Thursday, March 31, 2005

For Terri

We have loved them during life;
let us not abandon them until we
have conducted them by our prayers
into the house of the Lord.

Your gentle face and patient smile
With sadness we recall
You had a kindly word for each
And died beloved by all.
The voice is mute and stilled the
That loved as well and true,
Ah, bitter was the trial to part
From one so good as you.
You are not forgotten loved one
Nor will you ever be,
As long as life and memory last
We will remember thee.
We miss you now, our hearts are sore.
As time goes by we miss you more,
Your loving smile, your gentle
face, no one can fill your vacant

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Give Up

Just when I think I can post again, and be civil and sane, I come across some S.O.B. that sets me off again.. Terri's Torture, as I call it, is really hitting me hard.. You say that I'm taking this too personal ?? It is personal to me.. My Dad had Crohns Disease and Alzheimers Disease, and he died by starving to death, while I was with him.. I saw first hand what it was like, and I have Crohns too, so I may end my days here on Earth just like him.. I'm not looking forward to it either.. I've heard nurses and hospital staff swear on radio programs that Terri's guardian (I'm not gonna call him her husband because he aint) has said that he just wanted the bitch to die and how he was gonna be a rich man. I keep hoping that at any time Alfred Hitchcock or Rod Serling is gonna pop up and say they were just rehearsing for a new TV show and then I wake up in a cold sweat.. I've cut down on my coldbeer intake lately, and I think it is affecting my logic and reasoning abilities.. It is gonna be perfect weather to go to the farm for a weekend outing soon and I'll be able to get a bottle of Sour Mash and get twisted-off and take some of the tension out of my tired old body for a change.. I call it ZEROING OUT.. Like running a Z tape on a cash register.. I sit around a campfire and drink Evan Williams Sour Mash and 7-UP out of a quart fruit jar and eat something with a lot of fat and grease and smoke in or on it and wonder what the poor folks are doin .. I've got several old washing machines and dryers that I use to take out my frustations on with my big bore rifles or sawed off 12 gauges with 000 Buckshot.. Hell, I feel better just thinking and talking about it.. Speakin of shootin and guns, the season has changed again so its time to clean and oil the ol rusty thangs again and that means I need to clean out my sock drawer too.. Cleanin rags, ya know.. Later..

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Yep, It's Spring.. Me and the Mrs. went to visit a friend and mow his yard for him yesterday.. He has a serious heart condition and astma and winds up in the hospital every time he mows.. The pollen was covering my lawnmower when I got thru mowing and the Mrs. was wanting to know why I was sneezing so much .. I eat his ass out last year about needing to trim the damn bushes and tree limbs around his yard, but he still hasnt yet, so everytime I made a pass near or under one, I got showered with pollen.. So, I coughed and sneezed all night, and have been blowing my nose every few minutes today.. Fuck It !! For the first time in almost 4 months I'm gonna be able to let the fire burn-out in the wood stove tonite or in the morning.. Forecast is for 70's for the next couple of days and around 50 at nite, so I get to do a cleaning-out of the stove for a change, without burnin my hand or arm.. I saved a shit-load of money this winter by burning wood instead of natural gas tho.. Ive heard what some folks gas bill has been around here this winter, and they have a lot smaller houses than Ive got, and I would have had to freeze my ass off myself, cause I aint got that kind of money to thro around.. I sure would like to sell this ol big house in town and get a new house built out on my 20 acres outside of town.. But thats another story for another day..

