Thursday, May 31, 2007

Put Head Between Knees

An interestin Summer

Seems as tho the terrorist "chatter" activity on communication networks is gettin very intense around the world right now.. This is the kind of stuff that happens before attacks like the WTC and the London Train Bombins..

The terrorists have been sayin for a while now that the next attack will make 9-11 look like child's play.. That the next attack will have blood runnin in the streets.. And those that have been makin these threats, have been makin em more frequently..

Over the Memorial Day Holiday President Bush took the initiative to organize a "Fall-Back Plan" for when the next disaster-of-an-attack happens.. Did he have any choice ??

The (D)s (D-for "deniars") have made it as near impossible to detect and prevent furure attacks as they possibly could, so, we are left with the option of preparin for the aftermath of the next attack(s)..

Now it seems that the (D)s are gettin their panties in a wad over that too !! There just dont seem to be any limit to the depths that the (D)s will stoop to in makin our country as in-secure and un-safe as they can and to give away the money for the security and safety of this country and its citizens to the very ones that threatin it the most..

One of the thangs that the president has done is to contract KBR(I thank thats short for Haliburton) to plan for a large number of Emergency Facilities for the housin of large numbers of people.. Makes you wonder who these places are gonna be supposed to be for, dont it.. Are they gonna be for the DEtention of people considered a threat to us, or, are they gonna be for the REtention of US, to protect us from those that are a threat to us ??

Either way, it just dont look good !!

The odds aint very favorable for the president to be able to make these into Concentration Camps and FORCE people into em, but the more likely tactic is to have these places available, more or less as FORTS, for people to VOLUNTEER to go into em for their own protection..

The president has vast amounts of resources and Intel that we dont have, and he has taken the action of tryin to prepare for a catastrophe of a great magnitude.. You would thank that the (D)s have also been privy to that same Intel and Resources and would come to the same conclusion, but I guess not..

But do you trust the (D)s to be in control of your safety and security after what we saw them do in Nawlins and Louisianna before and durin hurricane Katrina ?? But the REALLY SCARY part is when you take a look at what the (D)s have done since Katrina to prepare for what could happen again down there !!

That and the (D)s actions on safety and security on a NATIONAL level is what makes me lean towards President Bush's idea of BE PREPARED cause its comin..

Presidential Candidate John Edwards (D), says that the WAR ON TERROR is nothin more than a bumper sticker slogan, but that bumper sticker aint gonna do a lot of fuggin good when the next attack happens..

Monday, May 28, 2007

That Was Then

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Audie Murphy, little 5'5" tall 110 pound guy from Bay City, Texas who played cowboy parts?

Most decorated serviceman of WWII and earned: Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Star Medals, Legion of Merit, 2 Bronze Star Medals with "V", 2 Purple Hearts, U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, 2 Distinguished Unit Emblems, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with One Silver Star, Four Bronze Service Stars (representing nine campaigns) and one Bronze Arrowhead (representing assault landing at Sicily and Southern France) World War II Victory Medal Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar, Expert Badge with Bayonet Bar, French Fourragere in Colors of the Croix de Guerre, French Legion of Honor, Grade of Chevalier, French Croix de Guerre With Silver Star, French Croix de Guerre with Palm, Medal of Liberated France, Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 Palm.

So how do you feel the real heroes of the silver screen acted when compared to the hollywonks today who spray out anti-American drivel as they bite the hand that feeds them? Can you imagine these stars of yesteryear saying they hate our flag, making anti-war speeches, marching in anti-American parades and saying they hate our president?

I thought not, neither did I!

Audie Murphy was killed on May 28th, 1971, along with six others, when the private plane he was a passenger in crashed in fog and rain into a mountain near Roanoke, Virginia. He was only forty six years old at the time of his death. Fittingly, he died on Memorial Day weekend.

Me Too !!

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I always like George Jones !!

Dont stop YET !!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My New Flag

The Mrs. finally found me a new Stars and Stripes to put up on the front porch by where we sit.. It had new brackets and stuff so it took a little work but I got it up about noon yesterday..

Spent most of the afternnon yesterday sittin out on the porch and havin us a few coldbeers and watchin and wavin at folks passin by..

My poor old last Flag was a mess !! Wadnt much more han half of it left and even that part was perty tattered..

I've had it for maybe 20 years and it has seen me thru some terrible times and been many places with me.. I sure do hate to see it go too.. Its like losin another old friend..

If anybody else has a Flag they need to see be retired, they can also send it to these fine folks to have it treated with the respect and love it deserves:

You can retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without any cost to you. Just send your flags to the Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors and dignity pursuant to the United States Flag Code Section 8K (PL93-344).

Thanks to Kim du Toit for that info..

Today I've a coupla Rib-Eyes marinatin and the grill is already puffin smoke.. A salad and baked tater and garlic toast and we are gonna call it CHOW TIME !! After that it may be time for a few more coldbeers on the porch under our new Stars and Stripes.. Not as many people out and about today tho.. There was a bunch yesterday.. Couldnt tell that gas was $3 bucks and more !! Got some showers and thunder in the area today and the boaters and bikers are kinda scarce..

