Tuesday, June 28, 2005

How Far ??

ALL THE WAY !!! In the movie, The Green Beret's, John Wayne asked the troops, "HOW FAR" and they replied back, "ALL THE WAY".. If anybody asks me how far I support the troops today, I say "ALL THE WAY".. I read a few Milblogs, and from them I get the impression that the troops on the ground and in the know and doin the deeds, think that what they are doin is right and needs to be done.. Those ladies and gentlemen make me very proud to be an American.. NOW, it's time someone in congress and the senate tell Tubby Kennedy and Jerk Kerry and Turban Durbin to sit down and STFU !! They lost their war and are now trying to lose this one for us too.. Hell yeah it's a shitty job, but somebody has to do it or the splodeydopes are gonna be back over here again.. And that just aint an option !!

Monday, June 27, 2005

As Mad Now,

... As I was when it happenned.. It's long. but hang in there.. Me and the Mrs. and the Kid went to stock-up on cold beer about 2 PM today.. It's a 10 mile drive to "the" store.. On the way back, we decided to take the sceneic route and check out the cornfields on the way back.. A friend of ours wants about 250 or 300 ears of what I call "roastneers" to make skillet corn with and to share with his Mom.. Bout 3 miles into the journey, we have a P/U truck start to ride our bumber and back off just to repeat this over and over.. They start honking so I think besides being in an asshole they must be in a hurry, so I tell the Mrs. to pull over at the next gate.. We were on a more or less, one lane gravel road.. The gate happenned to be on the left side, so when we pulled over, the truck pulled up next to us and it was an old geezer that was rather irate and had a shotgun stickin out the window.. This is a public county road mind you, and he says "WHATS YOUR NAME" ?? I hadnt had a cold beer and been out of the house for about a week and a half, and I aint too fond of this asshole fuckin up my good time.. Not to be "out-grouched" I simply roar back "WHAT IS YOUR NAME, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOIN HARRASIN PEOPLE ON A PUBLIC ROAD FOR" ?? He started fiddlin with the shotgun and the Mrs. was gettin antsy about this time, so I told him to be goin on down the road, and he said for us to go first, but we had already been there, so I told him to go on ahead cause I wanted to see his liscense plate number, and he held up his cell phone and said he already called in ours.. But, he went ahead first and we tagged along a big ways back until they pulled into a gate a couple miles on ahead, but still blocked the road.. I had the Mrs. stop till they got in the gate and still gave em a a minute or two, then we passed on by and before long they came up behind us again, but they were still a ways back.. The Mrs. gave it the gas and we got the fuck out of dodge tho.. I called the County and last I heard they were on the "look-out" for em.. I want this man to come and apologize to my family for scaring them the way he did.. Still, its gonna be hard for me to hold my tongue !! Had this happenned a few years ago, before the Mrs. was the Mrs., this story could have had a whole different outcome.. You see, they dont call me Wild Bill for nuthin !! Seems like I really do have it in me, altho its a little deeper today than it was a few years ago.. Times used to seem a lot harder than they seem today.. Still, its all different.. There is no honor amoung men any more.. Honor amoung women has been exticnt for years..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batting 1000

We had another trip to Dallas Childrens Medical Center, the other day.. Without fail, we have brought home with us, some kind of virus, every time we have gone over there.. This time we came home with an upper respiratory bug.. You know the kind.. Runny nose, somebody standing on your chest, coughing up a lung in the middle of the nite.. The past few months we have had to go there about every 2 or 3 weeks, so just about the time we get over one bug, we go back and bring home another to get over before we go back again.. Helluva note tho, because you go to a hospital to get well, but only get sick.. I hate hospitals !! Children's hospitals are full of little snotty-nosed kids running around trying to see how many things they can leave a trail of slime and germs on.. Their mothers are too busy on their fuckin cell phone to clean the kids noses up and wash their hands.. The come in with those double strollers that have everything their car trunk would hold loaded in them, and carrying the kid in their arms.. And, with all that shit they are haulin around, they dont have a damn Kleenex !! I think that a woman that has kids, by law, should have to wear an apron.. Like grandma and my mama did.. You know, with the pockets full of tissues and hankies and Life-Savers !!

One Of Those Days

Ever have one of those days, that everything you touch turns to shit ?? The Mrs. had one of em today.. I lost track of how many times she yelled "COME HERE, HURRY" !! I got to the point that I wanted to just tell her to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING !! I thought about it, and decided that I would rather just keep my mouth shut and fix whatever came unwound next, instead of seeing the tears rolling down her cheeks.. But do you think she'll remember that when it is my day to have everything I touch fuck-up on me ?? NOOOOOO !! Bitch ....

