Monday, May 30, 2005

Yep, What They Said

It has made my heart feel glad the past few days, to watch, read, and listen to the heartfelt praise and blessings given to the military.. Many many people have gone way out of there way to show appreciation for the blood that has been shed and lives given in the pursuit of freedom.. I noticed too, that there were tributes to the fallen of the War Between The States.. Thats something I've never seen before.. Even tho it was Ol Abe that started the idea of Memorial Day back in 1863 at Gettysburg.. Sadness still creeps thru when I think of all the years that people have turned up their noses at those that have fallen for this Country.. I hope that is just a dark past that will never be repeated.. I have a huge bowl of bar-b-q baby-back ribs in the kitchen, that I'm gonna go stick my face into and enjoy the last of this special day.. With every bite I take I will think of someone I know who has served our country for the sake of freedom.. All gave some.. Some gave all..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Filibuster Compromise......

.....or just fucked, again ??

Lets say that terrorists came and said they were going to attack 7 U.S. cities.. What should we do ??

Option #1 - Hunt em down and kill em..

Option #2 - Bargain with em and promise not to kill em if they only attack 4 cities, unless they just really, really want to attack more..

That is essentially what the Senators did in their deal they just made.. Who the hell picked these 7 Republican Senators, that did the bargaining with the Democrats, anyway ?? I wouldnt want any one of em to even be in charge of tradin pocket knives for me.. If Sen. McCain traded knives like he traded in the deal he just made, he would trade a knife, owned by Mr. Bowie himself, for a 3 blade Kabar, with 2 of the blades broke off.. If Sen. Hagel was a horse trader, the best he could do would be to trade Giacomo (the Derby winner) for a 3 legged, blind, gelded, mule with hoof rot.. Worthless buncha suckasses !!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sure is a nice day outside today.. Think I'll do a little yard work this afternoom.. I got a little pile of stuff to burn, and the wind looks like it will cooperate.. Gonna put a ham and some hamburger patties on the grill to smoke for a while, while I'm outside.. I already checked the tamater plants, and tied some of the vines up and then watered em.. Think I'll make a few laps with the mower in the front yard too.. When I get that done, sounds like a hot bath and spell stretched-out on the bed, with my new magezine and the paper.. What you wanna bet that something fucks it up, tho ??

Friday, May 13, 2005

Feelin Old

I think the weather has me feelin old lately.. Aches and pains everywhere.. The Mrs. says she is the same way.. In the past, when I hurt like this, I would have a few good drinks of whiskey.. Me and the Mrs. have an agreement now, and I dont drink whiskey here at the house anymore.. Sucks.. I do however, go to the farm or the woods and have me a snort or two, and spend some time in the outdoors.. Sounds to me like its time to go to the woods or the farm for a breather.. That should make for an interesting post to put on here..

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Fast Lane

After having 2 certified PC geniuses look at this thing(without doing any good), and a few days of me pulling hair out, I now have DSL loaded and operational.. My attitude is just too shitty to post anything else right now.. Fuck it.. I'll post anyway.. I heard this morning on the Glenn Beck Radio Show, that mentally retarded girl, in Columbus Ohio, that was attacked and raped in her school, by other students, is not gonna have the benefit of seeing the assholes that attacked her get prosecuted by the Law.. They have them on video, and have a bunch of witnesses, yet they aint gonna file charges against the punks that raped her, and beat her in the face.. I'm so fuckin mad that I wont even answer the phone when it rings.. I dont trust myself to talk to other people right now.. The Mrs. says I've now gotten mean.. I'm starting to think I agree with her.. It hasnt helped much, with the sadistic bastard in Illinois killin his own kid and her friend, and the conviction of the puke in south Texas that killed his girlfriends kid and stuffed it in the oven.. Would you believe that now it has gotten so bad, that there is a move under way to have a Bill of Victims Rights written and made law.. Gotdamn pathetic !! Thank You ACLU !! Bunch of worthless nit-wits.. If the trend continues of killin and rapin and beatin kids keeps up, how long do you think it will be before there is a public outcry to reinstate public hangins ?? I've been sayin it for years, but now I think I may have a little more support behind me .. Do I hear a "HELL YEAH" ??

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Heavy Heart

I have a CD I listen to pretty regular.. One that helps me not forget.. I'm not talkin bout 9/11 either.. I'm talkin bout our troops in the "sand box" and in areas away from home.. I remember the days when I was sent to some shithole and told to do the impossible for days on end.. Days when your best meal of the day, came from a fuckin box full of cans that didnt even have an expiration date on em.. Its just strange to me, how I can feel that so many of folks could miss the feeling I feel, that I did something good, and worthwhile.. It wasnt wartime, but damn near it.. Still, I had a feeling that I was doing something that was gonna be the difference between war and peace.. I joined, by choice, in 1977, under Jimmy Carter, and felt that the Force needed me.. I wonder why ?? I got to see first hand why the boys had such a fuck up in the desert of Iran.. Bad equipment.. Bad command.. Bad plans.. I have never had the chance to witness a chinese fire drill first hand, but I know that we used that term a lot during the first couple of years that I was in the Service.. Bear in mind that this was the beginning of the All Volunteer Force.. Our supervisors were the ones that came back from Nam that thought they were gonna do the time and retire.. Little did they know that Ronald Reagan was gonna be elected POTUS and the pressure was just gonna get hotter.. Bout this time, they decided to thro in a few pieces of new equipment for us to learn how to use and to get a license for.. In the meantime, our Reserve and Guard Forces were so lost that they couldnt even see up from where they were.. That is where I came in.. I set the standard for what the Guard and Reserve was gona be like for the next few years.. Shame we didnt have email back then.. It sure would have been a lot easier.. I'm very proud of what I did in the Service, but still wonder if the one that followed me was as good as I was.. Or, about the one that followed them.. I set really high standards for the folks who were protecting this country back then.. I can only hope that the the folks that are in that same position today, are just as dedicated as I was back then. That song I was talkin bout at the first of this post ?? It is by Lone Star, and the tittle is "I'm already there ( message from home)..