I guess tomoro is gonna be our day to go to the cemetary and say our Thanks to the folks out there.. I wanted to take some flowers to the Confederate Monument on our Square but taxes has eat up all my money this month.. I thought I was gonna get to pitch-a-fit not long ago.. They are re-doin our downtown and I was surprised when they didnt take down our Rebel Soldier monument.. We have a VERY HIGH percentageof Black Folks here and I sure thought thwey would get on the PC Bandwagon and try to get "Ol Reb" removed.. But even with all the blacks here we still quit a bunch of folks that still fly the Stars and Bars [ >< ].. I've never flown it tho.. If/when I get relocated out to the farm I will tho..

Time to put the steaks on so will see ya'll later.. Have a good and safe Holiday and remember those that have passed before us that gave their very lives so that we may have our FREEDOM..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why I Hate Unions


Strike at nuclear site stirs terrorism fears

The Energy Department is sending its top security official to the Texas weapons plant to conduct an urgent review.

By Ralph Vartabedian, Times Staff Writer
May 24, 2007

The Energy Department, facing concerns that a fractious strike by unionized guards is leaving a nuclear weapons plant in Texas vulnerable to a terrorist attack, is dispatching its top security official to conduct an urgent assessment at the site, officials said Wednesday.

The strike by 524 highly trained nuclear weapons guards is entering its sixth week at the Energy Department's Pantex plant near Amarillo, the nation's primary site for servicing nuclear weapons and one of the most heavily guarded industrial plants.

In response to the walkout, the Energy Department has reassigned supervisors, specially-trained bomb couriers and guards from other plants across the country to help protect the 25-square-mile facility, where fully assembled hydrogen bombs and thousands of components are stored in bunkers.

There are 210 replacement guards — less than half the normal complement — now at the site, according to William J. Desmond, chief of defense nuclear security for the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration. He said the plant had eliminated vacations, training and low-priority duties to help cope with a smaller force.

"I am convinced that the Pantex site is secure," Desmond said.

But outside critics disagree. The Energy Department's top security officer, Glenn S. Podonsky, will go to Pantex next week to conduct a higher-level assessment.

In late April, Podonsky told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the plant site was well defended but that a long strike could erode security and strain the nation's entire nuclear weapons infrastructure.

Podonsky is expected to conduct performance exercises to assess how well the ad hoc guard force would respond to armed terrorists. A spokesman for Desmond said the special assessment was being conducted at his agency's request.

Desmond said he believed the Energy Department could weather the strike indefinitely. The striking guards' lost wages, he said, have saved the agency about $200,000, even though it has flown in replacement workers and put them up in hotels.

But Desmond's upbeat assessment is disputed by union and watchdog officials, who say security at the plant is deteriorating as the strike drags on.

Mike Stumbo, chief of the National Council of Security Police, said the strike had "absolutely" eroded security at the site, given that the supervisors are working up to 14-hour shifts, seven out of eight days, and are not familiar with Pantex's unusually stringent protocols.

The plant, about 17 miles northeast of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle, is ringed by four layers of security fences, high guard towers with gun ports, and an assemblage of sensors intended to detect a terrorist strike force long before it could reach a weapon.

The Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group that has focused on nuclear security and safety, called for a shutdown of Pantex operations last week in a letter to Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman.

"The current security situation is untenable," wrote Danielle Brian, executive director of the group.

The strike does not appear anywhere near a settlement. The former union president has been accused of holding unauthorized meetings with management, and he quit his post during a chaotic rank-and-file meeting and then crossed his own picket line the next day, Stumbo said.

"We have never seen a situation like this," he said.

Though Texas is a "right-to-work" state, where union membership is not required for employment, only four guards have crossed the strike line, the union says.

Stumbo said he had traveled to Washington three times since the strike began, asking members of Congress and the Energy Department to federalize the guards, who work for BWX Technologies, the contractor that operates the Pantex plant.

comment: The fact that fears of terrorism and that tens-of-thousands of people are in direct danger has managed to convince 4 of the workers to cross the picket line.. Those 4 also probably had other motives for their change in attitude too..

If these people aint any more concerned with the Public Safety than that, I dont thank I want em workin there anyway !! In fact, I dont thank I want anybody runnin this security that would even hire this bunch of scumbags !!

How bout G.W. do a repeat of what Uncle Ronnie did with the Air Traffic Controllers ??

People, this is just about the most disgustin piece of news I've seen in a long time describin how gotdam self-centered and fuggin greedy our fellow U.S. Citizens can be.. I dont even thank that Nawlin's Mayor Ray Nagin's actions in the Katrina run-up gives this situation good competition..

With all the other thangs that have been goin on lately, I thank I have just about lost all respect and confidence in my fellow-man's decency, values, and morals !!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Duncan Hunter has clinched my support for him now.. Yesterday I was listenin to a few minutes of the Hannity Show on the radio and he had Duncan Hunter on and Hunter said that if he got elected, he would have the Border Fence built in 6 months.. And not just the 300 and somethin miles of it, but the whole 700 and somethin miles !!

Powerline Candidates Forum has Hunter on it now and has some good readin about him there.. I aint seen ONE DAMN THANG that I dont like about what this guy stands for and intends to do if elected.. It dont go into a lot of detail about his family but it does give a VERY CLEAR message on The Second Amendment and Immigration..