Friday, June 17, 2005

El Rushbo

I check-in on ol Rush just about every day.. Specially when shit is happenin like now, with Turbin Durbin.. Breaks my ever-lovin heart to hear the folks call in and have quivers in their voice while talkin bout havin kids or family of some kind off somewhere in the War On Terror, or, actually were at one of the Death Camps in WW 2. I saw somewhere today, that there are about 700,000 military vets in the state of Illinois !! You add on to that a whole slew of family members, and you have a pretty good-size voting block.. Rush has a good grip on what is happenin with the Dimmocrat Party, and has given a good idea in the past what was gonna happen when they lost in "04" .. BUT, I think they have even passed his expectations.. Think about it !! They now have Howard Dean as DNC Chairman, Dingy Harry Reid as Minority Leader, Hillary is anti abortion now, and the AFL-CIO is comin unglued at the seams !! Oh, and the NAACP got rid of Queezy Fumey .. Whats next ?? Is Coffin Anus gonna drop out of the U.N. ?? SHIT !! If that happens, ol Rush is gonna have to start smokin dope !! I dont think he will be able to handle all this at one time.. Hell, if that happens, I'll buy it and share with him !!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Senator Suicide

Military vets can remember the stories of John Kerry in his witnessing to congress about the atrocities that were commited in VietNam.. You know the ones about Ghangis Khan.. And also about the P.O.W.'s having had to listen those recordings over the loudspeakers every day at the Hanoi Hilton, before their release.. Can you imagine that if today we had American P.O.W.'s in Iraq or somewhere else, what they would be playing to them on the loudspeakers ?? I can.. It would be Sen. Durbin on the senate floor giving his speach, I think it was Tuesday, about the American military being the same as the Nazies, or the Stallinist soviets, or Pol Pot's army.. I wonder how long it's gonna take the Dimmocrats to dredge-up a John Kerry wanna-be to go before congress and testify that he and his band of brothers at Gitmo commited atrocities in the style of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stallin ??

Monday, June 13, 2005

Gettin Close

I've been waitin till I got a few posts logged-in before I open up this site to blogger lists and did any promoting of it.. If I didnt, it would be like walking into a library and it having only one book on the shelves.. Know what I mean ?? I figger that once traffic starts and I get comments going I'll post more often too.. During the day I can think of all kinds of stuff to write about, and then when I sit down, I just cant seem to decide which one I need to write about first.. If I wrote about all of em, I would be here all nite.. I've also thought about starting a "hometown" blog.. One of the type that everybody comes to and gossips about everybody else in town.. When somebody from out of town wants to find out about somebody that they know that lives here, they can come to the blog and find out about their old friends or relatives.. And it would be a place to keep everybody up on what their kids were doing, and what the local "heroes" were up to lately.. The local newspaper has about as much news as the Wal-Mart circular does, and it only comes out once a week, so by the time you read it, it is already old news, and most likely wasnt very interesting in the first place.. It's the kind of paper that when you get it and read it, you find out about who died and were buried yesturday !! I'd kinda like to spotlite some of the people around here that have been forgotten or that other people didnt think they deserved to be recognized. I think it would be something I could be proud of.. I can damn sure think of worse things to do with my time..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Old Friends

I dont have many old friends left, anymore.. Some have moved, but most are dead now.. I was the rowdy one, yet have outlived the biggest part of them.. A bunch never had any kids, let alone bounce a grandbaby on their knee.. I can just imagine the sadness in their minds as they drifted away knowing that there was still a lot of life left to have been lived.. I talk about getting old with other folks, and the phrase " it aint the years, it's the miles" keeps getting repeated.. In 48 years, I've put a lot of miles on this ol body.. It shows too. Most of my old friends that are gone now had neither a lot of miles, nor a lot of years behind them.. I had 2 old friends that seemed to live their lives thru me.. When I joined the military and was getting ready to ship out, I had one friend that tried to settle down and be a good citizen.. It didnt agree with him tho, and he got killed in a car wreck.. He loved his fast cars and fast women, and I would never have thought he would go while driving a VW to a social function with his wife.. Soon after I got out of boot camp and got to come home before I went to my permanent duty station, I went to visit another old friend.. He was trying to have a life without ol Wild Bill around too.. It wasnt sitting too well with him either.. A couple of weeks later he hung himself.. It scared the shit out of me too.. It didnt take long for me to get divorced and resume my wild side of life.. I was divorced at noon and before dark the same day, I met a girl that liked my wild side, and we spent the next 15 years together.. She got tired of my wild side and when she couldnt change it, she packed-up and left.. I spent the next 5 years keepin God, the EMS service, and a platoon of doctors busy trying to keep me alive.. I've been a fairly "good boy" for the past 5 years and feel myself slowly going downhill.. Hell, I aint even been shot at lately.. My life is turning into one-day-after-another.. I'm starting to wonder if ol Wild Bill still has what it takes.. I've been known, far and wide, as Wild Bill since I was 16 years old, and lately I dont introduce myself as Wild Bill any more.. Just Bill.. Dont seem natural.. When my Dad was sheriff, it would piss him off when somebody would say, "oh, your Wild Bill's daddy" !! What I'm trying to say is, that I want to die in the saddle, with my boots on, guns blazing, for a good cause, against insurmountable odds.. Who knows, I may yet get to be a Captain in the Great Mexican War of the 21st Century..