoors and then a little bit ago I noticed that Oscar had come outside and was listenin to some kinda sad music on his car stereo, which the big stink was over Felix throwin Oscar's indoor CD player and ruinin it.. So I went over and sat and had a coupla more coldbeers with him and talkin some more and then he went to see if he could talk to some of Felix's relatives to get em to come and get his shit from the house before he got out of jail Monday..

Now, roommate squabbles aint nothin new and I wouldnt even thank bout postin somethin like this if there wadnt a point I wanted to make in doin it.. So, here is my point..

You see, Oscar is a conservative that worked to make ends meet and finally got an entry-level job at Exxon and made a hand for em em and worked himself up in position and when his facility shut down he got a cushy severence package and he invested it and instead of takin a lump sum he gets a regular monthly dividend while the rest still draws interest.. He likes this area and with his Exxon income and with no debts for car or morgage he can take one of the lower payin jobs available here and still live a modest life and be happy..

Felix on the other hand is a liberal and has sponged off his family and friends and has only recently even gotten his own car.. He lives paycheck-to-paycheck workin as a stocker at the Dollar Store and spends most of that runnin up and down the streets and wont even go to interviews for a better payin job.. But since he caint seem to live within his means and since Oscar has this nice extra income it falls on Oscar to pay all the rent, all the utilities, and buy all the food.. Because its not his fault that he pisses all his money away and dont have anythang to contribute..

But aint all us taxpayers in pretty much the same situation ?? How many of our taxpayers dollars have gone to buy those thumpers that have irritated us durin the day and kept us awake at night !! How many car payments you reckon that we have made for those cars with the flashy wheels and new paint job ?? How many bottles of booze or viles of crack you reckon our money has payed for ??

I caint go on without completely losin my cool, but I'm tired of these sunzabitches livin LARGE on my DIME while bitchin bout the waitin line at the bank to cash their checks !!