I invite, no, I insist that any conservative that is still lookin for a candidate they can seriously thank about puttin their support behind go look at what Hunter has to offer em..

By the way, he was travelin with Chuck "The Right Stuff" Yeager yesterday !!

Here is the link to the Powerline Candidates Forum:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is It Safe To Come Out Yet ??

The details of the new immigration Act came out sometime around midnite last nite, and some folks a lot smarter than me have posted parts of it that I caint agree to.. Its still early in the game and changes can still be made before its chiseled in stone..

There are too many loopholes in it that would allow applicants to avoid disqualification from the process, thats one..

The stipulations for enhanced enforcement are weak.. Very weak, and dont have the safeguards to insure they get completed.. Still not enuff fence, and no requirement to have the fence in place before enactin the rest of it.. Thats another..

Entitlements/Benefits are bein givin WAY before they should be.. Social Security would be alloted after only 4 quarters .. Welfare would be almost instant..

As you can see, these shouldnt be big obstacules to havin an acceptable Immigration Act, but I'm sure there will be more in it that I aint gonna go for..

It does look like there are many parts of it that I can go along with tho..

I dont thank it will ever be brought up and will never get voted on.. Pelosi has already said she will only brang it up if G.W. can guarantee her the votes to pass it and right now everybody in D.C. is tryin to see just HOW FAR they can get away from G.W. ..

My guess is that the (D)s are gonna lock their feet in place and refuse to any changes in the Act and start tryin to play up the 3 Troops that have been captured in Iraq.. Iraq is their real target anyway, and they will blame the impass on G.W. like they do with everythang else.. The (D)s will take the few more Mescan votes that this attempt will get em and move on to the next thang they can screw up..

But if there aint a clause that makes it to where nothin else gets done till the fence, and I mean THE WHOLE DAMN THANG, gets built, there aint no way I'm gonna support it..

Yeah, I know.. I'm a mean sumbitch, but I'm good at it !!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

G.W. Plays "Tom Sawyer" !!

Do ya'll remember the story bout "whitewashin the fence" ??

I've gotta admit that I had another headache and it took me a while to figger it all out.. It wadnt till I came in and laid down and turned on the radio and they were talkin bout it and a caller named "Ramos" came on and said that the illegals wadnt gonna pay the $5K to be able to get the amnesty.. You with me yet ??

Among the provisions in the Bill is promised support for more enforcement.. The "fly in the ointment" comes from the fact that the (D)s dont keep their promises..

But if we can get ANY support from the (D)s on enforcement, thats a helluva lot more than we have got so far..

Somewhere down the line, the (D)s were plannin on scrappin ALL the Border Fence and pullin the National Guard from the border and puttin restrictions on ICE raids and deportations and pushin for TOTAL AMNESTY..

Here is where I see a majot benefit from this.. By havin em pay the $5k plus taxes, thats gonna leave the rif-raf out and the better educated, more established Mescans to jump thru all the hoops and gain Amuricun Status !! By havin limits set as to the number that will be eligible, the ones with the money will be more apt to wanna get rid of the scum amongst em too, so as to increase their odds of gettin THEIR "papers" .. You with me yet ??

I aint seen all of the details yet so there is probably more to it that I will either like or hate.. But I'm sure that Rush will go over it with a fine-toothed comb and point out other issues in the deal when he jumps on it with both feet tomoro.. I only wish that this hadnt come out until Friday so that Rush wouldnt have had time to reveal how damn slick Tom(G.W. or that EVIL Krazy Karl) was in designin this, but will most likely let Huck(McCain) take the credit for it..

This shit is gonna drive the (D)s and the Liberals up the fuggin wall all damn weekend !! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!

And if you wanna know what the "kicker" was that set off to this, well, shhhh, dont tell anybody, but it was Sen. Kyl.. Do your homework !!

Headaches Galor

INVESTMENT TIP: Buy stock in the Bayer Aspirin Co. !!

Seems that the storm and the related puter reconstuction has caused the graphics and color functions to be reduced to stoneage quality.. It only has 16-color abilities now and that makes it look like it is in SAFE MODE all the time.. I've uploaded new drivers and adapters to it with no results..

Looks like its time to start huntin for the finances to jack this BITCH up and run a new one under it.. Sure is gonna be a time consumin enterprise to get all the 7 years of shit on this thang transfered over to a new one..

I would sure like to get an EXTERNAL hard drive to keep stuff on.. From what I have seen, folks have to replace their puters every coupla or 3 years anymore.. The requirements for some of the new operatin systems are more than most of the older and less expensive puters have so even if you have a puter that is 6 months old, it may not be usable for the new tech that is gonna be required soon.. You know what that is gonna mean ?? The puter of the future is not gonna be a ONE-PIECE , COMPACT UNIT like we have been used to.. It will soon be more like those ROOM-SIZED GIANTS that we have seen pics of that were so "marvelous" in its day..

The days of the puter bein in a corner of the den or livin room or dorm are fast approachin their end.. It will soon be ROOMS for em !! I'm talkin bout rooms like the MUSIC ROOM with turnplayers, reel-to-reels, tuners, cd-dvd-cassette decks, amps, mixers, mood lights, speakers, and well, you get the picture..