Friday, March 18, 2005

If Terri Was A Prisoner

A little background: A little over 5 years ago, I got my right leg shot off at the hip with a 12 gauge.. After being brought back from the dead 4 different times, I was in a coma for 3 weeks.. The Docs said I would most likely be very impaired if not a vegatable for the rest of my life.. I fooled em and came back with most of my faculties intact.. I had no living will and nobody but my Mom to decide if or when to pull the plug if it had come to that.. In other words, I could be in the same situation as Terri.. In my mind this and also having a daughter that seems to be trying to live in Dad's footsteps, gives me a little leeway to express an informed opinion on the subject of Terri Schaivo.. She is protected by the Constitution, where it says "LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS" .. What has happened is that the Judiciary has highjacked the Constitution again.. If the lady was on respirator,heart rythum and other machines it would be different, but all she needs is food and water, which a judge has ordered them not to give her, in other words, to starve her to death.. The judge is not ordering them to not give her something, he is ordering them to take something away.. Something she already has.. There are 2 little boys in my kids class at school who are not very much better off than Terri, and one has recently had a feeding tube installed, and another who has had his tube for a while now.. These are not the only ones in this town of about 4000 pop. I can imagine how many other kids AND adults there are in this big, wide country, that are going to be subject to this rule of life now.. You dont think that they'll try to get the others now ?? Think again.. And then maybe it will be the crippled like me, or hell, lets get rid of those fucking smokers, or those fat people while were at it !! Next, people will be afarid of getting a cold .. Somebody better hurry up and stop these kill-happy freaks.. Evidently they arent happy killing all the unborn babies anymore, they want to go after the living now!! I just wonder how much the BOUNTY is gonna be on this old, crippled, smoking, gun owning, fat, pro-Bush redneck ??

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Chili or Stew

Its been cold, damp, and rainy here the past few days, so we had canned chili yesterday and I broke down and smoked a beef rump roast for a while this morning and made stew out of it this afternnon.. I used 2 cans of Rotel in it, and a little Cajun Seasoning so it had a little bite to it.. I always use a little Avery Island Swamp Juice in my bowl too.. Everybody has been fed now, all except the chocolate cake and Blue Bell ice cream.. Gonna have to let supper settle a little bit before I have room for it tho.. I'm getting back into my routine of having a midnite snack again.. I slacked off during the winter months due to lack of exercise and the waistband of my clothes shrinking.. Its starting to look a little like Spring here now.. Fruit trees and Redbud and Dogwood trees are all blooming now.. Hell, I've already mowed the yard 3 times !! I say mowed the yard, but I really mean that I mowed the trash back out in the street where it came from.. My st augustine grass is all green and the grey and dead stuff is all but gone.. Wont be long till the wild onions will be covering the back yard.. Nasty stinkin bastards.. Speakin of.. The Democrats are talkin bout shuttin down the Senate now.. Poor old people wont be gettin their SSI checks, and the Vets wont be gettin their VA checks, and the schools wont be gettin their money either.. As if the Military doesnt have enuff trouble, them or their families wont get their checks either.. Several Senators have been on the news makin asses out of themselves lately.. But that aint nothin new.. Think I'll go get out of this wheelchair for a while and listen to the radio.. I dont know if its the wheelchair or the government, but something is givin me a pain in the ass.. Probably both.. Later..

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Nasty-Ass Meatloaf

After four years of griping, today I broke-down and made the Mrs. a meatloaf.. You would think I had bought her a new car.. The only thing lower than meatloaf,on the Wild Bill menu, is a shit sandwich.. I hate the damn stuff, but the Mrs. doesnt cook much, and I enjoy cooking, and I really do love her.. It was a staple in her family when she was growing up and she has missed it.. She wouldnt even wait for me to drain the grease and take it out of the pan to cool.. She got her a fork and dug-in and burned her mouth in the process.. So there they stood, the Mrs. and our dog.. Both looked like they were about to piss on themselves.. The Mrs. going MMMMMMummmMMMMMuummmmm, and the dog watching her and begging while beating the floor with her tail.. She said she cant wait to have a cold meatloaf sandwich.. I'm just glad I made her happy today, afterall, yesterday she bought me a 30pak and went shopping with a friend all afternoon, and left me in piece.. Life is good..

Friday, March 11, 2005

Back In The Saddle

Made it back in one piece.. It was ugly tho.. The roads were near closing behind us on the way out.. Got in for the appointment about 40 minutes early, and got out about 30 minutes early.. That 10 minutes saved us about an hour or two.. Linda K. hates the Hi 5 with a passion.. We were about 15 minutes ahaed of it closing.. I'm gonna proceed to get numb.. Have a nice day..

