Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bein Sold-Out

Our elected officials are sellin us down the river for the Mescan Vote !! Sen. McCain has once again pandered and sided with the Liberals.. There isnt anyone in Washington that wants to do what is good and right for our counrty.. Serious circumstances demand serious action, and nobody wants to take anythang serious !! What we are seein today is the equivelant of the capt. of the Titanic tellin the passengers its just a little leak and all will be fine or Gen. Custer tellin the troops that they have plenty of ammo..
If they caint look at world and national events today and see that serious action is not just needed but required, then I dont know what would have to happed before they saw it.. If they dont do somethin now, then it is only gonna get worse, and when it gets worse, then nothin can be done about.. They thank that a LITTLE BIT of action is gonna stop it, but its gonna take strong, expansive action to even stop it from gettin worse.. Yes. IT IS THAT BAD NOW !!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Returning To Normal

We had a pretty day here today and I got out and got some fresh air and did a little yard work and some rat-killin.. Looks like we are gonna have a bumper crop of fire ants this year !! I didnt put out my Amdro the last of the year last year and they have really took advantage of it.. We saw a pasture on the way back from Shreveport the other day that had fire ant mounds about every three feet on it.. Wouldnt even be good for grazin at all..
Well, I've sat here and got so sleepy that I caint even thank of what to write so I better go take a nap and come back and finish this later..

Friday, March 24, 2006

The VA Report

Had as good of a trip to the VA Hospital as could be expected.. They ran me thru all the tests and found that I have a gall stone the size of an "all day jaw breaker" and it has just about chewed up my gall bladder, but they want me to wait and take some meds for a while and see if it dont get better.. I'm perty sure they will have to take out my gall bladder before its over with tho.. The Doc says I need to stop drankin coffee too.. That is gonna be the hard part looks like, but said I could still have my coldbeer as long as I drank more water than beer !!
I had ALL good doctors and only had 1 nurse that was a fuggup.. The rest were as good as I could hope for or ask for.. They perty well kept me movin thru the system and I didnt have to keep "just sittin" waitin to see somebody.. The "blood nurse" stabbed me ONE TIME and got all the blood she needed and the x-ray machine was a new one and so was the sonagram, and the operators were a marvel at knowin their job and the equipment they operated.. And EXCEPT for "Nurse Fuggup", they were some real nice and accomodatin folks too..
On the way down there, I learned that a new road has opened and I now have 60 miles of soft, smooth, clean, 4-lane hiway to drive now instead of the other 60 miles of 2-lane, stop-go, ruff, wore-out, dirty, windy, headache to travel.. That last 15 miles into Shreveport is a real bitch tho.. They havent finished it yet and is ruff as tryin to drive across a cow pasture, and that aint good for somebody with sore guts !! I thought it was gonna be a "piece of cake" on the way down, till I got to that last 15 miles and then by the time I got to the hospital, I was sick as a dog and havin cold sweats and hurtin bad enuff to bring tears to my eyes..
The hospital was a little dirty but I was impressed with the job the folks there did.. I'm just glad I didnt try to go to the Dallas VA Hospital tho.. I have a feelin that I wouldnt be as happy about it today if I had..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

On A Mission

I'm gonna go check out the VA Hospital System in Louisianna.. I'm sure I'll have somethin to say about it when I get back..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shot At And Missed, Sh^t At And Hit

Sorry to just disappear for a few days like that, but couldnt help it.. I'm havin some major medical problems and looks like I may still be scarce for a while longer.. The storms that came thru the other day brought some good rain in this area, but a litnin strike took-out our net connection.. I finally got to feelin good enuff to take a look at it today and with a few hours on the phone with the DSL Techs and a few new parts have got it back up and runin again..
I start the long journey thru the gauntlet of the Doctors and Hospitals tomoro and aint no tellin when I will be able to get back here again.. You can bet that it wont be ONE MINUTE LONGER than absolutely necessary tho.. Hope to talk to ya'll again soon..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Sunday In The South

Looks like the Kid may live after all, but I dont thank its all over with yet..