Puters are gonna have multiple components that consist of audi-video play-record, a suit case-sized unit that holds the graphics, another to hold the multi-connected pieces that run the communications(not countin the dish of the roof), several external hard drives for muli functions, a buffet of game controlers and consoles and monitors for each, and all the shelves to hold all that shit and still have stuff suspended from the ceilin too ..

What we will wind up with is somethin compared to a National Security Center or Mini-NORAD !! Your AVERAGE networkin system is gonna be on the scale of Launch Control at Johnson Space Center.. That is, unless you wanna make and view videos too or publish a blog..

I thank they are tryin to make it so expensive to add content to the www. that it will weed-out a large number and make the ones with the biggest wallet the ones that will have all the coverage and influence..

If they can get it to where when you try to open a site that is a small or "non-conforming member", you will simply get an error message to the effect: "not enough memory" or "illegal operation" followed by "you must UPGRADE to view this site".. Censorship can come in many forms and the liberals can master them at the drop of a "vote" !! Of course the liberals will be sure to enact subsidies and tax credits for minorities and have fund raisers and charities to support their "constituints" ..

And dont forget about the "3-day waitin period" to purchase a PC or the BACKGROUND CHECK or the mandatory "concealed laptop permit and formal training" !! The term "FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS" is gonna take on a whole new meanin, my friends.. Bout all it will take is for John McCain to team with another (D) to get the ball rollin to do this.. We saw what happened when he conspired with Feingold to reform campaign finace, and we are now seein what he can do when he sucks, I mean, colaberates with Ted Kennedy on Immigratin Reform..

So, let me see who would be the best candidate for McCain to "organize" with to "reform" the internet .. Oh, I got it.. Chuch Schumer !! You know, the one that his aides hacked into the financial records of his last election rival ?? Yeah.. Thats the one.. The CHAMPION of Internet Privacy !! Thats him..

I'll try to hurry and get my puter situation resolved and maybe then I'll have a better outlook on thangs !! But remember, you investers out there, keep an eye on stock in BAYER..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Near Disaster

We had a helluva storm blow thru this afternoon and trees down and shit scattered everywhere.. The trees came down on the power lines and caused mass havoc.. It fried the Mrs.' puter and so I have had to try and combine hers with some parts I had and my old puter to at least get this far..

What I've got is NOT tolerable, but before I get the screwdriver into it again, I thought I had better give ya'll a "heads-up".. Never can tell when I will completely crash the whole thang..

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm Bored And Playin W/ The Blog

Mountain Man posted a pic of a sunset from his front porch the other day, so I have been thankin bout addin some pics here.. I'm just checkin to see if I got this stuff down right and if it shows up like it is supposed to.. Bare with me..

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Car Companies

Well it looks like Chrysler is gonna be joinin the Edsel and Studdabaker before long !!

Some of you may have already seen this but some may not have.. There is a NEW Car Company that is comin online this year..

The "789" is the first of their cars to be put on the market.. They have taken a Corvette frame and constructed a combination of the '57, '58, and '59 Chevy body to put on it..

Since I have spent long hours in the passenger areas of the REAL cars of those years, and probably more hours bendin over the fender and grill with my head stuck under the hood workin on em, I have accute(or maybe "a cute") appreciation for em.. With that said, I aint sure I like this NEW car or not..

With all this Stem Cell Research and Gene Developement that President Hildebeast is gonna authorize and Gubmint Fund, in 20 or so years, this new car would be like havin a clone of Miss Minnie Pearl, only she has her body and the head and ass of one of the Mrs.' cats on her !! I just caint say I would want a "DAT" or a "COG" like that ..

Anyway, go look this new car over and if you are an old car nut like I am, then you may just get a little appreciation out of it too..

Oh, you can find it here: ........

Testin The VA System

I called this mornin and got an appointment at the VA Clinic to see the Doc again.. Gonna be June 22 cause they are havin a change of Docs there.. I expected it to be sooner but considerin that there is gonna be a new Doc takin charge, I guess its to be expected to take longer..

I'm just gonna have to wait and see how cooperative this new "pecker checker" (as we used to call em) is gonna be about what I want, what I want done, and what I dont want ..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

OK, The Halter Comes Off !!

In the first post I ever made here I told readers that if they were thin-skinned or easily offended, that "you might as well go to the shithouse now cause it aint gonna get any fuckin better than this" !! Just in case you missed it, I'm sayin it again !!

For the past few days I've stewin on thangs that I've read.. Its got my blood pressure so gotdam high that I figger I better say what I gotta say now before I fall out in the floor with a massive..

Its got me WAY past mad or pissed, and even past furious..

It started with Congress' Bill to fund the Troops with their Pork and timelines added and the Veto.. Then I read the letter to Americans that I posted the other day, "Somethin that should NEVER have to be said".. I chewed on that for a while and it just kept gettin bigger..

I also posted that letter at a Yahoo Group I'm on and a lady there that has a SOF husband and a son in Iraq told me that they were pissed about it and that they wanted to stay and finish the job..

Then I read a post here:

and so I asked The Ranter about it and he said thats the way most of em feel about it now.. Talk about takin the wind out of your sails !! It got me into a terrible funk of a depression.. On top of feelin like shit lately, I now had this on my mind too..