Childrens Medical Center

Goin to Dallas today to take my kid to have some tests.. We go pretty regular.. I hate when we have to go on a Friday tho.. We will be drivin in during the noon rush and leaving during the 5 oclock rush.. I dont drive and the Mrs. aint the best in heavy traffic, but the good Lord has seen fit to deliver us home safe each time we have had to go.. Ive been listening to the traffic reports on the radio the past few days, and if it goes tommorro like it has the past few days, its really gonna be a total fuckin mess.. The weather is supposed to be fantastic this weekend and every swingin mother is gonna be tryin to get the hell out of dodge and on their way to the lake or whereever.. I almost forgot about everybody bein pissed off about the gas prices too.. I filled up our tank last week and we should have enough left to go to Dallas and back.. They are gonna keep goin up on gas till it cuts into my beer money, and then Im gonna be pissed .. Wish us luck..

Roll Your Own

Heard today that Texas is thinking about raising cig taxes another dollar-a-pack soon to finance school advancements. You say so what ?? They are gonna put taxes of all kinds of other stuff too.. Do you like Twinkies or Doughnuts ?? Taxing them too.. I wonder how hard it would be for me to get ahold of some tobacco seeds ?? Ive got 20 acres that I bet would grow some good short leaf, cig tobacco.. I smoke menthol, so I would have to figger out how to get that accomplished.. Hell, I can plant some grapes to make wine, and roll my tobacco into cigars and create my own little version of heaven on earth.. Stir up a little of Wild Bills barbeque and eat, drink, and be merry.. I'd be happy to just be able to tell the tax man to kiss my ass for a change..
Back in the early '60s, when I was about 6 years old, me and my family moved further out in the country. We had a neighbor that was old as the hills.. Emmit was an old Indian fur trapper that had long retired.. In the evenings after I had fed and watered the horses, chickens, dogs and cows, I would go over to sit on the front porch with Emmit and he would tell me stories.. He never got in a hurry to do much of anything.. It would take ol Emmit forever to get out his pouch of Bull Durham and roll him a smoke while tellin me a story.. I dont know what fascinated me more, him rollin that smoke or the story.. I get a pouch of tobacco and roll my own sometimes and it takes me back to those days.. Emmit was a sweet old man.. I just wonder if he thinks of me sometimes.. He gave me one of his traps he still kept hangin on the side of his shed, out back of his house.. I still have it after all these years..

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Straight Up

I've known a lot of people in my life that would tell you to kiss their ass in a heartbeat.. What got me ta thinkin bout this, is that recently several friends have had situations they werent sure of how to handle.. They asked for advice and got several different types of solutions.. Come to find out, the old straight forward approach worked for them.. I'll be damned !! Whod a thunk it.. They told the offender that what they were doin was pissin them off and that it needed to be stopped or that it needed to be fixed.. I think these folks gained some self respect for doing this, this way.. I know I respect em more for it.. Of course, they are pretty stand-up people anyway..

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Will that dog hunt ??

Gonna find out if I can teach this ol dog some new tricks.. Most of the blogs I usually visit done got tired of me pesterin em on their site, and think I need some place of my own to play.. Ya see, I can get on people's nerves sometimes.. I've spent most of my life ratt here in Texas.. Born here.. Raised here.. Most likely pass-on here too.. If ya'll hang around here enuff, you'll get to hear some interesting stories bout me, my family, my town, and a bunch of folks I've met in my life.. I've been to a lot of THERES, and I've done a lot of THATS .. Got a lot of t-shirts and used most of em to wipe tears over losing a lot of friends ,too.. I got a word of caution for you tho.. If your thin-skinned, easily insulted, or put off by colorful language, then you better get goin to the shithouse now, cause it aint gonna get no fuckin better than this..
You ever blow your nose and get a booger stuck in your eyebrows,or on your lip, and then find it after you have talked to 20 people and nobody said a damn word about it to you ?? You aint gotta worry bout me not tellin ya bout it.. If you got a booger anywhere, I'm gonna tell you about it.. In the meantime, pull up a keyboard and draw up a frosty mug of coldbeer and start pokin stuff in my comments.. Never can tell, you might even see ol Acidman or HogOnIce show up sometime..