Nice weather so far today, but just a little windy.. I may see if I can talk the Mrs. into us takin a Sunday Drive down some backroads today and look at some of the trees and flowers bloomin and maybe stop and pick up a coldbeer or 30..
Well, that idea just got shot down.. Looks like I get to spend the afternoon fixin my FAMOUS basketti for supper !! I make some KILLER sketti tho.. It takes several hours to get it like I like it.. I use lots of diced tamaters and onions and simmer em a long long time.. We got a big loaf of garlic butter french bread to go with it.. It aint as good as my homemade garlic toast, but I guess it'll do..
I've got enuff Sour Mash left to get a little buzz while I'm cookin and I plan to have some good ol Country Tunes playin as loud as the Mrs. will let me get by with.. I plan on listenin to some Skynyrd too, since they are gonna be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame tomoro..
Guess I better get started slicin and dicin, choppin and moppin, drankin and thankin !!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I've Had A Gutfull !!

Ya might wanna skip this one cause its more for me than you..

I just need to vent some steam..
The Kid has been sick for the last week and everythang I have tried to do for her has been met with a big fuggin NO from her Mama.. After a week of NO NO NO and NO, I finally gave up and quit tryin today.. Late today the Mrs. was almost in tears and yelled "I have a sick kid and nobody gives a fuck" !!
Lots of folks give a fuck, but aint that many that want to fight their way thru a rabid pitbull just to save a drowning kitten.. MOSTLY, against the wishes of the Mrs. , I have rocked, held, snuggled, cooked, played music, kept track of med times, and suggested everythang I could thank of to make the Kid comfortable and happy.. For the last week I have been told NO so many fuckin times that today when the Mrs. would ask my opinion about somethin, I would just look at her .. For the last week when she would ask my opinion, I would be lucky to get a thought out of my mouth before she started sayin NO !! If she aint even gonna consider what I have to say, then why does she even gotdam ask me ??
This is a perfectly good example of why stepdads often act the way they do.. Stepdads are commonly pushed into the corner when it comes to dealin with their stepkids.. Step MOMS get the same treatment, if not worse!! Grandparents are usually just fucked when it comes to this situation tho.. MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT, and if the kid has to die to prove it, so be it !! But the stepdad gets the blame for it tho cause he didnt scream loud enuff !! Sorry, but I aint much of a screamer .. I can RANT with the best of em, but I aint bout to try and get between a mother and her sick child !! The Kid gets well and I thank me and the Mrs. is gonna have to have a little talk tho !! I really dont thank its gonna do much good.. She has too much Liberal Dimmocrat in her blood and those folks dont pay much attainchen to us Conservatives anyway !! About this time, some would just say that they dont give a shit and that its her Mama's problem, but I'm different I guess.. Me and the Kid have a special bond with each other.. She is austistic and I'm crippled.. We understand that we both have our limitations and we dont fault each other for it..

Monday, March 06, 2006

Gonna Be A Long Week Too

Looks like we have been treatin the kid for a weekend, for the wrong thang.. Looks like we got a wisdom tooth tryin to come in or an absessed tooth raisin hell.. Either way it aint good.. The kid dont want nobody messin around in here mouth and has to be knocked-out to do anythang with her teeth.. We dont have a dentist here that will knock her out and fix it, so we are gonna have to look out of town for a dentist.. With her other problems, we may even end up goin to Dallas to Childrens Hospital to get it fixed.. You know it caint ever be easy and not complicated.. Poor kid is miserable and we just caint have that !!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Weekend Outlook- SUX !!

Our kid is sick with a fever and has her head in the trash can.. The Doc gave her some antibiotics to take, and puked-up her first dose as soon as she took it.. The Mrs. is ill too and has been havin tummy problems since she got up this A.M. .. I, on the other hand, stayed up till 2 AM or later drinkin Sour Mash and feel fine !! Surprisin, after me gettin so GOTDAM MAD last nite.. I get pissed like that and I usually have a gut revolt.. When I get mad, my Crohns Disease acts up really bad and makes me miseable for a few days.. Hasnt hit me yet tho..

SO, it looks like we get to all be cooped up in the house this weekend and watch a shitload of chickflicks and Moan and Groan at each other.. I bet I come down with that same shit too before its over..

The kid can be a real bitch when she gets sick, but her Mom is the one with a lot more experience at it.. Wish me luck !!

Its a real pretty day here today and is about 70 degrees outside.. Sounds like the perfect day to sit on the front porch and have a ceegar !! Supposed to be shitty weather this weekend and I will be stuck indoors with the "patients" .. I better enjoy it while I can.. Later....