The past started creepin back into my head and that brought back memories of my friends and how they had dealt with shit after Nam.. Some of em handled it a lot better than others, but all of em were still "BROKEN".. But no matter how broken they were, they kept there shoulder to the wheel and trudged on..

I started out today with the thought in my head that I would come here and say goodbye to everybody and that I love you and wish you well, and then come back in a few days and wipe Redneck Central from internet history.. I planned on drawin back into my self and putterin in my garden and mowin my lawn and just let the world pass by till the end came, whatever the end was gonna be.. Just existin.. I was defeated.. Beaten.. I had no hope for an outcome other than bein overcome by the ruin of my Country, my Military, my Society, and everythang I hold dear..

I decided to take one last trip around the spots I regularly visit on my blogroll and in my bookmarks before officially "hangin up my mouse" and goin and havin a ceegar and a toast of my hooch to begin my retirement..

The first place I went to had this post for me to read..

The more I read the madder I got, and the madder I got the more I knew that I couldnt give up.. The more I realized that I couldnt give up, the more I knew that I wadnt defeated or beaten after all..

Then I read this post:


I'm BACK !! I'm PISSED !! And I'm STAYIN !!

And if the fuckin DIRTBAGS of this world want to play for all the marbles. well, they better get ready to get by me to do it.. And anybody that dont like it can just "SUCK OL BUCK" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Movin Kinda Slow Again

I guess I got too hot out at the farm when I was mowin the other day.. It took a lot of energy out of me and I aint got a lot of get-up-and-go .. I slept a lot yesterday and have been lazy again today too.. I'll be glad when I get over this shit and get back to feelin better and have some of my energy back..

What really sucks is that I was feelin so good and had plenty of energy and the will to do somethin with that energy and now I dont..

I love bein outside and doin stuff.. I hate bein stuck inside and would rather be outside, even if I was doin nothin more than just sittin outside, and when I feel like this I dont even care about sittin outside..

Whats worse, is that when I feel like this my attitude sucks all-the-way-around !! I read the news and most of the stuff that usually gets me rantin and ravin just gets blown off.. It aint that I dont thank about it tho, I do, but I dont feel like sayin anythang about it.. And there is a bunch of shit happenin that really needs talkin about but I just dont feel like talkin bout it tho.. That bothers me and lets me know that somethin just aint right about how I feel and how I'm actin..

Its been wet and rainy and foggy for so long here that today with the sun shinin and really just a great day all the way around, it just gripes me that I dont feel like gettin out and doin somethin.. Tomoro I'll probably feel good and want to do somethin and it will be shitty weather again.. But if that happens, I'll just get on here and rant and rave my little heart out about somethin or everythang..

Such is life !!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nope.. Not Impressed !!

So, the (D)s are wantin to take the money from the Intel Agency and spend it on a Global Warmin Study .. Does anybody in their RIGTH MIND thank that this is the only group in the U.S. that wants to kill a bunch of Americans, whether Military or not ?? I'm talkin bout the Fort Dix Six, not the (D)s, but I can see where it could be confusin ..

With the help of a concerned citizen, the FBI took 6 dangerous "enemy within" off America's streets.. I'm just not in the mood to be lettin out any sighs of relief tho.. This dont amount to a "drop in the bucket" of the number of em in this country.. Maybe more like high humidity..

Now that the rest of the Enemy Within see that it dont pay to plan and schedule their efforts, dont you also thank that they will be more ready and willin to get together and pray and then just go out and do their Dirty Deeds ?? Wont they be more apt to copy the Mall Shooters and School Shooters in their approach ?? No warnin, just seize the moment and act !! Seems to me like the rest of the Dirtbags will want to stop their "waitin for just the right time" and go with what they got and not risk bein discovered..

I got even more BAD NEWS to share too.. I dont thank it will be all that long till we see the first of the IED use start here in this country.. Actually, I dont see how we have managed to avoid it already.. An dont thank that they dont have many other nasty tricks up their sleeves too !!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sun And Rain

Took a ride today to the Indian Smoke Shop in Oklahoma and bought some $12 per carton cigs and had a good trip and ended it by goin to the garden and pickin a sack of greens and a sack of green onions..

With the rain and sun since I've been down, the grass has exploded upwards !! I couldnt believe how much its grown.. So, looks like I'm gonna be doin the "farm thang" again startin tomoro.. I've felt really good today and havent had any bad spells and I thank the fresh air and time away from home will do me good, as long as I dont over-do it..

I've got a little maintenence to do on the mower in the mornin but after that I plan to load it up and go to the farm..

The Mrs. says that she plans to do some plant shoppin for me while I'm busy out there.. Its time to get the peppers and okra and squash in the ground now and I've got some spice seeds that need to have a bed made for too.. No tellin what kind of seeds and plants she will show up with and want me to plant em too..

We have rain in the forecast for every day this week, so I figger I'm also gonna have plenty of down time to sit and watch it rain or get dry enuff to get around again.. But I enjoy sittin and listenin to the rain on the tin roof and smell the fresh scent of rain and wet grass.. I enjoy just about any time I get to spend at the farm tho, and if I get to sit a while I'll get to let it sink it a little better..

