Sunday, December 09, 2007

Redneck Central-South

Took a coupla days gettin stuff together but I got to spend 3 days/2nights at the farm and did some serious campin and huntin and shoopin..

The first day was great.. Nice and warm.. That night it turned cold and windy as hell.. Couldnt make coffee in the mornin cause it was too windy and dry and just stayed in the sack till late and then the wind layed some and I got up and built a small fire and had some good boiled camp coffee..

That evenin I went to the Stabbin Cabin in the back and sat and watched a shit-load of deer mill around but the one I was lookin for wadnt in the bunch.. Didnt see any hogs either but I saw traces where they had been around there..

That night the wind changed and it got warmer overnite and was really comfy by early the next mornin and I got up early and had coffee as usual..

That evenin I went to the Stabbin Cabin again and finally saw the deer I was waitin on and dropped it.. Gutted it and hung it and waited till the last mornin to skin it and quarter it..

Couldnt wait to get home and into a hot bath and put that fresh liver in a skillet.. Best liver/onions/brown gravy I've had in a long time..

I put the rest of the meat in ice water overnite to bleed it some more and let it age a little more too before doin a final trim and packin for the freezer..

Spent the day yesterday doin the trimmin and packin and freezin and put a big pot of fresh ribs on and then soaked em in sauce all nite and put em on the grill to smoke and caramel this mornin.. I caint describe in words here just how damn good those ribs were for dinner today !!

The Mrs. and the Kid were havin a fit for me to come over here and visit em some today so I wrapped em some ribs and came over..

Miss Minnie Pearl thanks she has died and gone to heaven now !! She is gettin the bones from the trimmin and some meat I culled from around the bullet wound..

The Mescans usually have their Mass at the Catholic Church next door on Saturday nites and she almost always barks at em till she is hoarse but I chunked her a few big bones with some meat still left on em to her right about the time everybody started showin up for Mass last nite and I didnt hear a peep out of her all nite..

My surgery is still ON for Wednesday mornin and I'm busy tryin to get my house ready to padlock for 2 or 3 weeks.. Looks like I'm gonna need that rest period after doin all this doin..

With all the liftin and strainin and workin and I've been doin and the weather I have my bad shoulder and my back really givin me fits right now too.. I hope the doctor gives me some good pain meds !!

I dont know how soon after I'll feel like sittin at the keyboard but I have some serious rantin to do bout the Enemy Within.. Not even shootin the Big Bore till my good shoulder was black and blue eased the rage much.. I thank the booger-eattin-moh-rons have gone completely off their fuggin meds now !!

So get ready for me to do some major hell raisin soon as I can sit up here again.. Maybe even before I go Wednesday.. The weather is supposed to go all to shit later today and I may shutter the house and move over here early.. Its just hard to leave that wood heater with my bad shoulder needin it like it is..

Sure is nice to see ya'll still stoppin by and good to see Don visit and leave a note too.. You may have the snow and weather in Kansas but it aint as bad as the fires and mudslides from where you just left, Buddy !!

I aint heard from Papa Ray lately tho.. Hope he is doin good..

And I'm still keepin you in my thoughts too, Ranter..

I hope everybody is avoidin the Christmas Confusion and are enjoyin the Season.. Merry Christmas..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx Bill and yea I looked for Papa Ray too. RT linked to a comment hPR had made elsewhere and commented that PR has been busy. Hope he is around for a lot more years.

Bill I wouldn't know what to do with a deer if I dropped one. I couldn't skin a chicken I'm so city boy. Man, born in Texas but I sure missed out.

Anyway, Midwest people are friendy. Lotta Mexicans here in upper end of town and the Blacks are really different than Cali. More friendly and likable.

later Bill

5:13 PM, December 10, 2007  
Blogger hdc00hdc said...

Glad to know you got a couple of days at the farm. Now that you got your deer, you can make me some deer sausage. hugs, Sherry

9:58 PM, December 10, 2007  
Blogger Wild Bill said...

Some folks make cleanin an animal a lot more work and complicated than it has to be, Don..

Hogs take a lot more attention than the rest tho.. Thats why I try not to get one thats too big.. If I get a big one I make sure I have some help with me.. Its just too much work for one person to get it done right..

But this little one I got the other day aint gonna be used for any hamburger or sausage tho !! This one is too good for that.. Its all gonna go for roasts and chili and stew and steaks smothered in gravy..

I made myself sick by stuffin myself yesterday.. I got rested up and started eattin as soon as I got up in the mornin..

I ate and ate all day.. Toast and eggs and then I dug into the ribs and then I baked a big skillet of fudge brownies that came out all goowey and chewy ..

But I'll have to go back and get another big deer or 2 later after I get back to full strength again.. It'll be big enuff that some parts will be tuff and make good ground meat for tacos and burritos and sausage.. Maybe I can get a hog to mix with it for the sausage..

7:43 PM, December 11, 2007  
Anonymous Tim AKA said...

Hey Bill? You still got a internet connection at the house? I know u been using her computer, you still got a hookup? I got an old laptop that still works, sometimes likes to type somethin other than what you want it too so you gotta watch it and backspace some crap out from time to time but it will get on the internet. it has no battery but the a/c adapter works. the cd rom drive is toast but most of the things you need are on the internet anyway. I'm not sure if I still have the network card but those are cheap to get. Let me know if you want it and I will make sure its running and send it to you.

9:41 PM, December 14, 2007  
Blogger Greg said...

Hi There, WB. I'm just now settling back into the daily grind in libril England - could be worse I guess. It'll be another couple of months before I get the hell outta here and back to Florida.

The deer liver sounds great and reminds me a of the Stalkers Breakfast which the very few folks "in the know" cook up over here.

You just fry some of them big old field shrooms in butter, push em to the side of the skillet and then lightly fry thick strips of the deer liver. Throw in a few torn sage leaves for the last minute, season with plain ol salt and pepper and serve on skillet toast. This is seriously good eatin.

My friend Paul, the local butcher and game dealer promised to get me some skwerls before the year is out. What a guy!!

Your days at the farm have me green with envy. Sounds like my kinda place.

Anyhow, good luck with your surgery. Wishin you a great Christmas and New Year.

Lookin forward to future rants.


1:33 AM, December 16, 2007  
Blogger Almtnman said...

WB, looks like you have had some luck and got a deer to add to the freezer. That venison will sure come in handy this winter. I've been really bust over here and haven't had any time to head out to the woods to find myself a deer.

12:50 PM, December 16, 2007  

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