Well, its time to go get my "nest" made in my bed and see which radio station is gonna be best to pick-up The Drudge Report tonite..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Road To Recovery

I still dont know what it was that took me down.. If it has kept me down this long, it must have been pretty bad tho..

Today has been a good day.. I got up feelin kinda blah, but after coffee and tellin myself that I had shit I needed to do, I finally motivated myself to put work clothes on and get started at it..

Its been over a month since I mowed the yard and friends have been givin me grief about how scraggly it was lookin, so I made a trip to the bank for money and then got gas and put the charger on the mower battery..

I had planned to go back to the farm and stay and work for a few more days when I came down sick and I had left the mower and generator and tools and all my shit out at the barn.. The first day that I could hold my head up for a while, we went and loaded the mower and scooter and hauled em home, but after I got the scooter unloaded and in the house I barely had enuff strength left to unload the mower and just left it out in the yard to get rained on.. The rain got under the mowers hood and rusted the magneto and it wouldnt start today so had to take the cowl off and clean the mag and coil and put it back together.. After that I almost didnt feel like continuein the task of gettin the yard mowed but bit the bullet and got it done..

Mowin my yard is no small task but it aint that big of a job that it should have worn me out like it did.. But after a nice little nap knowin that I had gotten the yard mowed I was back rested and ready to get up and face the world again.. This is the first day that I have felt good enuff that I thought I could even tackle such a small chore tho..

It feels good now knowin that I actually made it farther away from the bed than the coffee pot and the puter.. So, after I went to the bank I went next door and got some ceegars to celebrate with if I made it thru the day without havin to make a trip to the ER.. I'm not gonna push it and have a coldbeer with my ceegar but I intend to go out to the picnic table and sit and have me a ceegar soon..

Its been foggy most mornins here and then rainy in the afternoons and nights.. Caint remember the last time I saw a sunrise.. Looks like we are gonna be under threat of more rain and storms this next week too.. I aint even worried about goin to the garden.. We went the other day and pulled a few onions to try.. They sure are gettin big fast.. DAMN !! I had forgotten how good fresh green onions are.. Still havent picked none of the greens yet tho.. Probably gonna be to big and tuff by the time I get a mess picked, but bendin and stoopin to pick em just aint been on my list of thangs I HAD to do lately.. But I can always take the turnips and do em like mashed taters and be happy.. The Mrs. loves em like that with butter and salt in em.. Its time to plant the next batch anyway, so I'll just wait on it..

Ususally if I have ONE good day, the next 2 or 3 are bad ones.. I just hope that I have seen the last of the days like I've been havin for the last 2 weeks..

We have really been lucky lately that we missed some real bad storms close to us.. What happened in Kansas could have happened here real easily.. It has hit the Dallas/Ft Worth area hard tho.. 80 to 100 MPH staright-line winds and a bunch or tornados all around em.. Had a few twisters around here close but they were all out in the open fields or only hit some barns and out buildins..

Well, I'm gonna go out and enjoy my ceegar and count my blessins.. Looks like ya'll have helped see me thru another hard time.. I'll be sure and count ya'll too.. Thanks..

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Something That Should NEVER Have To Be Said

From American Thinker ..

America! Why have you abandoned us?
By Gerd Schroeder

An open letter to the American People

My fellow Americans; what have the American Fighting men and women done to cause you to abandon them in a foreign land, surrounded by sinister people that are bent on killing them and all Americans? Are we ignorant that these people, who think nothing of killing men, women, and children of their own race, culture, and religion, will hesitate a moment if given the chance to destroy us, our families, and our freedoms? And they know that the defense appropriations have ended.

Where is the overwhelming swell of outrage of the people that caused the rather benign "Dubai Ports deal" to be killed in less than a month? Why have the halls of Congress and the Whitehouse not been overwhelmed by citizens outraged over the abandonment of our fighting men and women? Is the silence a sign that shock jocks, and dead playmates are more important to American than our soldiers?

While the U.S. politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have quibbled about timelines, a date for withdrawal from Iraq, and $24 billion in pork to buy votes, the American Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been all but forgotten. The silence from the people is morale crushing, and a betrayal. For whatever purpose we believe our soldiers have gone to war, surly abandonment of a hostile, foreign land was not one of them.

Over 200,000 American Warriors, deployed around the world, in austere and hellish conditions, are always in the crosshairs of evil people that are bent on killing them. Over 3350 have freely, and honorably, given their lives; over 24,300 have been wounded and maimed for us, for our families, and for our freedoms in this war. They sacrifice, not for money, education, and world travel-as some have suggested. They sacrifice their lives for their oaths to us. Their oaths are not to the President, Congress, or a military commander. Their oaths are to us. To the American People.

This is the oath of the American enlisted Soldier, Marine, Airman, and Sailor:

"I, (your son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, neighbor, and friend), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

The oath of an officer is similar:

"I, (your son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, neighbor, and friend), (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God."

The Warrior Ethos:

I am an American Soldier.

I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values.

The following are four examples out of tens of thousands of warriors fulfilling their oaths to you.

I will always place the mission first.

"Mission First" was more than mere words to Sgt. Christian P. Engeldrum. The 39-yearold firefighter from Bronx, N.Y., served on active duty in the Army from 1986 to 1991 and was in Operation Desert Storm. He returned to New York, trading his Army uniform for a policeman's. Several years later, he became a New York City firefighter. He was awarded a N.Y. Fire Department citation for bravery on July 15, 2000, for successfully rescuing two people in a fire on West 110th St. in Manhattan.

September 11, 2001 was a turning point in his life on that day, he and fellow firefighter from Ladder 61 in the Bronx responded to the World Trade Center attacks. For the next few months he assisted in the recovery effort, digging through the rubble. Sgt. Engeldrum then rejoined the Army, serving with the 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry Regiment, of the New York Army National Guard. He loved his country, he loved being a firefighter and he was "100% Soldier", said his fellow firefighter. Sgt. Engeldrum is the first New York firefighter to die in Iraq since the U.S.-led war began, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. "I join all New Yorkers in mourning his loss and pray that his family finds comfort in the innumerable ways he touched so many lives." Sgt Engeldrum is survived by his wife Sharon and two sons Royce, 16 and Sean, 18.

I will never accept defeat.

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863, has awarded, in the name of Congress, the Medal of Honor to

Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith
United States Army
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty:

Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action with an armed enemy near Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq on 4 April 2003. On that day, Sergeant First Class Smith was engaged in the construction of a prisoner of war holding area when his Task Force was violently attacked by a company-sized enemy force. Realizing the vulnerability of over 100 fellow soldiers, Sergeant First Class Smith quickly organized a hasty defense consisting of two platoons of soldiers, one Bradley Fighting Vehicle and three armored personnel carriers. As the fight developed, Sergeant First Class Smith braved hostile enemy fire to personally engage the enemy with hand grenades and anti-tank weapons, and organized the evacuation of three wounded soldiers from an armored personnel carrier struck by a rocket propelled grenade and a 60mm mortar round. Fearing the enemy would overrun their defenses, Sergeant First Class Smith moved under withering enemy fire to man a .50 caliber machine gun mounted on a damaged armored personnel carrier. In total disregard for his own life, he maintained his exposed position in order to engage the attacking enemy force. During this action, he was mortally wounded. His courageous actions helped defeat the enemy attack, and resulted in as many as 50 enemy soldiers killed, while allowing the safe withdrawal of numerous wounded soldiers. Sergeant First Class Smith's extraordinary heroism and uncommon valor are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the Third Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne," and the United States Army.

I will never quit.

Army Capt. David Rozelle, 31, lost part of his right leg below the knee in a June
2003 land mine explosion near Hit, Iraq. But Rozelle was not about to quit. While
going through an oftentimes, painful recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical
Center, he spearheaded the effort to put together a team of other amputees from
the medical center for the Army Ten-Miler race in October 2004. Dubbed the
“Missing (Parts) In Action team–Some Assembly Required”–the team included
troops from each of the military services. Rozelle ran the 10-mile race in just 1 hour, 38 minutes—just 16 months after the loss of his lower leg in what most would term a “debilitating” injury. In addition to running the race, he returned to the Ski Slopes in Colorado at the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic.

But Rozelle was not just interested in his own recovery. He wanted to help other injured Soldiers, thereby giving new meaning. Rozelle sees sports as a healing tool for Soldiers like himself. He is working to establish an amputee support group at his duty station, Fort Carson, Colo, where he knows of other Soldiers with prosthetics. The group will not only focus on networking Soldiers with prosthetics, but getting them involved in outdoor sports as well. “I want to give Soldiers someone to talk to who has made it through what they’re facing, let them ask questions, and have them see me walking,’’ he said. But most incredible of all, Rozelle wanted to remain on active duty and return to Iraq. And, the Army granted him his wish. He was the commanding officer of Regimental Headquarters Troop, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, a unit that deployed to Iraq in early March 2005. While Rozelle’s story is compelling, it is not unique. He is just one of many Soldiers who demonstrates daily their commitment to live by the ideals contained in the Warrior Ethos, “I will never quit” and “I will never accept defeat.”

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

U.S. Army Command Sgt. Major. Ron Riling was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in Al Rammadi Iraq on April 6, 2004. He said he was honored to be awarded the Silver Star, but he‘d gladly give it back if it would bring back the 12 Marines who lost their lives that day in Rammadi. Riling said the decision to enter the fray was an easy one. "The colonel looked at me and said ‘Sgt Major, let's go" Riling quickly organized his forces and rushed to help. They immediately came under fire from every direction. The Marine squad has been pinned down by snipers and was in terrible shape. The squad leader was dead, and three of the seven Marines were seriously wounded. Riling absorbed the Marines into his team and they fought their way out, taking with then all their dead and wounded.

These are our Soldiers
Are the actions above of someone just after money for an education? Of a person seeking a poor paying job? Of a person trying to defraud the American people of their money? If this is what we think, then America is truly in dire straits. We know that this is not how the majority of good Americans view their Soldiers. But then why the lack of strong, decisive action in defense of the American Soldier?

Soldiers like these, and thousands of others like them, have been forsaken by the American people, who are failing to engage the elected officials of this government. By our silence we allow our elected government to play games with Soldiers' lives for personal gain, ego, and selfishness. During the month that this funding cutoff debate debate has gone on, over 100 brave men have lost their lives in Iraq alone, protecting the American people.

Stories like these number in the thousands. Each story is a sacrifice for our families and us. It is imperative that the American People understand their power, and responsibility in compelling the passage of this measure by the elected officials of this country. We must comprehend the critical nature of our action in this matter. Without our intercession, on behalf of our military, the funds that the troops need will not arrive in time. Soldiers will suffer and die needlessly.

The bill that came out of conference, passed by the Congress, and has been vetoed by the President is an embarrassment to this country. It is a slap in the face to all the military and their families that have consecrated their loved ones to us to preserve our freedom.

Perhaps some have waved off the critical nature of this impasse, and think that in the end, and in time, the Congress and President will come together. This is a dangerous assumption. The selfishness and desire to maintain, and gain power, while simultaneously, destroying their political enemies is the politician's only motivation. Heavy pressure from the American People on all 535 members of Congress and the President is the only way to shake them from their power-induced stupor.

Does America deserve the sacrifice of the U.S. Military for them? The people's inaction is an indictment of leadership in the Whitehouse and Congress; but more disheartening it is an indictment of the American People in their abandoning the military in time of war. A blanket of shame has covered this great land, its' leaders, and people. America should hang their heads, for one moment, in shame, then overwhelm the government of this country in protest, in support of the troops in time of war. The protest should not stop until the government concedes to the will of the people.

comment: I dont know how to express just how fuggin mad and upset I am, other than to say that if I could start a revolution and convene a firin squad to execute every one of the sunzabitches in Congress that voted FOR the Bill that President Bush HAD to veto, I'd do it in a heartbeat !!

There is NO excuse for what they did.. The reason they did it was to send the President a message of how much they want to end the War In Iraq, but that aint an excuse.. But their wantin to end the war is only for political reasons and to score political points anyway..

President Bush took a sworn oath to protect this country from enemies such as those in Iraq at the time of the invasion.. Those enemies are still there so G.W. has no choice but to veto anythang that would stop him from doin his sworn duty..

I dont like the war either, but it is somethin that has to be done, for America, the West, and the entire World.. To surrender and pack-up and leave Iraq would be the very worst thang that we could ever do now.. What Al Q had goin in The Stan would be like kindergarden compared to what would happen in Iraq after we left..

The Left and even some in the Middle have such small, narrow minds that they caint fathom the magnitude of the Big War, or The Long War as it is usually called..

Whether we have a Modern Day Crusades depends on what happens in Iraq NOW .. If we prevail and leave a stable Iraq the New Crusade will die.. If we leave and let Al Q and the Radical Mooselimbs to exploit it, then we will only have aided them in their quest to resurrect the Crusades of old..

Those that aint smart enuff to see what the outcome would be of us leavin Iraq to the Crusaders should be removed from power and seen as the FOOLS that they are, and the ones that do see but are more interested in their own gain from it should be shot and buried face down in an unmarked grave !!

We need to give our Warriors what they need to stop What Could Be .. No Haggle.. No Delay .. No Compromise..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Savin The Planet

I found this HERE ..

Sondra K is in the blogroll..

How much money does it take to screw in a compact fluorescent light bulb?

About US$4.28 for the bulb and labour—unless you break the bulb. Then you, like Brandy Bridges of Ellsworth, Maine, could be looking at a cost of about US$2,004.28, which doesn’t include the costs of frayed nerves and risks to health.

Sound crazy? Perhaps no more than the stampede to ban the incandescent light bulb in favour of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

According to an April 12 article in The Ellsworth American, Bridges had the misfortune of breaking a CFL during installation in her daughter’s bedroom: It dropped and shattered on the carpeted floor.

Aware that CFLs contain potentially hazardous substances, Bridges called her local Home Depot for advice. The store told her that the CFL contained mercury and that she should call the Poison Control hotline, which in turn directed her to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP sent a specialist to Bridges’ house to test for mercury contamination. The specialist found mercury levels in the bedroom in excess of six times the state’s “safe” level for mercury contamination of 300 billionths of a gram per cubic meter. The DEP specialist recommended that Bridges call an environmental cleanup firm, which reportedly gave her a “low-ball” estimate of US$2,000 to clean up the room. The room then was sealed off with plastic and Bridges began “gathering finances” to pay for the US$2,000 cleaning. Reportedly, her insurance company wouldn’t cover the cleanup costs because mercury is a pollutant.

Given that the replacement of incandescent bulbs with CFLs in the average U.S. household is touted as saving as much as US$180 annually in energy costs—and assuming that Bridges doesn’t break any more CFLs—it will take her more than 11 years to recoup the cleanup costs in the form of energy savings.

comment: I dont know bout ya'll, but I figger that this is just about the way this whole Global Warmin thang is gonna wind up..

People are rushin out to buy the newest car that is supposed to be "GREEN" and then find that the thang has more built-in problems, hazards, and costs, and that they aint as damn Green as they were supposed to be after all..

And those "Carbon Offsets" that you hear about, are a bunch plantin trees somewhere down south that now they are sayin are diein like flys and need replantin !!

So, the next time you see or hear "the next big thang" in Global Warmin Cures, thank back to the story up above and dont get caught up in a big gimmick devised to make Al Gore richer !!